Hi, Everyone!

A LOT going on today - Super Bowl Sunday, of course, which is one of my fave days of the year! I married into a MAJOR football family, so I will be watching the game...but for me, it's more about the time with friends and family...and the food. LOL, yep it's my major junk-food pig-out day of the year! But this year we are rooting for the Rams BIG TIME as my youngest 'faux' son played football at Miami of Ohio, with their coach, Sean McVey, so this will be fun to watch. And for you Steelers peeps? He also was part of the team that Big Ben took to the Mac championship ;-).

And thanks to the 'internet lifestyle' - we followed my stepson and his team all over the country for 3 years, never missed a home or away game! THAT to me is what this business is all about!!

So...on to the News & Updates for Today:

1) The Low Content Resource Bundle goes away today!
It's now a whopping 28 products valued at over $650 for only $27!
And when you buy from my link -
you also get your choice of any TWO planners
from Toolkit #4 as your Bonus!
===>>> Low Content Resource Bundle

2) The Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle launches Monday, 10am EST!
Put together by those two incredibly busy and productive ladies, Cindy Bidar and Lynette Chandler, this one is MASSIVE! 28 tools and trainings plus 3 amazing bonus offers valued at nearly $2,800 - all for just $27. Peeps included are well known names like Melissa and Nicole of CoachGlue, the amazing Willie Crawford, Diana Heuser, Piggy Makes Bank and many, many more - including of course, Lynette and Cindy! You won't want to miss this one!

I WILL have a super bonus for you, but this one sort of snuck up on me, and I don't have it put together yet - but I promise it will be a good one!
===>>> Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle (Sign up now for the early Bird notice)

3) The FILLABLE Desktop Version of The Workbook Journal - launches Tuesday
EEK!! This was supposed to launch Friday but had massive computer issues (resolved by moving all of my graphic and font resources to a new 2T back-up drive!), so hopefully will have it all ready for Tuesday. Haven't finalized it all yet, but at minimum, it will include the Workbook in both dated and undated versions (unfillable) and the dated and undated FILLABLE versions...and 10 different Design Kits, each of which will include 3 covers, a page that can be used for back cover, notes etc, and a 'background' page. So lots of options to customize your Workbook Journal, and tweak it to your niche or personal preference.

That's it for now - off to hit the kitchen and start getting those munchies together for the big game ;-)

Stay warm and make today YOUR DAY!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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