Finding Your
‘Inner Book’:

Getting Started With Kindle
Article Pack

The days of rejection letters from stodgy publishing houses are long gone thanks to Amazon’s fantastic Kindle program! No matter what your interests, experience or skill set – publishing on Kindle can provide a side income or a full time revenue stream for virtually anyone today!

This 10 article pack gives a great overview of getting started with Kindle, getting started on your first book, choosing your niche and much more.

All articles come in doc, pages, pdf and txt format.

These articles are also included in the Kindle Mega Pack

Article Titles:

The Power of Words (476 words)

How To Ramp Up Your Book Into A Full Time Business (481 words

Does Your Book Title Say “Buy Me?” or “Good Bye”? (525 words)

From Outline To Output – Let’s Get The Book DONE (627 words)

Choosing A Niche That Converts Browsers to Buyers (826 words)


KindleScout- An Exciting New Publishing Opportunity (458 words)

The Effective Use Of Power Words In Your Title and Subtitle (499 words)

11 Steps To Creating Effective, Compelling Book Titles (602 word

Is There Really A Book In You? (860 words)

How to Expand Your Author Income Streams (630 words)


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