2024 Digital Planners with PLR | 2024 Printable Planners with PLR

The 2024


Digital Planner

  • Featuring BOTH Google & Apple Calendar Connect!
  • Copy And Paste Events & Appointments From Your Digital Planner To Your Google or Apple Calendar In Seconds!
  • Easily Create Reminders & Alerts 
  • AMAZING Original Artwork Included!

The FIRST DONE-FOR-YOU Digital Planner
BOTH Google & Apple Calendar Connect…..


• Sell As Your Own Product
• Set Your Own Price
• Edit & Customize As You Please
• Give Away To Build Your List!

 All New & Original Graphics!

Use These For ANY Project
Or Client Work

  • AI-Assisted but Human Upscaled to 300 DPI Print Quality!
  • Completely Designed In-House
  • 20 Unique Zodiac Covers & Backgrounds (not all
    shown here!)
  • 3 Interiors
  • BONUS: WordArt PNGs + Banners for each month!
  • Full Commercial Use Rights for all Graphics & Planners!

Unique Zodiac Dividers for Each Month!


Welcome Each Month With Its Own
Gorgeous Divider Depicting Both Signs
That Govern That Month!

Plus You Get The 12 Individual Zodiac
To Use As You Want For
Other Projects!


This Is What You Are Getting Today:

Everything Shown Above

With FULL Commercial Use/
Master Resell Rights

• Ready-To-Sell
Fully Dated 2024 Digital Planner!

Hyper-Linked to Both Google and Apple Calendars
To Easily Coordinate Events and Set up Reminders !!

• Digital Planner is fully hyperlinked – more than 15,000 Links
PLUS Direct Links to Google & Apple Calendar!!!

20 Gorgeous Original Covers + 3 Interiors +
12 Monthly Dividers + 12 Individual Zodiac Images

• Delivered in Keynote, Powerpoint & PDF Formats

FULL Commercial Use Rights
You can edit as you please, sell as your own or
give away to build your list!

• Pass PLR to your Customers!


• Customization Workshop Replay ($27 Value)
• Word Art Kit ($20 Value)

Dime sale pricing – price increases with every sale!


Private Label Rights

You May:
• Sell the end product/s for any price or give away the compiled
PDF for free to build your list
• Edit/change as you want to create your own products

You May NOT:
• Claim copyright to these images or templates
• Use our name on the product
• Give away the source files for free (Keynote and/or PowerPoint files)



 Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Is this planner actually integrated into the Google & Apple Calendar apps? If I update one will they both be updated?
No, unfortunately, there is no way to do that at this time. While the link from the Digital Planner provides a shortcut for you to copy an event from your Digital Planner into your Google or Apple Calendar, and to quickly set up reminders/alerts without having to close out one app, and open your calendar…there is still a manual step involved!

But this is still much faster than doing it without the shortcut! 

2. Can these be used on their own or is GoodNotes or another app needed?
Digital planners are designed to be used with Annotation/Note Taking apps such as GoodNOtes, Notability and many, many others. The planner can be used on a laptop or desktop computer but will not have all of the functionality that the apps provide. However, you can still connect to Google Calendar from your desktop or laptop using the Digital Planner. The app is NOT included with this package.

2. What if I have questions or need advice on implementing this package?
Reach out to us at [email protected] – you can reach out anytime! The link to our contact page is also on the footer of this page.

3. What format is this delivered in?
The digital planners are delivered in Keynote (can be edited with Keynote for Mac), Powerpoint (Please edit with PowerPoint PC only!) and PDF. We design with the latest versions of all software, so we cannot guarantee compatibility with older versions. We recommend keeping your Digital Planner edits to a minimum if you not experienced with
these programs as there are extensive link structures in the Digital Planners! These are literally designed for you to sell “out of the box” with very minimal changes!!

Please note that the Digital Planner templates are designed for web/ipad/notebook use, not print on demand!!
Please note: Hyperlinks may not export correctly if the planner is edited in PowerPoint for Mac, iCloud Keynote, or Canva as these programs do have limitations. It is best to
use the software that is native to your operating system.

4. Are there any upsells?
There is a ‘bump offer’ to add the Printable version of the planner for $5!!

5. How much money will I make with this?
Sorry, but we can’t promise you anything! We can give you the tools to get started but as with any business, you still need to do the work! We make no guarantees or
promises as to how much you will make!

6. Do you offer a refund if I don’t like this?
Sorry but this is a digital product therefore, there are no refunds.