Meet The Content Creators: V2


Event Date: September 13, 2022

Please read the following submission guidelines before completing the form.

This is a ‘first come, first served' event – 
but only if you meet the deadlines!


  • Submissions are open until we have 10 contributors 😉
  • Product must be your own and NEW for this event!
  • Only 10 contributors to each event, and you may only participate in ONE event!
  • All products must be completed at the time of submission.
  • All products must be completed and ready for review by August 21, or you will lose your place in the event. The next person on the submission list will be given the chance to submit. 
  • The bundle will be priced at $7 for ALL 10 products!
  • Contributors will receive 100% commission on all personal sales for the FE, 50% commission on the OTO (TBD!) + the Bundle
  • Any profits after fees for the initial 30 days will be split equally among the Contributors

If you are selected as a contributor – we will contact you by email.
I doubt that it takes more than a day to fill the first event!

PLease send the following with your submission form:


Headshot (600X600)
Product Image (1000×1000)


Just drop me an email at:

[email protected]


Just drop me an email at:

[email protected]

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