Kindle is such a hot topic right now! My hubby and I have several books on Kindle now, in a variety of topics, and it’s exciting to see the income start to grow!

And it seems that every day, a new course or software is launched on the topic of becoming a successful Kindle author. There are several great opportunities for affiliates to promote these products but you need some great content to properly market these programs!

And that is exactly what we have for you today – more than 13,000 words of completely original content – that is perfectly tailored for promoting virtually any Kindle or self-publishing related program! Use it as blog content, list builders, any way that you want!

10 Original Articles!

1.The Power of Words (476 words)
2. KindleScout- An Exciting New Publishing Opportunity (458 words)
3. How To Ramp Up Your Book Into A Full Time Business (481 words)
4. The Effective Use Of Power Words In Your Title and Subtitle (499 words)
5. Does Your Book Title Say “Buy Me?” or “Good Bye”? (525 words)
6. 11 Steps To Creating Effective, Compelling Book Titles (602 words)
7. From Outline To Output – Let’s Get The Book DONE (627 words)
8. Is There Really A Book In You? (860 words)
9. Choosing A Niche That Converts Browsers to Buyers (826 words)
10. How to Expand Your Author Income Streams (630 words)

All articles are delivered in 3 formats: .docx. .text and .pages

Original 4,966 Word Report!

The Fast And Easy Guide To Marketing With Kindle

This is an original (not outsourced!) 4,966 word that covers several aspects of launching and marketing a Kindle book. Here’s some of the topics covered:

You As A Kindle Author
Are You A Writer?
Writing vs Marketing
Publishing On Kindle
The Pre-Publishing Steps
(covering formatting, cover art, the importance of an author website, building a list, squeeze pages and more)
What To Put In Your Book (that most authors overlook!)
Releasing Your Book
Free Days
Series Books
Getting Book Reviews
Making Deals With Other Authors
Getting Your Readers To Spread The Word

Includes cover image and delivered in 4 formats: .pdf, .docx, .text, and .pages

5 Product Reviews!

5 Original Product Reviews

1. AKElite (419 words)
2. KOptimizer2.0 (430 words)
3. Permafree Publishing Quickstart (454 words)
4. Kindle Samurai (481 words)
5. Tiffany Lambert’s Kindle Fiction Challenge (532 words)

All articles are delivered in 3 formats: .docx, .text, and .pages


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