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Hi, everyone!

Wow! Yesterday rocked! Our guest speakers were amazing, and I have pages of notes - which is not easy to do when you are part of the session - but hey! We all multitask, right?

Yesterday was OVER THE TOP!! Our Guest Speakers - without exception - over delivered in every session! From real insider tips to deep discounts on courses, it was an awesome day from beginning to end!!

We also gave away a Creative Fabrica Craft Bundle yesterday to Alison Brown (your coupon is on its way! today), and today will be giving away a $25 Amazon Gift card and another Creative Fabrica Bundle. When? You will have to be there to find out!! (Yes, that IS a not-very-sneaky shameless bribe to get you to join us!)

Don't forget to check out the AMAZING Premium Event Bundle - more than $2,200 in courses, live workshops, commercial use products, trials and discounts from products and services you need and use - you won't find a better deal this week! You can also pick up the replays and transcripts, too!!

Click here for more details:
Premium Event Bundle

AND - since so many of you have asked - I will be putting together a list of every speaker's websites, so you can check them all out directly!

Here are the links to three products that were mentioned in yesterday's sessions:

Funnel Mastery by David Perdew

Pinning The Future by Kristie Chiles and Becky Beach

Content Creation Collection Toolbox by April LeMarr


Today is DAY TWO of the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit and it promises to be just as awesome as yesterday!!

Register here for Zoom details:
Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit

12 noon EST – 1:00 PM EST
Grow Your Business Exponentially with Joint Ventures and Partnering
Guest Speakers: Connie Ragen-Green & Ellen Finkelstein

Best-selling authors and Joint Venture experts, Connie and Ellen have each built successful businesses through strategic and creative partnerships.

2:00 PM EST- 3:00 PM EST
How Businesses Can Use Re-brandable Private Label Rights Content To Grow!
Guest Speakers: Jenn Brockman & Ruthie Bowers

Struggling to get your knowledge and expertise in front of your audience? Ruthie and Jenn will show you how to use high-quality re-brandable Private Label Rights content to take the pain out of the process and get your content to market quickly and easily!

4:00 PM EST – 5:30 PM EST
Roundtable: The Fundamentals of A Successful Homepreneur AdventureSetting up your home office – legally and physically
Guest Panelists: Attorney Bob Silber, Cathy Gilstrap, Eileen Roth

Working from home for the first time? Optimize your home office legally and physically to make your new Homepreneur environment as productive as possible!
Hope to see ya later!
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