If you are looking for a fun, safe place to hang out, learn about internet marketing, product creation AND build your list at the same time – you have found your home!

Oh and did we mention it is FREE??

For the past year, the members of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind have sending (almost) every Thursday afternoon together, Zoomin’ along, asking questions, helping each other and creating list building events that everyone benefits from.

And yeah, it’s free – but there is a price:

1) This is a ‘safe’ zone – the only dumb question is the one that does not get asked! So no one gets to criticize anyone else for asking a ‘dumb’ question.

2) No grouches (except me)

3) No snarkiness (except Steph, but her snarkiness is genuinely funny)

4) Treat everyone with respect – this is the family that you get to choose 😉

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The Kitchen Sink Mastermind

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