The Deceptively Simple “Stay On Track” INTERACTIVE Workbook Journal * with FULL PLR!! *

Simple To Use…
Easy To Maintain….
And Surprisingly Effective!


Our very first FILLABLE (meaning INTERACTIVE!!) PDF product, this Workbook Journal has been designed to be simple to use and maintain while still asking the questions that inspire action and insight! AND…..with the Fillable PDF option – your Clients and Customers will have the flexible options of using it on their iPad or computer, or printing it out!

Our New “Stay On Track” Workbook Journal gently guides the user through the process of setting and tracking their goals :

• Undated so user can start any time

• Start the week with a look ahead at the desired goals and the actions needed to achieve them

• Each day starts with a look at the actions needed that day to move towards the week’s goals and ends with a recap of the day, it’s challenges, and what steps might be needed to stay or get back on track

• End the week with an overview of the week, the achievements and the challenges – and then moves the user on to set the actionable steps for the next week

With a few simple ‘tweaks’, 
you can have an amazingly effective 
Workbook Journal 
suitable for virtually any niche:
• Weight Loss
• Building Your Business
• Personal Improvement
• Health Changes
• Goal & Habit tracking of any kind!

The Stay On Track Workbook Journal Includes:

432 Page UNDATED INTERACTIVE/FILLABLE PDF Workbook Journal with background already embedded!

Editable Back/Inside Cover For Workbook Journal

3 Unique, Original Cover Designs For Your Workbook Journal

Full Page Vertical 12 Month Calendar

Background image page (also perfect for notes & brainstorming)

Background Page Design in PDF & PNG Format

Optional PLR/Reseller Rights Bundle

Includes everything above PLUS the following, with full PLR/Reseller Rights included!

Printable Version in Word, Pages, and PDF, Dated and Undated Versions (no background embedded – add your own!)

432 Page UNDATED FILLABLE PDF Workbook Journal with no background embedded – add your own!

BONUS!! DATED Versions of Fillable and Printable Work Book Journal