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Happy Saturday!

The sun was shining and the arm is slightly less colorful today, but still itching like crazy. We actually took an hour off and went to lunch at an outdoor cafe, and it felt good.

I will be announcing the winner of the 2 Camtasia bundles from the Homepreneur's Adventure Summit on Monday as we had a few stragglers that upgraded their bundles over the last couple of days, and I wanted to give everyone a fair chance, so be sure to catch the newsletter Monday!

I am almost done with the calendar updates for April and will be sending out Zoom details for the various groups Sunday - that was so much fun...not....and still trying to squeeze in 3 additional workshops...should have those scheduled by Monday as well, so April will be done ;-)

A topic that seems to have come up quite a bit since the Summit is how to succeed as a Homepreneur when you have no support structure - or when your friends and family are openly negative and dismissive of your business...even when you are successful and making money!

Here's an uncomfortable truth - very often friends and family, and partners are often MORE negative once you start making money than they were when you first started! This might seem contrary to all logic at first, I mean, after all, they love you so they should be happy for you, right?

The sad truth is that they are really not displaying how they feel about YOU...but rather, how they feel about themselves. You see when we step out of our comfort zone and into the abyss of being our own boss, and then actually start succeeding...it forces those around us to look at what they have NOT done, the paths they wanted to take but never did. It makes them uncomfortable to admit that we have done what they were afraid to do. It's not so bad when we are stumbling along, learning, barely covering the bills because they can continue to say "Whew! Glad I never did something that stupid!".

And then we do the unthinkable - we start making a living...we build a business. We sleep, eat and work when we want to...and suddenly, their decisions are seen in a different light. The risks avoided. The paths not taken. And so, they lash out at us, make fun of what we do to make themselves feel about what they did not do.

Does it get better? Sometimes, with some people, and sometimes you just learn to change the topic when Uncle Harry asks if you still have that darned web thing going on.... ;-)

Just remember, no matter what...


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If you saw the opening presentation last week of the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit - David and his daughter, Jennifer, hit it out of the ballpark! And overdeliver?? It was pretty incredible what they managed to pack into 60 minutes - I cannot even imagine what we will learn in 2 full days!

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I picked this one up and am amazed at the volume of content here - deal of the year for written content, by far!

“Business Development Mega Pack”


30 Funnels Blueprint - with PLR

This must be the week for great funnel courses! LOL I had no idea that there are 30 types of funnels, but this bundle includes 30 videos and 30 diagrams of the funnels. There are 3 OTOs, which I did not pick up (truthfully, I was in a hurry and just skimmed them) but I will go back and look them over better later. They were software to create funnels, which I hate doing, and I am already re-thinking my decision to not look closer! Sorry! The 30 Funnel Blueprints includes a video and diagram each blueprint and all come with PLR. It's from Franics Ochoco and Diego Duarte, two trusted PLR creators, so at $15, I think this is a good deal if a) you still need help with funnels, or b) YOU WANT TO CREATE A COURSE!!

30 Funnels Blueprint - with PLR


Flash Sale From Lynette at Thrive Anywhere!!

Lynette is celebrating the end of Women’s History Month, a holiday that (at least here in Cincy) did get as much press as it should. I come from a long line of very 'colorful' and hardy pioneers, and I remember my great-grandmothers and the stories they told fondly!

Now through March 31st, 2020 (last day) - 30% off everything in her store with promo code WOMEN. And if you are not familiar with Lynette's style of low-content PLR, they are definitely different in that they are filled with prompts and questions to guide the user down the path of each journal or planner's topic and goal.


More on the
Funnel Building Process

Don't be! Simple Funnels Systems is a solid funnel-building course for $13 by my WordPress "hero", Matt Garett!! The process is explained in a way that is easy to understand, no matter how much of a newbie you might be! Matt explains the difference between funnels used as a product creator and an affiliate, bridge funnels and even branding funnels. The training is really good, and I love the price point.

There are several options in this funnel, but there are no downsells - the price you see is not going to drop if you hit the 'no thanks' link! - and even most of the OTOs are pretty reasonable. The front-end product is definitely a stand-alone - you do not need anything else to 'make it work' - although the first two OTOs are definitely time savers if you really want to get into affiliate marketing (I did pick up the first one, the 12 done for you funnels). The main reason I picked up these funnels is that it is rare to see this kind of product that is actually relevant to my niche - they are usually on weight loss, woodworking and chicken coops LOL! Not my niches!!

Check it out here: Simple Funnels Systems


**NEW**Email Marketing Campaigns

Speaking of Emails, it's the best way I know to build a business and a CONSISTENT revenue stream - and Cindy Bidar is an expert at this! In her brand new course, Email Marketing Campaigns: How to Fill Your Calendar With Engaging Offers That Get Results, she's showing you exactly how she:
  • Consistently earns five+ figures every single month, primarily through her email list (and with what many would call a "small" list, too!)
  • How to never run out of things to email about, even if you’re promoting the same offer over several days (or for the third time this year)
  • 7 easy ways to add so much value to your emails that it won’t even feel like selling
  • Key metrics to know before you plan your next campaign (this one tip can dramatically improve your results, no matter what you’re offering)
  • Two ways to double or even triple the number of emails you send (not to mention your profits) and how to do it without annoying your subscribers—in fact, they’ll thank you for it!
Use Coupon Code: CAMPAIGNS saves 62% until 11:59 PM Eastern on March 28, 2021

Cindy is one of my 'go-to' people for the practical/grunt work side of this business as she has built a 20K per month business with no VA, or staff of writers. It's because of the SYSTEMS she has in place ;-). This is the one membership that 'makes the cut' every month ;-)

Bonus: I have had quite a few people ask for a walkthrough of creating a 'pretty' newsletter with the typical newsletter editor. While there are some differences between them, they are all more or less the same. So - let's do a walkthrough on creating a newsletter template in your newsletter or autoresponder software so that you have your own template that you can use every day! Buy through the link below and send your receipt to [email protected]

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Charles Harper's Canva Training with PLR

Whether you are looking for affordable Canva training for yourself or want another course to offer as your own, this is a very nifty product from Charles Harper: this toolkit includes the Powerpoint slides and transcript for you to create your own video training for Canva.

You get 40 Step By Step Over the Shoulder Video Tutorial Slide Deck Presentations 40 Human Hand Edited Transcriptions all with PLR!

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Canva Training with


New PLR:
Morning Ritual Mastery:
Feed Your Soul And Transform Your Life Today

We've talked a lot lately about using PLR to customize your PLR planners and Journals and this is a great bundle for this! Add short blurbs from the bundle's books or articles (re-written to add your own voice, of course!) to an existing planner or journal and have an entirely new product!!

BONUS!!! This content is a perfect fit for our "30 Days To Your Level 10 LIfe Planner" - buy through the link below and send your receipt to [email protected] and receive your choice of any one of the 6 designs!

Get it here: Morning Ritual Mastery: Feed Your Soul And Transform Your Life Today
And now off to make some home-made soup as the weather is nasty and rainy so time to get out the soup pot ;-)
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