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So much going on - so much goodness all over the place!! This afternoon, in our Coach Glue 6 Figure 'mini' Mastermind, I was saying I don't know why I do these things to myself, but the truth is that as crazy as these projects get sometimes - the end result is worth it.
Well, most of the time LOL!

No, seriously, when you do something that you have never done before, whether it is creating your first landing page, hooking up your first autoresponder or launching your first Giveaway event - it always feels so darned good when you finish and can point at it and say "I DID THAT!"

It doesn't have to be perfect - I KNOW this event won't be perfect - I am having my second vaccine 2 days before the first session and I could wind up with 'the burps' like I did with the first one and will have a monumental belch on camera, or someone will get the time zones wrong or lose their internet connection or their llama ate their computer. WHATEVER. SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG AT SOME POINT.

And that's ok. I am human, more or less, and chances are that most of you are, too (hey, we have a very diverse readership). The point is that we are doing this, and we will get through it, and we will have fun, and we will come out the other side with maybe a few bumps and bruises but also with more knowledge than when we went in.

All in all - I think we are gonna have a blast and we are going to rock t!

I am making major progress on the Summit website, and will have the future home page available for all to see tomorrow at our Prep meeting (details below!). Still a few things to finish up but overall, it is looking good. The speaker pics and bios are almost uploaded, and I hope to have a good bit done on the Virtual Swag Bag page as well. We just got most of those in yesterday, so it probably will not be completely finished by our meeting tomorrow, but hopefully enough for you to get a feel for the finished page.

We are still looking for a few 'sponsors' for the event - no fee to be a sponsor - just offer our attendees and Bundle buyers a great deal, a longer than normal trial etc. Right now, we have a great deal from Vidnami, a special bundle from Creative Fabrica and a few other deals in the works. If you have any ideas - send them along and we will pursue!

And remember - even if you are not a contributor - you are still welcome to be an affiliate - the more the merrier!! I will have the sign up links and swipes in a couple of days, just waiting for a couple of things to be ironed out with the aMember installation.

And on to the good stuff....

The Homepreneur's Adventure Prep Meeting!!

Who should attend:
All speakers, Round Table Panelists, Bundle and Swag Bag Contributors,
Affiliates PLUS Volunteer chat moderators!

We will meet twice this week - but you do not need to attend both meetings (unless you want to!). We will be going over the format for the Summit sessions, and any questions that you may have.
  • Topic: Homepreneur's Adventure - Event Walkthrough
    Time: Mar 2, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
    Mar 5, 2021 02:00 PM
  • Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID:
    950 5760 6248
    Passcode: 006358


WP Gift Machine Pro

Yesterday I mentioned that I had purchased a new WordPress plugin and that I would let you know if it worked - and I love it!!

This is kinda hard to describe but basically, instead of the usual popup or takeover opt-in form...this lets you put a little bouncing icon on your page - OR A PAGE THAT YOU ARE PROMOTING!! - to catch the visitor's attention!!

Now think about this for a minute: imagine that you are promoting a new peoduct and you have a bonus offer....what if you could REMIND your reader of that nifty binus WHILE they are on the sales page? Or maybe even up the bonus a bit if they take too long to hit the buy button??

OMG my mind is going crazy on this one and I will have it set up on a demo page tomorrow, too!! Warning: there is a rather lengthy funnel, but do say no to the first one for each new product if you are interested because there is a price drop on almost every step ;-) (yeah, I know, not supposed to tell ya that, but come on, seriously? Hate the downsell funnels - we really DO catch on!)

I am embarrassed to say that I bought the FE for unlimited, The Jacker, and the Jacker Pro for 100 Sites - I plan to use this across my own sites but mainly for products that I am promoting.

BONUS: After the Summit, we will do a full walk-through, and I will personally help set-up the plugin for anyone that needs help - not just a walk-through but actually assist you one on one as needed!

====>>> Check it out here: WP Gift Machine Pro


Flash Sale From Ruthie!
April Showers Coloring Pack

Details You Need to Promote:
Sales Page: https://ritchiemedia.ca/april-showers-coloring-kit
Your Affiliate Link: https://ritchiemedia.ca/amember/aff/go/cemelody?i=50
Coupon Code: FRIDAY30
This is sooo adorable - this would be great added to a gardening journal or simialr spring related journal or planner, and of course, a coloring book too!!

What’s in the pack:

  • 26 Lineart Images
  • 68 Filled Lineart Images
  • 50 Filled Raindrops
  • 50 Square Patterns
  • All images are print ready quality, 300 d.p.i. , in JPG, PNG, and Transparent PNG formats

===>>>> Check it out here: April Showers Coloring Pack
Save 30% at checkout with code FRIDAY30

Need Help Customizing Your Planners And Journals??

From Helen at ItsCustomMade.com - Check it out - find OODLES of amazing new Cover & Coil sets here! The BIGGEST selection of Cover and Coil KIts I have ever seen!!! You B find something here I promise you!!

Use code: DESIGNKIT10. (code can be used on multiple design kits at once and $10 will be taken off of every eligible item in the order. Code can also be used multiple times over. But it is only valid for the Design Kits).

===>>> Check it out here: Cover & Coil sets

That's it for now - back to work on the Summit Site!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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