Are you wondering how to earn a stable income as a Graphic Designer in 2023?

Have you ever heard the phrase that people who work in a creative field are poorly paid? Well, this situation was several years ago. However, many things have changed and now creative professions bring people more money than dozens of others.

One such job is a graphic designer. Why is it so popular? Well, alongside the increase in eCommerce, the demand for quality design elements has also gone up. 

No website can function without appealing web tools. Moreover, according to the latest report on what people buy online, educational courses were in the top position. And what online studying can be without an engaging presentation or a structured guide with tables and catching visual elements? 

The thing is, most people whose work is anyhow connected with selling something online, rarely want to spend time on the visual component. That’s why they are more likely to pay graphic designers for a creative and appealing solution. 

Now the question may arise in your head of where to sell your design works. It’s easy to get lost in the variety of vending sites and end up with no income for your services. That’s why we have gathered several places that will be great options for green and experienced designers.


Where To Sell Your Graphic Designs In 2023

Cooperate with bloggers

The number of bloggers is growing every year. Furthermore, each time a new social media platform appears in the modern market, influencers need to get used to it and create some content there. Almost all successful bloggers have a team of people who help with content creation and a graphic designer is an integral part of the squad.

This option will be perfect for you if you have a portfolio with case studies. Just write a direct message to any person who might need your services and tell them how you can ease their work. Then a cooperation process will start during which your daily tasks will include creating some visuals on a daily basis.

Freelance platforms

If you aren’t experienced enough to write bloggers, you can go on freelance platforms and gain this precious knowledge. One of the biggest freelance platforms’ advantages is that you can receive orders no matter how skillful you are. On such platforms, there are plenty of different requests. So you will be able to choose the one that suits your interests and abilities. However, oftentimes these are one-time orders after completing which you should go on looking for new ones. That might be complicated for those who don’t enjoy people interaction.


Several years ago there was a boost in the number of marketplaces. These are the platforms that are similar to the usual market. They work in a way that graphic designers upload their works. After that people who need a specific element will find it and buy through the platform. That’s it: no communication with people, promotion, or daily base work. The only thing you should do is upload your works. 

The amount of money you can earn on those platforms also fluctuates and depends on design quality and the overall number of visuals you upload. Some people call marketplaces ‘Pro Freelance Platforms’. That’s all because of their similarities at the first time. And marketplaces in reality seem to be pro freelance platforms as they offer more opportunities and are more convenient.

Once you type in the search engine the word ‘Marketplace’ you will be amazed by their amount. All of them offer different terms of cooperation and opportunities to sell your works.

We want to share with you the marketplace that has been a starting point for many freelancers as it offers win-win solutions for both vendors and people who need graphic elements. 


A Winning Option For Graphic Designers

MasterBundles is a marketplace that during more than 5 years of existence has gained a good reputation and dozens of satisfied clients. It has powerful advantages over other marketplaces. Let’s take a closer look at them.


The benefits you get during the process 

Easy start 

You don’t need to have a portfolio with case studies to prove that you are experienced enough to provide people with design solutions. The only thing that is needed is your desire to craft visual elements. There is a high demand for all kinds of designs as both small and big pictures are needed for creative solutions. 

Choose your price

Unlike the cooperation process with bloggers here, the price you take is fully up to you. Here you can decide the amount of money you want to earn based on the time and effort you put into this work.

Quick process of adding your designs

MasterBundles offers you a great option for fast registration. In a few minutes, you will be able to earn money on graphics. Only 3 steps are needed:

  1. Fill in your personal information;
  2. Confirm registration;
  3. Use a sell your deal form for uploading your visuals. 

Voilà! You are getting a passive income through the platform. And the more visuals you upload the more probability to be noticed.

No promotion needed

MasterBundles helps vendors to promote their designs by adding their crafts to the mailing list of their clients.

Variety of works to sell

Crafting similar graphic designs daily is slightly complicated, isn’t it? However, who told you that the only thing you can sell is tiny elements? The world of graphic designs is infinite and you can sell all visual elements that you find handy. For example, one of the fastest-growing options on MasterBundles is professional templates. There is no surprise in their popularity as our working life is filled with professional meetings and performances. More and more people come to the option of buying ready-made templates somewhere. So if you are interested in presentation crafting, it might be a profitable thing for you.

But if you don’t want to start your cooperation with such big works, you can upload several best SVG designs that are also in demand as every big project includes such little elements as SVG.

Nevertheless, we can’t say that this platform is a flawless paradise for designers. Unfortunately, there is no such place yet. And as with any platform MasterBundles also has several disadvantages.


Things you might dislike about MasterBundles


Once you have uploaded your visuals, the first thing you might notice is that every single element needs to go through moderation. There is nothing to be worried about here. Just wait some time and your works will appear on the platform. However, sometimes moderation can take up to two days, and certainly, there are some occasions when designs don’t pass it.


Dozens of graphic designers upload their works on MasterBundles every day as they find this platform profitable and handy. That’s why if you want potential clients to notice your designs, they need to be unique. Moreover, on MasterBundles you will see plenty of professionally crafted works that people notice first and buy without even looking at other options.

However, this disadvantage can be changed into a great benefit. If we perceive skillful people, not as competitors but more as teachers and mentors, it could be a great place for self-development. For sure, there will always be some people who are better than you and the only thing you can do is continue your growth despite the difficulties.

MasterBundles supports green design crafters and has a graphic design blog where you can find useful articles that will expand your knowledge. After reading it you will also know what things are in demand right now and can focus your work on crafting them.


Wrapping it up

As you can see there is no perfect place for selling your graphic designs. Each way of vending has its advantages and disadvantages. So what to do now? A to-do list for you:

  1. Rethink the information that you have just read.
  2. Make a list of things that are important to you whether it’s the freedom that marketplaces give to you or interesting blogging projects.
  3. Pick up the option that matches your needs. 


Don’t worry about making the wrong choice. You can always come to another option and start selling your graphics on another platform. Whatever you choose we wish you luck and thousands of money earned on the thing you really like!


This article is provided courtesy of MASTERBUNDLES
Not familiar with MasterBundles?
This creative assets marketplace offers Creators a network of 6 million members, you can set your own prices, and unlike many other similar marketplaces – you make 50% on the sale of your graphics. You will find that there is less competition because this is a graphics-only marketplace and that means that visitors to the site are looking ONLY for what you are selling!!

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