Are you still struggling to reach people
that might actually become
customers? ?

You don't need to keep throwing money out the
window on ads that don't produce and
software that doesn't work!



Beyond Linkedin:
Networking for
Fun & LOTS
Of Profit

 It's the fast and easy way
to build your brand,
gain credibility
AND find new Customers –



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Long before the internet came along,
I built my first company into a
6 figure business
with literally ZERO advertising budget,
by leveraging the power of
professional, organized
business networking groups.

3 times a week, at minimum, I attended a lunch or breakfast meeting, and sprinkled throughout the week, one-on-one meets for coffee with individual group members. It took time and effort, but it worked. Big time!

I eventually sold that company and moved to another state – and used the same process to start over again, in a new town where I knew absolutely no one. And BINGO! The process worked again.

And then along came the internet, and I took my offline business, merchant services, online, and this time, I added online networking resources, too. In a few short months, I was able to build up an international client base….and a 6 figure annual business that is still going 15 years later!

Listen up – because most people don't get this…

Most people will try to tell you that all you need today is to just throw a bunch of money at FaceBook ads or slam out viral memes or hundreds of shoddy spun videos across social media and the money will just come rolling in.

Sorry, but it just ain't happening

that easily for most of us.

The truth is that ‘free traffic' is rarely free – there is always a cost in terms of money (buying ads) or time.

And this is where the power of ‘personal contact' through business networking truly shines. Whether your business is online or offline, local or international, 30 minutes a day can produce results that will produce profits for years to come.

Trying to break out of your current J-O-B and turn that side hustle into a full time gig? Networking with other small business owners is the perfect, low key, low cost and effective way to gain credibility, and start building your brand before taking the plunge.

I know, because it is exactly what I did, and I have helped many others over the years do the same thing – time and time again!

But I already use Linkedin….

And so do I – along with a zillion other people in my industry. Linkedin is DEFINITELY the ‘Big Dog', and that is both good and bad for us. It's good because that means that there are LOTS of potential people there – it's also bad because it's getting tough to break through the noise.

It's also become very expensive and restrictive on how you can promote your company and reach out to potential clients, and that pretty much defeats the entire purpose of being there in the first place!

I WAS a Linkedin power user, and was so used to getting great results there that I had become complacent, and let my other networking efforts fall by the wayside.

But then over the past year, for a variety of reasons, Linkedin's effectiveness seemed to plummet for myself and others. Very much like the Google algo changes that affected SEO results in the past, I've seen my views drop, and more and more people are restricting contacts to the very expensive ‘inmail' system.

And so, I did what I have done,
time and again in the past:
I went back to the basics!

Over the last 6 months, I have dedicated more hours than I care to admit to, to the task of finding and vetting new networking resources, both online and offline. I've probably explored more than 100 websites, forums and local live groups to come up with a list of 19 of the MOST EFFECTIVE AND PRODUCTIVE networking resources that I am sharing with you today.

And most importantly, my business is back up where I want it to be,
with fresh leads and new business coming in every day!

Look, I'm no smarter than you…seriously not!

I don't work any harder but at 63, I DO probably have a few more decades of experience at this than most of you…

And I can honestly say that sometimes, there is nothing that takes the place of ‘hands on', up close and personal marketing efforts!

And if you are in a service oriented-business, and have been trying to find success by mass-spamming (‘scuze me – mass 'emailing') potential clients for months with the latest shiny object/system – you will be amazed at how fast some real networking can turn things around.

It's not as hard as you might think (although you might have a bit of stage fright at your first personal event) and results often come quicker than you think.

Networking builds credibility for your business and your brand, in a way that Facebook ads never will.

So What's On Offer Here?

The results of my 6 months of research:  

Beyond  Linkedin:
Networking  for
Fun  &  LOTS
Of  Profit

This 50 page PDF  has only ever been shared with my own clients, and many of them have used this same information to get new businesses off to a great start or kick their marketing efforts out of the doldrums.

Why Am I Making This Valuable Information Available?

Quite simply because this is some of the most effective marketing I have ever done – and because we are all totally unique individuals, no matter how similar our business models may be – this type of marketing makes every effort totally unique to you and you alone! In other words, I can share this business-building method with a thousand people and we can all still succeed.

Business networking is personal – whether you do it online or offline – you'll be able to build your unique brand around your own strengths and personality, at a pace that makes you comfortable.

But the key is that once you bring YOU, the PERSON, into your business marketing, you will distance yourself from the pack. You will stand out from everyone else, because NO ONE ELSE IS YOU!

Suddenly you are not another faceless Bing ad or Google maps result – you are a living, breathing business owner. And interestingly enough – personal, interested interaction through online networks works just as well as face to face events. You just have to find the websites that actually allow you to do so!

And that is exactly what this tried and tested list of networking opportunities will let you do: create real and valuable relationships with your market.


Here's what you will be getting today
for one ridiculously low price:

19 Of The Best Resources For Business Networking

Online and offline – these are tried and true business builders!

Tips To Networking Success

Advice from the trenches to make your networking efforts successful!

50 Pages of Solid No-Fluff Content

An overview of each resource, along with costs, dues and format

Quick Links To Key Information

No need to waste time – each overview includes links to key info

And these bonuses:

Bonus #1: Linked InTo Content

Our original best-selling guide – learn how to connect with business owners in a whole new way on Linkedin!

Bonus #2: How To Let Your Customers Do The Selling For You

Make the most of your networking efforts with testimonials from your customers!


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The bottom line is that this is NOT another ‘new system' – this is a TIME-TESTED and SOLID method to build your brand, gain credibility, and establish yourself as a trusted business resource – whether it's in your local community or your virtual community.


Isn't it time YOU went ‘Back To Basics' with a PROVEN method to get new clients?


This is not a ‘magic bullet' set it and forget solution – but this is REAL, and it works. And along with your purchase today – you get my email address and my skype – use it anytime you have a question or need some advice. I've done this, I know how to make it work, and together, we can make it happen for you, too.  As always – we offer a full 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Just ask!


Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What if I have questions or need advice?

My email address is included – you can reach out anytime for advice, plus – we are starting a free Facebook group to share leads and tips, too!

2. What format is this course delivered in?
it's in PDF format, so it can be accessed from any system, Windows or Mac, as well as your phone, iPad or tablet.

 3. Are there any upsells?
Yes there is ONE upsell – an offer to get PLR rights to this course, plus the Linked Into Content course, 10 articles and 3 new List Magnets to give away at networking events. This course is complete on it's own – these are just great tools to help you take action immediately.