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Hi, everyone!

Yesterday was gorgeous...today? The far opposite of gorgeous. Black skies since I crawled out of bed, high wind and "weather alerts' popping up on the phone every 5 minutes.

It's SPRINGTIME in Cincy!! Seriously, the grass turns green literally overnight and the daffodils are blooming and the trees will be popping out in lime green leaves any day...and the geese are building nests down by our pond...but the weather sucks. Plain and simple, this place gets more rain than any place I have ever lived and that includes 4 years in Oregon.

We have had serious winds for the last 3 days, which is always scary due to the huge trees around us. I was hoping it would blow away all of the dust in the house but no luck - I am going to actually clean the house this week, as the family is gathering for Easter brunch next weekend. This has been a tradition for many years as Bob makes great chocolate chip waffles and I do something different every year. But this year will be different as it is the first year that there will be no egg hunt - the boys are all in high school now and too old for such things. Considering that one leaves for college in the fall, they may be right ;-) Bummer. Now I need to find another excuse to buy all those marshmallow eggs....

Now about the topic of emailing your list....I get a lot of questions about how often you 'should' mail your list. I've seen so-called experts recommend that you mail your list once a month (worst advice EVER!), and I know some people that mail multiple times a day.

Over the past several months, we have done several different events, all focused on building our mailing lists, and I know that some of you have still not mailed your lists because you do not know what to say or how often to say it.

I understand that. It's not easy to put yourself out there - but it is vitally important if you want to build your online business....and unless I am wrong...that is why you have been working so hard, right?

The problem is that although everyone tells you to build a list - they don't tell you what to do once you have the list...and they leave out the MECHANICS of the whole process...what email software to use (did you know that many of the best-known brands do NOT like us affiliate marketers?), or exactly how to actually create a nice-looking newsletter once you make the decision, or what you actually say in a warm-up sequence?

Yes, everyone tells you the money is in the list - and it is true, whether you are a product creator or an affiliate marketer - unless you are a whiz at paid ads - you NEED a list.

But almost everyone is shocked to learn how many moving parts there are to actually utilize that list effectively!!

Today you have two very rare opportunities to learn from two people that are truly experts in the art of email marketing: David Perdew and Cindy Bidar. David has a free 2-day course coming up next weekend (yes it is Easter, but you can buy the replays, which I did!)
and Cindy's course is excellent. I obviously have not seen David's webinar yet, but if you saw his presentation at the Summit - what he packed into 60 minutes was amazing, I cannot even imagine what 2 full days will be like!

So here is my bonus: I had originally offered this for Cindy's course, but I am opening up to anyone that picks up ANY of the paid upsells to David's free webinar! I have had quite a few people ask for a walkthrough of creating a 'pretty' newsletter with the typical newsletter editor.

While there are some differences between them, they are all more or less the same. So - let's do a walkthrough on creating a newsletter template in your newsletter or autoresponder software so that you have your own template that you can use every day! We will go over adding images, some quick ways to create cute headers for your newsletter (yes they do work!), snippets of HTML that sometimes come in handy, how to do quick product reviews, and whatever other questions that you might have!

Buy either course through the links below and send your receipt to [email protected] (and if you already purchased from my link - you are included too!!)

And tomorrow - I want to show everyone WHY you need to have Sucuri or Wordfence installed on your WordPress website - one of my sites was hit 500+ times from an IP in China trying to login to my site - in just under 3 hours! NOT NICE! You will be amazed to see how many times a day an ordinary site is under attack from all over the world - Russia, India, US, EVERYWHERE!


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If you saw the opening presentation last week of the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit - David and his daughter, Jennifer, hit it out of the ballpark! And overdeliver?? It was pretty incredible what they managed to pack into 60 minutes - I cannot even imagine what we will learn in 2 full days!

Don't out on this rare chance to spend two days with David Perdew!

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Speaking of Emails, it's the best way I know to build a business and a CONSISTENT revenue stream - and Cindy Bidar is an expert at this! In her brand new course, Email Marketing Campaigns: How to Fill Your Calendar With Engaging Offers That Get Results, she's showing you exactly how she:
  • Consistently earns five+ figures every single month, primarily through her email list (and with what many would call a "small" list, too!)
  • How to never run out of things to email about, even if you’re promoting the same offer over several days (or for the third time this year)
  • 7 easy ways to add so much value to your emails that it won’t even feel like selling
  • Key metrics to know before you plan your next campaign (this one tip can dramatically improve your results, no matter what you’re offering)
  • Two ways to double or even triple the number of emails you send (not to mention your profits) and how to do it without annoying your subscribers—in fact, they’ll thank you for it!
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Cindy is one of my 'go-to' people for the practical/grunt work side of this business as she has built a 20K per month business with no VA, or staff of writers. It's because of the SYSTEMS she has in place ;-). This is the one membership that 'makes the cut' every month ;-)

Bonus: I have had quite a few people ask for a walkthrough of creating a 'pretty' newsletter with the typical newsletter editor. While there are some differences between them, they are all more or less the same. So - let's do a walkthrough on creating a newsletter template in your newsletter or autoresponder software so that you have your own template that you can use every day! Buy through the link below and send your receipt to [email protected]

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I picked this one up and am amazed at the volume of content here - deal of the year for written content, by far!

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And now off to make some home-made soup as the weather is nasty and rainy so time to get out the soup pot ;-)
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