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Hi Everyone!

We have gorgeous blue skies but frigid temps today, so it's one of those 'pretty to look at but don't touch!' days as far as I am concerned! We are expecting snow over the next couple of days, but the bright blue skies are a wonderful break from the dreary gray we had most of last week, so I really do not mind the cold. My feral kitties seem to be doing fine, and all showed up for breakfast this am. We serve warm food and keep fresh water out as well - changed several times during the day to keep it thawed! And I do actually have a heated water dish but since we added a second heated shelter, not enough outlets on the porch LOL!

The biggest thing on the agenda today is the Super Bowl - or at least the SB snacks and commercials! LOL it is pizza time at The Cabin and we will be rooting for Brady around here today - Bob just finished his autobiography and walked away totally impressed with the man and his work habits. Suffice it to say that while he IS a gifted athlete - he has also paid his dues, and Bob really enjoyed the book.

About the possible schedule changes this week.......

I wanted to let everyone know that we may have some schedule changes this week - I have known for a couple of weeks that my age group was going to be able to register for vaccinations this week, but the unknown was whether any would be available. Word right now is that they WILL be available, at certain locations. Amazingly, there are only a couple of locations in all of Cincy, and registration opens at midnight tonight. When the hubby registered, he was in the very next day, and that was the only option given to him.

So.....I will be registering tonight, and will let you all know ASAP if our schedule will be affected - but there is a VERY strong possibility that it will be. And I also have an unfortunate tendency to have reactions to most vaccines, so not sure how this will go....will let everyone know as soon as I do!


BUT....I also have a surprise for the Kindle Challenge Group - D'vorah will be joining us for the (possibly) final session for the group, March 3rd!! I am sure we will all have more questions by then on formatting and most importantly, promoting our new Kindles!


Zooming along this week -

All sessions for the week are listed on our new calendar!!
All dates and times are tentative based on my vaccination schedule!



Cindy Bidar's 2021 Birthday Sale

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Which one to buy? Whichever one fits you best for where you are RIGHT NOW and the next step or two in your business plan after that one!

Seriously, I am a member of her 6 Future Systems membership and have been for quite a while, and this is a rare chance to get her courses without the overhead of a monthly fee! You honestly cannot go wrong with anything she produces, so the choices you make should really be based on what your biggest NEED is right now!

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Cindy Bidar's 2021 Birthday Sale

Save 54% on every course and toolkit when you use
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30 Days To Your Level 10 Life

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New from D'vorah!!
Pinterest for Creative Entrepreneurs 2.0!

Special promo February 4-14. Save 25% with Coupon Code: PINTEREST25

Another course from D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. - and this is just as on target as everything else the dear lady does! if you are new to her work, D'vorah is a bestselling author and content creation specialist and has published over 20 books and 40 online training programs since 2007. Her teaching style is flowing, comprehensive, and most importantly - EASY TO UNDERSTAND!!!! She is also patient and approachable, and I think one of the best instructors in our niche right now. LOL, yep, I am a huge fan!

Unfortunately, I don't have a bonus for this one (running out of time for walkthroughs!) but I really do hope you will take a look at this one if you are still trying to find success with Pinterest!

Pinterest for Creative Entrepreneurs 2.0!

Special promo February 4-14. Save 25% with Coupon Code: PINTEREST25


From Lynette at Thrive Anywhere:
The all-new
Promise Keeper Bible Discover Journal

If you want to get into the Faith-Based market, this is a wonderful entry-level product!
Whether this is a niche that you want to get into, or are already serving, this focuses on the positivity of God's promises - an important reminder right now!

You get:
1 x planner
5 x dividers
3 x professionally edited mockups
30 x social media blurbs
10 x social media images

BONUS: Buy through my link and get a coupon for one of our Faith-based Planner! There are 10 different planners in Toolkit #6 and 8 different planners in Toolkit #12
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Yes, I did pick this one up! This is cloud-based, so Mac and PC friendly - and even though I am not usually crazy about the automated voices - I am putting the finishing touches on my first courses - and how many more could I sell if I could translate them into other languages? Seriously - this translates your text to voice in 60 different languages!!

And it has everything else you need too:
Screen Capture
Drag-And-Drop Timeline Editor
• Text-To-Speech Engine
• Voice Recorder
​• Record and import any audio directly into VidSnatcher
LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR - Translate any text-to-speech language into a different language with accents.
​• ADD SUBTITLES - Upload SRT files for to add subtitles to any video!
TRANSITION EFFECTS – Create stunning videos with seamless transitions
Complete editing capabilities such as undo/redo/cut/copy/paste and more
• Floating Video Player For Your Website (those wonderful attention-getting little things!)

Check it out here:



This one hits home!
Online Business Automation:
Working Smarter Not Harder

Yes, there are a LOT of PLR providers in the market today - but there are few that match the quality of the ladies at Piggy Makes Bank - this makes my review cut every, single month! Their bundles are huge and yes, I have the monthly membership!

Online Business Automation: Working Smarter Not Harder includes 30 Articles, 30 Emails, an eBook Compilation, 30 Social Media Posts, and their amazing “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, eBook/Workbook.

BONUS: Buy through my link and receive the ebook in hyperlinked format (please allow 10 days for delivery as this just came out!). It will be downloadable from your Piggy Makes Bank member area when ready - no need to send your receipt!

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Special Event!!

Spending too much time at your desk?
Back Pain? Neck issues?
Come join us for a very special Zoom!

Tuesday, February 9th, 1 PM EST / 6 PM GMT

Thanks to Kitchen Sink mastermind member, Vanessa Hodge, we are thrilled to present Lynda Keane, a rehabilitation specialist, specializing in aqua therapy, AquaStretch, hypermobility and the best possible mobility for all of us. She is highly qualified including BSc, MSc & an ongoing PhD to name but a few.

Her talk is on lower back pain and specifically for those of us who spend many hours, sitting at our desks and hunched over laptops! You will learn how to help your body survive the pressures of running your own business, what you can do to help yourself, and how to fit it into your busy life. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of Lynda’s presentation.

Join us on Tuesday 9th February at 6 pm GMT UK, for an exciting and informative talk with demonstrations. Limited seating so don't be late!

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 883 3316 2803

Passcode: 791809

From Renowned Organizing & 'Decluttering' Expert,

Eileen Roth!!
Cut The Clutter And Organize Your Home

Do you get discouraged and frustrated when you’re unable to keep your house organized?

It’s not your fault. No one taught you how to clear the clutter and STAY organized. There was no class in school to teach you. So things just started piling up, and the more they pile up, the easier it is to just add to the pile!

Whether your clutter is in many rooms, one room, or you just want to improve your home organization, click the link below now to discover how to:

Ready to transform your house into a home you can truly enjoy?

This course is for you if….

  1. You feel overwhelmed just from the look of your home.
  2. You are frustrated when you can’t find items you know you have… somewhere.
  3. You are late to appointments because you can’t find your keys or anything else you need.
  4. You’re tired of always digging through piles to find what you want.
  5. You never have any time to relax because there is always a mess to straighten up.
  6. You don't have a big mess, but you'd like to be more organized and find things fast.
Check it out now!

Cut The Clutter And Organize Your Home

That's it for today - off to start the Super Bowl snacks!!
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