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You Don't Know How High You Can Fly If You Never Try...

Hi, everyone!

If you were with us for the opening session of the Homepreneur's Summit last week, we were fortunate to have David Perdew and his daughter, Jen Perdew-Houlk join us and it was a tremendous and detailed look at the basics of making your business BETTER - in just about every way imaginable!! And to say that it was a hit is an understatement!

And now you have a chance to spend 2 whole days with them!! David and Jen are offering a FREE two-day event - March 27 - 28 - More Sales With Email Marketing.

And yes, you can bet I am already signed up!

Calendar Updates:
Yes, I need to get the events calendar updated and hope to get to that later today - but I am off to Dayton for Shot #2 Monday, and some of this week's schedule will depend on how that goes...stay tuned for news tomorrow - I have a feeling I will know by tomorrow evening! BUT....we WILL at the very least get our Thursday Kitchen Sink Mastermind in - LOTS to talk about at this one!

NFT Group Sessions!!
Holy cow, Batman! This one is crazy - but I also think it sounds like fun and maybe a chance to get in on a new crypto opportunity. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens - and this is a new art-based crypto token that is really taking off, and looks like something we can still get into and maybe make some money with!

The funny thing is that the week after I bought James Renouf's course, the hubs has lunch with his boys and guess what they are talking about? NFTs!!! Yep, these two had been doing some serious crypto arbitrage and were shocked that the Parental unit was looking at NFTs! I already have all of James's other crypto products - but due to other issues going on, did not get involved with crypto at the time - I am not missing out again!

I also signed up for his Facebook group - I want to be able to ask questions and get a real live human to answer!

Let's set our first session for Friday April 9, so I have time to go through the course and get more info if needed from James -

If you want to join us - pick up James's course today: NFT EXPOSED

Send your receipt to [email protected] to join the group!!


Pinning The Future!

If you attended the final session on Friday - you heard Becky Beach talk about her INCREDIBLE results on Pinterest - and this is the course she and Kristie Chiles recently launched!! If you have struggled on Pinterest - this is course you need to end the struggles and start seeing some REAL traffic on your Pins!!

Check it out here:
Pinning The Future!


New PLR:
Morning Ritual Mastery:
Feed Your Soul And Transform Your Life Today

We've talked a lot lately about using PLR to customize your PLR planners and Journals and this is a great bundle for this! Add short blurbs from the bundle's books or articles (re-written to add your own voice, of course!) to an existing planner or journal and have an entirely new product!!

BONUS!!! This content is a perfect fit for our "30 Days To Your Level 10 LIfe Planner" - buy through the link below and send your receipt to [email protected] and receive your choice of any one of the 6 designs!

Get it here: Morning Ritual Mastery: Feed Your Soul And Transform Your Life Today


Five Products You Can Create & Sell - Workshop by D'vorah

Have you picked up D'vorah's latest course? If not, you still have time before the price goes up significantly!! This is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to make 5 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS!! And if you saw her free training yesterday - you KNOW the lady knows her stuff!

Product Demo #1: Create your own digital papers from digital paper overlays and templates.

Product Demo #2: Create a printable planner template in PowerPoint.

Product Demo #3: Create a variety of gorgeous, mini calendar products, using color and digital papers to add flair and pizazz.

Product Demo #4: Transform your printable planner and some mini calendars into a digital planner!

Product Demo #5: Create is a Canva Template Pack. Canva Templates are hot sellers on Etsy and they provide you with a foundation for creating unlimited products!

Check it out here: Five Products You Can Create & Sell - Workshop


From Lynette At
Thrive Anywhere!


Oh, this is something we ALL need!
With this workbook, you can create a plan to re-market existing products and break free from the continuous - and often brutal! -launch cycle.

BONUS: how about a Digital Workbook version of this one? Complete with 3 cover options as well ;-)

Check it out here:
Promote What You Have

To get 50% off at check out -
use promo code:
Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 9.54.59 AM
Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 9.43.58 AM


From Jan Small at SimpleHappiness.bz

Four beautiful reading journals, in 4 different designs - all gorgeous!
Get $10 off the regular price of $27.00 for each of the reading journals with Coupon Code: LAUNCH10

Or get all 4 reading journals (value $108) for $37 total ($30 off the regular bundle price) with coupon code LAUNCH30



Free Training this Week from DesignCuts

Ok, I freely admit this is one of the "anger Zones" for me!!! I love this place and the free trainings are so good! This one kicks off March 23rd and is 4 days of Procreate training. Learn an array of techniques and tips from paper-cutout lettering, geometric design, watercolor painting, realistic lighting and much more. There's something for everyone


Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone!
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