Hi, Everyone!

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the Fillable Workbook Journal is in your download area for the Super Bundle buyers. We will be launching it on it's own later this week and we have a big favor to ask!!

One of the reasons we did the Toolkit #4 was to see what styles would be the most popular, so we could offer more of what you wanted...and GUESS WHAT?? Epic fail! Almost every planner was selected the same number of times! So, back to the drawing board!

So...if you have any particular needs or wants on your wish list - whether cover design or planner types, let us know! We are always open to new ideas!!

>>> And Don't Miss Ritchie Media's "Low Content" Bundle!!

Some of the top names in this niche are involved - I feel totally privileged to be included!! There are more than 20 products by some of the top product creators in this space - and it's now OVER $600 worth of products in there for $27!! You will find everything from puzzle making software to coloring pages and planner templates. Ruth really put together an amazing and focused bundle for us.

Click HERE to get your bundle........

Send me your receipt from your Low Content Resource purchase, and select any 2 Planners from ToolKit #4 as a bonus!
Just visit Toolkit #4, choose the 2 Planners you want,
and drop me an email with your receipt and your choices.
I am US EST but usually respond within an hour from
7am to 11pm ;-)

"Low Content" Resource Bundle

We are getting ready for -7 temps tonight and tomorrow - hope my internet doesn't faint on me like it did in the last storm - me? 18 hrs with no internet?? It was NOT a pretty sight, trust me.....

Stay warm!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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