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Tomorrow is the BIG day - I head off for my trek to Dayton - an hour + from here - to get my COVID vaccine. Bob is feeling worse today than he did yesterday, but swears he will be fine tomorrow - because...we are going to 'Do Brunch'!!

Now, you have to understand that I am from California, and will always in my heart still BE a Californian, even though Cincinnati is my home now. But Californians kinda have a 'thing' for Sunday brunch, and we like to go someplace that is sort of a 'destination' and make it an event. It is definitely not just another day for breakfast.

When I moved to Cincinnati, I discovered that Sunday brunch was NOT a thing, and I immediately set out to correct this horrific societal oversight - at least in my little corner of Cincinnati LOL!!

Fortunately, Bob is a very intelligent human being, and soon saw the wisdom of my teachings, and has been enjoying Sunday brunch for the last two decades. BUT...tomorrow is not exactly going to be the same as in days gone by as I am searching DoorDash to find a restaurant between here and Dayton that does curbside pickup and once again - our dining out experience will be dining in...the Jeep. And that means wiping down everything touched by the servers, and just being generally paranoid. Yep. I do go overboard but I have reason to, trust me.

And we will look around the parking lot, and see others doing the same thing, and laugh at the absurdity of the situation while being grateful that we are able to do so.

If nothing else this past year has certainly been a lesson in flexibility and creativity, and acceptance, but most importantly - a reminder to find some bit of silly in every day, some reason to smile.

Zoom Questions and Comments

I have received several questions over the past month from several readers regarding Zoom 'etiquette' - and here are the top 3 questions for this week:

1) Is it okay to answer another attendee's questions when you are not a host of the event?
Generally speaking, unless the host or moderator asks you to respond, you should not answer another attendee's questions. The event belongs to the host and you are a guest, and not there to establish your own expertise or credentials. I would suggest that you privately reach out to the host via a private message, and ask permission before posting your response.

2) Is it ok to drop your own website URL in the chatbox?
Definitely not, unless you have asked the host or moderator's permission first

3) Is it ok to post an affiliate link in the chatbox?
See answer #2!! LOL

4) I disagree with something the host recommends or is teaching - is it ok to speak up and state my objection?
This depends on the situation! If it is an informal setting, such as our Kitchen Sink Mastermind, then the answer is definitely yes. But if it is a live course, such objections can often upset the flow of the program and may not be appreciated by the other attendees or the host. Often, it is best to address the matter privately with the instructor via email after the Zoom.

The bottom line is that in an informal setting such as our Thursday Zooms, we are pretty flexible and lenient, as long as everyone is nice!! LOL....but when you are a guest on someone else's presentation, please remember that this is THEIR show, THEIR audience, and THEIR message, and we should only promote ourselves or our products with THEIR permission ;-)

If you have any more Zoom questions - let me know!!


WOW!! This has long been a favorite of mine for creating quick videos from blog posts and articles - but they just recently added a new feature for making 'presenter' style videos that is like nothing I have ever seen! To be honest, I really did not understand the power of this until I watched the video - you can actually skip ahead to the second half or so to see it in action - and it is really, really neat, so rather than me try to explain - you really should take 2 minutes to see it in action HERE

And from now the Feb 26th - the launch price is 40% of the regular price.

===>>> Check it out here: VIDNAMI Launch Special


Coach Glue Blog Posts Bundle

$10 Off with Promo Code: 10
(expires Sunday Feb. 21st at midnight)

I have ALL of the CG blog post bundles!! I snag them every time they go on sale!! This is a super opportunity to create totally unique Planners, Workbooks and Journals and create an end product with a MUCH higher perceived value - exactly what we have been learning in our Digital Planner sessions these last two weeks!!

There are 5 articles on each of these topics:

  • Course Creation
  • Launching Your Course
  • Goal Setting
  • Charging What You’re Worth
  • Freelancer Success
  • How to Be Fab on Facebook:
===>>> Check it out here: Coach Glue Blog Posts Bundle


Marketing and Affiliate Training
By Matt Garrett

I am sure that you recognize Matt's name as he is someone that I have recommended before, but it is usually for his WordPress plugins (I am a huge fan!), but this is something very different, and I signed up for as soon as it launched yesterday but only had a chance to start to go through it today, and I have to say that I am very impressed!! For $15 a month - this is what you are going to get:

1: 52 Weekly Training lessons: build your business in simple to follow steps
2: Step by Step Checklists: easy to follow checklists that help you get up and running quickly
3: Monthly Marketing Essentials Workshops: over the shoulder practical examples - follow the exact steps we take
4: Monthly “What’s Working Right Now” guides: we’ll keep you up to date on what’s working for us right now
5: Monthly Q&A Webinars: get your questions answered with live demonstrations
6: Training on Essential Tools: what works & how to get the most from the essential tools
7: MASSIVE Video Library: Over 200 videos covering every topic you need to be an online expert
8: Monthly Newsletters: up to date case studies, articles Internet Marketing News
9: Marketer Interviews: inspiring with interviews with top marketers from all over the world...

This is a massive value for the money - and I think #3 & #4 will be a great ongoing source for ideas for new product ideas!

And unlike most WarriorPlus offers - there is only ONE OTO so you will be wading through the swamp for 20 minutes. It is a pricey one though - but probably a good one if you need it - a full WordPress website with premium plugins installed and set up for $147.

Marketing and Affiliate Training


This is SO timely!!
Lynette just launched
Get Interviewed!

One of the best ways to get free exposure and to build your list is getting interviewed! Whether as part of an event, such as our upcoming summit or a podcast or a publication - there is a definite skillset to not only being interviewed but to being an attractive candidate to be interviewed!

This workbook contains pages to guide a person through the preparation steps to attract potential hosts, craft their pitches, track the pitches, follow-up after an interview and so much more. Get 50% off at checkout with code: INTERVIEWED
Get Interviewed!


New!! From Amy Harrop -
Easy Learning Printables
And did you know that Amy is speaking at
The Homepreneur's Adventure??

Amy has her first new release of 2021 out today - and yes I bought the FE and 2 OTOs - worth it just for the traffic training!
Easy Learning Printables covers:
  • Get the inside scoop on the best target audiences for your learning printables to fast-track your way to passive income profits. (p. 5-7)
  • Maximize your profits by zeroing in on the 14 most popular types of easy learning printables! (p. 18-32)
  • The simple way to make your products stand out… by appealing directly to your audience. (p. 40-43)
  • How to easily and quickly set up a store on popular easy learning printables marketplaces like Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy. (p. 72-81)
  • Concrete, easy-to-implement tips for succeeding in this profitable marketplace and creating products that will stand out from the crowd. (p. 82-95)
It also includes:
  • The In-Depth Easy Learning Printables PDF Guide-100+pages.
  • Checklists that make every step as easy as 1-2-3
  • Over The Shoulder Video Training
  • Done-for-you templates with commercial rights. Plus tutorial videos so you can easily customize each template.
  • Worksheets to guide you through the easy learning printables process
  • Bonuses and more!
Easy Learning Printables


**New** from Cindy Bidar
Quick & Easy Course Creation

This is the 'sequel' to Cindy's Tiny Courses release last month which was a very good overview of the business model of creating and selling 'tiny' courses that can be put together quickly and frequently for a steady - and profitable - revenue stream.

This one picks up where the last one left off and actually dives into the 'meat and potatoes' of getting your course not only written but physically put together. I am working my way through the course right now, and I am happy to say that it really does live up to its promise.

In Quick and Easy Course Creation, you will watch as Cindy:
  • Plans and outlines her course (if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed at the enormity of creating a course, you’ll love this method)
  • Writes her entire script (and WHY she chooses this rather backward method)
  • Transforms her completed script into slide decks in record time (watch over her shoulder as she does it - it’s pretty slick!)
  • Records each lesson (you don’t need an expensive set up to do this either - in fact, you probably already have everything you need)
  • Develops and designs just the right checklists, worksheets, and templates to help her students succeed
  • Organizes the entire operation so she’s done in record time, never misses a single file or botches a single recording, AND does it all without a team of outsourcers to eat into the profit
This is excellent and dives far deeper into the actual 'nuts and bolts' of creating your course than the first one did - I actually feel like I have the missing pieces to get'er done finally!

​Check it out here and use promo code EASYCOURSES to save $60 through Sunday, February 21.

BONUS: I have never offered this before: buy through my link, and I will do 3 dedicated solo emails to my entire list (now just under 9,000) when you complete your course! Send your receipt to [email protected]

Quick & Easy Course Creation


BEST PLR DEAL >>>>Tools For Motivation:
New $10 Special!
Stop Overthinking PLR

OUCH!! I am guilty of this and I know that many of you are too! We need to STOP OVERTHINKING every decision and JUST TAKE ACTION!! Justin and the team at Tools for Motivation have a new $10 special on their Stop Overthinking PLR content this week. It includes:
  • Audiobook
  • 10 x 400-word Articles
  • 10 Slide Decks: The above articles repurposed into 10 separate slide presentations
  • 2 Mini-Reports
  • Quote Posters For Social Media
  • Ecover Included
  • The “Stop Being So Defensive” Report
  • The “Stopping Self Doubt” Report
  • The “Mentally Strong” Report

Don't overthink this one - at $10 this really is a no-brainer purchase!

BONUS: I will create a 30-day workbook/journal lead magnet to go with this one.
Send your receipt to [email protected]

My Dream Business Journal

This is one that I really do like and lends itself well to customizing for a lot of niches!

Plus you're getting more than usual in this one from Coach Glue - You'll get this journal in Canva PLUS you also get the text in a plain word document, giving you tons of flexibility on what your end product can look like!

The questions inside this journal are designed to walk the user through what they need to get clear on their dream business vision so they can release the confusion & fear & doubt (and indecision!) and bring their dream business to life. BUT with a little tweaking these questions could be slanted towards almost any other area of life!!
BONUS: I will create 5 covers plus matching Title Banners (should be in your member area by the 24th). Send your receipt to [email protected]

My Dream Business Journal

From Erica Stone

I finished this today and will be setting up my first campaign this weekend!
You know I am constantly talking about the importance of list building and ALWAYS on the lookout for new ways to increase our lists, so I did not hesitate when I saw this one - and NO UPSELLS!!! This is a new twist on Facebook ads - but it's also about how she selects the products that she is promoting, and is very interesting!
Here is what you get today in this 90 page + bundle:

  • Why picking a product first makes everything easier
  • The perfect products to promote and how to find them
  • How taking 9 steps back creates the foundation of your email series so they just about write themselves
  • The process flow that results in sales without even asking for them
  • WordPress site clone with static home page, Thank You page, Confirmation Success page, legal pages, plugins, and background photos already loaded to save time
  • Simple trick for creating attention-grabbing lead magnet content
  • Video tutorial on how to create a professional-looking lead magnet
  • Magic targeting formula that tells you the ideal audience for your ad and keeps your costs and competition low
  • The only Facebook ad type you should use and how to set it up
  • How to set up your email campaign so it runs itself
  • Email samples and outlines so you know what to write
  • How to create ad images in minutes
  • The perfect time to put your affiliate link in front of your list
  • 2 advanced ads strategies for blazing-fast results
  • 90 page step-by-step PDF
BONUS: Pick this up through my link today, and I will have 2 new lead magnets ready for you by the end of next week - one Digital and one Printable, so you will have something for every market ;-)
===>>> Check it out here: Speedlister


And now off to work on our Summit website!!
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