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Today, D'vorah Lansky - creator of SOOOO many wonderful courses - joined our Kindle Creation Challenge group and wow! She knocked it out of the ballpark! The group was a bonus for the purchase of her course, the Kindle Creation Challenge, and D'vorah was kind enough to join us today so that we could pummel her with our questions ;-)

Seriously, D'vorah is one of the most creative thinkers I have met in ages, and I don't mean simply that she creates content or art or new planners (which she does!) - she truly thinks 'outside the box' is always coming up with new and creative ways to do things. Today, the focus was on marketing our Kindle and KDP books, and we all walked away with new ideas bubbling over! Chatting with D'vorah is always refreshing, energizing and a total re-charge to your battery!!

She is so very generous with her knowledge and her ideas, and I always wish she lived just down the street so we could meet for coffee. In fact, I have a couple of dozen peeps that I wish I could meet for coffee (shout out to the Thursday crew - wouldn't that be fun??), but Zoom ain't all that bad, all things considered. But today's Zoom was fun, and I walked away with new ideas and bit more energy and a LOT of ideas....LOL yeah, I need more of those this week, right?

But the BEST news??

D'vorah has offered us a very special and
limited 30% off ALL courses through March 10th!!!

Here's just a quick list of her courses - you will find lots more on her website:
  • Create Content in Canva
  • Discover Digital Planners Workshop
  • Creative Ways to Create Calendars
  • Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0
  • Pinterest Course
  • Create Printable Products Course
  • Kindle Creation Challenge
  • Digital Workbooks Workshop

  • Content Creation Challenge

  • Bullet Journal Basics

Use MEL30 at checkout to get 30% off your entire purchase!

====>>> ShareYourBrilliance.com


The Homepreneur's Adventure Prep Meeting!!

Who should attend:
All speakers, Round Table Panelists, Bundle and Swag Bag Contributors,
Affiliates PLUS Volunteer chat moderators!

We have one more session!! We will be going over the format for the Summit sessions, and any questions that you may have.
  • Topic: Homepreneur's Adventure - Event Walkthrough
    Time: Mar 5, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
  • Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID:
    950 5760 6248
    Passcode: 006358


WP Gift Machine Pro

Yesterday I mentioned that I had purchased a new WordPress plugin and that I would let you know if it worked - and I love it!!

This is kinda hard to describe but basically, instead of the usual popup or takeover opt-in form...this lets you put a little bouncing icon on your page - OR A PAGE THAT YOU ARE PROMOTING!! - to catch the visitor's attention!!

Now think about this for a minute: imagine that you are promoting a new product and you have a bonus offer....what if you could REMIND your reader of that nifty bonus WHILE they are on the sales page? Or maybe even up the bonus a bit if they take too long to hit the buy button??

OMG my mind is going crazy on this one and I will have it set up on a demo page tomorrow, too!! Warning: there is a rather lengthy funnel, but do say no to the first one for each new product if you are interested because there is a price drop on almost every step ;-) (yeah, I know, not supposed to tell ya that, but come on, seriously? Hate the downsell funnels - we really DO catch on!)

I am embarrassed to say that I bought the FE for unlimited, The Jacker, and the Jacker Pro for 100 Sites - I plan to use this across my own sites but mainly for products that I am promoting.

BONUS: After the Summit, we will do a full walk-through, and I will personally help set-up the plugin for anyone that needs help - not just a walk-through but actually assist you one on one as needed!

====>>> Check it out here: WP Gift Machine Pro


That's it for now - back to work on the Summit Site!!
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