Hi, Everyone!

It's a snowy, stay at home Sunday here in Cincinnati, snuggled in the office and watching the wild turkeys and the deer in my front yard. I've lived here for almost 20 years and still am in awe of the wild life in my yard - 10 minutes from downtown! Crazy, and I love every minute of it!

So my finds to share with you today:

An easy to use social media as addictive as Pinterest but easier to use??

I adore Pinterest - I could spend DAYS in a DAZE on Pinterest, surfing from interior design to gardens, shabby chic to reclaimed art, crafts to cooking and never get bored. But for some reason, I have just never gotten the hang of the whole pinning process, although I admit we are making some progress with Tailwind finally,

But....I came across something a few days ago, that is reminiscent of the old 'Blog Rings', possibly almost as addictive as Pinterest but a LOT easier to use because your blog posts are automatically added as you post. It's called BlogLovin' and it's part of the Activate Influencer network - so there are some possibilities of getting some ad or branded post revenue along with the extra exposure. I am still exploring it but I really see some good possibility here.

And can you ever have too much TRAFFIC??
And if you are like me - I am ALWAYS on the lookout for more traffic ideas - you will probably already know a lot of these - but it's a great round-up of ideas that we often forget about - it's a reminder that you don't have to be spending a fortune on ads to get eyeballs: 50 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Neil Patel of NeilPatel.com is always one of my favorite reads - and he is a strong advocate of using quizzes to drive traffic and build your list of extremely targeted leads
Although this is an older article, it's still very timely and is a great guide for Using Quizzes In Your Marketing Strategy.

I think quizzes are especially relevant if you are creating and selling journals and planners because it's a great way to direct your visitors to the best planner or journal based on their responses. A simple quiz regarding goals and habits could point your visitor towards either a fitness planner or a home organization planner.

There are several options for creating your quizzes, but here are a couple of services we've used that are worth checking out (nope, not affiliate links!):
Riddle.com - $19 per month/14 day trial
OpinionStage.com - Free Forever/Limited features

===>>> Last but not least...our own blatant promo:

Everything is on sale!!
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We've finally completed the integration, so we are having a grand AMember launch sale - 25% off EVERYTHING on the PLRoftheMonth.Club website - and there are now more than 50 products! Seriously, we had no idea how much content we had produced (90% over the past 6 months!) until we had to set each product up on the new platform!! Code is good from today through March 7, so you have a whole week to get your goodies on ;-)

Just use code: PLRCLUB25
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Everyone who purchases during this launch sale will get a special 15% off coupon for our next Planner/Workbook launch coming up in a few days!

We have checked and double checked everything....but you know how that goes....if you find any bugs, just drop us a note at melody@plrofthemonth.club and we will get it squashed ASAP!!

And that's it for today! Here in Cincy it's been snowing since early am, and is just now starting to let up - about 2 inches so far.....enough to cover the brave daffodils that were just starting to peak through.....

Stay warm and have an amazingly wonderful week ;-)

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