Adult coloring books are more than just a fad…
they are a FRENZY!! 

Did you know:
• One of the top coloring book creators now ranks in the top 50
list of all time best selling authors on Amazon?

• 4 of the top 10 best selling books on Amazon for the past several weeks have been…you guessed it…ADULT COLORING BOOKS!

Adult coloring enthusiasts, known as ‘Colorists’, are buyers, but not just of coloring books – they also buy the supplies that are needed to color the pages, and the supplies are not cheap either: A quality set of pencils or markers start at $12 but can go up to $50, for quality oil-based pencils…and there were 69 pages of results on Amazon for the search term ‘coloring supplies for adult coloring books’.

Think maybe you can find something else to sell to
this rabid and enthusiastic market?
Of course, you can!

Whether you use these beautiful designs to create your own custom coloring books, or give them away to build your list and drive sales for your Amazon affiliate site – these are all 100% unique designs

15 Original "Fantasy' Images!


This amazing style of ornate fantasy image is found in the top selling Adult Coloring Books on Amazon and you are getting 15 original images!

Click on an image to see in more detail!