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It's hard to believe it but The Homepreneur's Virtual Summit opens Tuesday, March 16th! This event has been put together by the true amazing group of people in the Thursday Kitchen Sink Mastermind! From choosing the title to creating products for the Swag Bag FREE!!) to the Premium Event Bundle - this has been a group project, and I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing group! We have an incredible group of speakers - including David Perdew of NAMS, Lynette Chandler of Thrive Anywhere, Connie Ragen-Green, Kristie Chiles, Ruthie Bowers, and D'vorah Lansky! It's a Who's Who of the Internet world - not just the PLR/Low Content niche, and we are thrilled with the program!

Our sessions are all on Zoom, and you only need to register once to attend them all!

Oh - and did I mention there will be free surprise PRIZES for random attendees??
Yep, from Creative Fabrica, TECHSMITH (Hello?? Camtasia!!), and Amazon Gift Cards!

If you have not yet registered for the event, jump over HERE and register now, and grab your FREE Virtual Swag Bag!! This is one of the best free bundles we have put together yet! Almost $1,100 worth of goodies from Kristie Chiles, Connie Ragen-Green, Ruthie Bowers, Jenn Brockman and SOOOOO many more peeps that you know and love!

Get your FREE

This is an oddball for us but....

Do you know what an NFT is?
One Just sold for $69 million USD!!!

This is the latest by James Runoff - and if you are not aware of this little factoid - he is a crypto millionaire! I totally blew it on the Bitcoin experience but this has my interest and I REALLY want to get involved!! NFT are basically ART-BASED DIGITAL TOKENS and they are selling for BIG bucks!!Creations by ordinary people - and they are NOT that tough to create, thanks to the platforms in James's course!

Yes, I picked this one up and I am diving in after the conference - it looks like fun and a moneymaker as well....and this is really cheap at $11!!

And I would LOVE to get a group of us together to do this!

Pick it up here: NFT EXPOSED


And yes, I am late to the party on this one -
but this may be the best Pinterest course yet:

Becky Beach and Kristie Chiles Do Pinterest!!

This course lays out the tips and tricks that are CURRENT!! There have been a LOT of changes recently, but the ladies are on top of things, and I learned more than a few tricks!
Worth every penny of the price and then some! And don't forget - you can see both of them speaking at the Summit next week!!

Check it out here: Pinning The Future


April is back with the best
Content Creation Collection Toolkit
to Date!!

Now, don't get me wrong - they are ALWAYS good - but this one is really exceptional! From PLR to Courses, and everything in between - this is a really exceptional bundle. The header graphic today is from my contribution - a huge bundle of PRINTABLE planner templates to track all aspects of your business, including the ones that are rarely included in planner but oh so necessary: your legal details, like business licenses, renewal dates for corp entities and Tax IDs, plus your banking and ACH/wire details, plus a $25 coupon as well for future purchases (and yes, new products after the Summit!)

BONUS: Pick this up through my link and I will add the DIGITAL version as well as a 'mini' version lead magnet!

Click here to check it out:

Content Creation Collection Toolkit


D'vorah's 30% Off Sale -
Ends March 15th!

D'vorah has offered us a very special and
limited 30% off ALL courses through March 15th!!!

We have done several group sessions based on D'vorah's courses, and we have learned SO much from them! I have most of them now, and still find myself going back time and again to review and refresh. But D'vorah does more than just teach the basics - she has a way of looking at things with a fresh new eye that gets your brain cells jumping with new ideas and enthusiasm. A BIG recommendation for any course that fits your future path forward!

Here's just a quick list of her courses - you will find lots more on her website:
  • Create Content in Canva
  • Discover Digital Planners Workshop
  • Creative Ways to Create Calendars
  • Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0
  • Pinterest Course
  • Create Printable Products Course
  • Kindle Creation Challenge
  • Digital Workbooks Workshop
  • Content Creation Challenge

  • Bullet Journal Basics

Use MEL30 at checkout to get 30% off your entire purchase!

====>>> ShareYourBrilliance.com


And now - gotta get back to work!!
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