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The Top Cryptocurrencies For 2018:
Bitcoin & Beyond


 This may be the shortest sales letter I have ever written –
and here is why:

I have been involved in the financial services industry for more than 25 years, mostly on the tech side, working with new payment platforms and technologies, both online and mobile.

In fact, back in 2011, a company that I worked with at the time was one of the first processors for BitInstant, which later made the news when it’s owner, Charlie Shrem, gained some serious attention for his involvement with the Dark Web and Silk Road. (Fortunately, we became wary of the situation and severed the relationship waaaay before all of that occurred!).

But to be very honest, I did not invest in Bitcoin back then. Obviously, I wish I had but there were other obligations at the time – like putting kids through college. Considering my early ‘insider’ track…pretty embarrassing actually.

Right now, though, the ENTIRE cryptocurrency market is exploding, and there are MANY opportunities out there that COULD be just as lucrative as Bitcoin.


In fact there are more than
1,300 cryptocurrencies currently
being sold with more launching
every day.


But – time to get back into the mix as cryptocurrencies have just become too ‘interesting’ to ignore!

So…here’s the scoop: I’ve spent most of January doing some serious research into the top 12 ‘alt currencies’ on the market today, a quick overview of each and the current market position and market cap etc, as well as the top exchanges, as rated by customers, PLUS the top wallets and exchanges.

And because of my years in the financial services industry, I picked the brains of trusted friends and business associates that (unlike me) have been deeply entrenched in the cryptocurrency world for a while now.


The result is 28 pages of content –
no fluff, no sales pitches.

There are no upsells, this is it.

And all for the whopping
big investment of $2.00 😉





As always, we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee – but I promise you that this report is worth far more than what you are paying for it here today!

Melody & Bob (He’s the camera-shy one)