I have something of a love/hate relationship with digital planners.

As a user, I love the convenience of throwing my iPad in my bag, and being able to take notes and schedule my life and business wherever I am. I do not miss the days of lugging my laptop everywhere, because I can honestly tell you that a 3.5 lb laptop does not feel lightweight when you have been carrying it for 14 hours across a few timezones. I have the bad back to prove it!

So, the digital planner (bless those folks at Goodnotes!) has been a live-saver in many ways, and I think it is a market that will continue to grow, although it is going to be a while before it truly competes with the evergreen demand for printed planners and journals. Especially journals because I think there is still something cathartic about putting pen to paper when digging deep into personal thoughts and musings. And, let’s be honest – there is also the cost factor of buying an iPad, versus a paper journal or planner….

But as a “Product Creator”, I am definitely going to be adding digital planners to my product line, because it’s a huge market and, just as with paper planners, design matters here, and good designs will definitely sell.

Now to the ‘hate’ part of the equation…well, maybe not hate, but I have some definite qualms here….

As a “PLR Product Creator“…I am very hesitant to get into the PLR side of this niche. Contrary to what you may have heard – the best digital planners are not simple powerpoint docs with 4 hyperlinked tabs. They are not even docs with hyperlinks to each month. The best digital planners have literally HUNDREDS of hyperlinked pages. Consider this scenario: You have the standard calendar page in the front of the planner, with 12 little monthly calendars on the page, and each day on that page is hyperlinked to the matching planner page for that day. How many links on that page? Yep a minimum of 365 links….yikes….

We can create the planners, just like we created the interactive workbooks last year (one had more than 10,000 fields, each had to be checked and proofed), but the issue is turning that end-product into PLR, because it is NOT going to be easy to change backgrounds and text without messing something up.

The bottom line is that we ARE working on digital planners, but before you invest time and money into this niche, please do your homework! Check out some of the top sellers on Etsy and see how many links there are in the typical product. Maybe even buy one and dissect it!

I have purchased several now, different styles and features, and prior to doing so, we had planned on adding these to our PLR products, but now, we are not so sure. If we do, you can bet that it is going to be sold with a strong disclaimer that you really need to be comfortable with Keynote, Powerpoint and PDF – and probably best that you are using paid versions of these products rather than free alternatives, because you will need some of the ‘serious’ features.

You can create these on your desktop, as long as you have the sizing right, so you do not necessarily have to have an iPad for the design, but I do think it would be very helpful so that you can test prior to selling.

Last but definitely not least – a great course in creating digital planners from GoodNotes own support team:
How To Create Custom Templates With Hyperlinks

I am definitely not trying to be negative or discourage anyone from entering this niche. But I am encouraging everyone to make sure that you really understand this niche before you spend any money. If you are very competent with Keynote or Powerpoint, then you will probably be okay but I do think that there is a fairly steep learning curve here and a great deal more time involved in creating these planners than for the typical Amazon product.