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Hi, Everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Although ours did not go as originally planned since Bob's oldest son's family is under quarantine due to an exposure - we were still able to send food home for them, so at least they all had an evening off from cooking. Bob's younger son, whose Birthday was Christmas Eve, was the only guest for dinner, but it was a nice treat, because we don't often get to have a 'one on one' dinner him with these days. Then we all opened gifts together via Facetime, which was a lot of fun.

If you look hard enough - MOST clouds have a silver lining - you just have to look a little harder sometimes ;-)

Bonus Updates:
The wrists have been acting up a LOT, and set me back a bit on the design work, but all of the covers for Gabby's Universe release will be uploaded to Gabby's members' area by late today. Just log into your account at, and your bonuses will be there!

All other outstanding bonuses should be done by early next week, as I am indeed taking a couple of days to let my hands and wrists get some time off!!
Newsletters will probably be every other day for this coming week - although I have some GREAT stuff already for Tutorial Tuesday that you will not want to miss!

The bargains continue - and yes, I will be having a sale - it will be the first week of January plus a fun contest for ALL of my products for 2020 AND 2021!!! Details later!

In the meantime, here are some deals that I think are worth a peek....

Easy Pro Funnels

There are few people in the Wordpress and/or software biz that I trust more than Matt Garrett, and he is running a huge sale on just about everything he has developed in the coming 10 days or so.

Today's special offer is for Easy Pro Funnels -

I am NOT a fan of funnel software that costs you hundreds of dollars a year - but I AM a fan of low-cost automation and shortcuts like this one - and the price is only $17 right now! If you are new to affiliate marketing or looking for a good low-priced alternative to Groove or Clickfunnels - check this one out! One thing I really love about this is that you do not have to host everything on THEIR servers - meaning you are driving traffic to YOUR domain, and YOUR brand....this is very important!! This gives you complete control over your business - it also means that you can start your affiliate marketing career without a website, and then move to your own site as your income grows and you can afford it!

Here's what you get:
~ Automatic Affiliate Approval for Matt's portfolio of products (this can be tough as a newbie, and his products are solid!)
~ Automated Affiliate Funnels
~ Hundreds of free giveaway products - Lead Magnets To Capture Subscribers ~ Exit-pops that build YOUR list (this is super valuable!)
~ Supports all Affiliate Networks and your own products.
~ Supports all autoresponders.
~ Comes with free one-click DFY affiliate campaigns. (Selected proven selling products with great payouts)
~ Plus pre-written follow-up emails to maximize your sales.
~ Create campaigns from scratch with a few clicks. Click-select your affiliate product, Click-select your free offer, Click-select your opt-in page template.
~ Run campaigns on your own server or on their cloud hosting. (I LOVE THIS NEW FEATURE!!)
~ Auto social posting for instant traffic. Post your free offers to Facebook, Twitter etc.
~ Automatic link shortening/cloaking.

And it also comes with:
  • Affiliate Marketing Video Training
  • Traffic tutorials (SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Channels, YouTube Ads + 10 underused FREE traffic sources.

Bonus: Let's do another Affiliate Marketing Tips & Tricks Zoom - we will go through the process of matching bonuses to products (focusing on this bundle but outside of this bundle too) that you want to promote AND I will add 3 new Lead magnets to the bundle as well. I am taking a couple of days off from design work to give my wrists a break, so they should be done next week - and we will schedule the Zoom for mid-January. Let's get everyone set up to start earning as an Affiliate in 2021! And yes, replays will be available!

===>>> Check it out here: Easy Pro Funnels

Thrive Anywhere Passport!!

If you buy Lynette's products on a regular basis - you will love this!! The 2021 Passport lets you pre-order 2021’s products at a deep discount. Each passport costs $69 and you will get a personal code that you can use to claim any 6 products released in 2021. You can also order multiple passports, up to a maximum of 4 passports. The personal codes expire December 31st, 2021.

Lynette's products are increasing in price to $39,
so this is a savings of $165 on 6 products!!

===>>> Check it out here: Lynette's Thrive Anywhere Passport!!


Allesandro Zamboni's

Christmas Deals

This seems to be the year for AMAZING Christmas deals - I don't think I have ever seen this many multi-product deals at prices this low before! This is not just a great way to add to your knowledge base, but it's also a super way to try out products from people that you might not have bought from before!

Allesandro is very well known in the KDP/Low Content niche, so if you are new to this niche - this is an awesome opportunity to get $16 of his top-selling tutorials for just over $1.00 a piece!

===>>> Check it out here: Allesandro Zamboni's Christmas Deals

Free Goodies for you!!

• From Justin at Tools for Motivation - check back every day as Justin's "Evolving Gift Page" will feature new items every day

Build Your Successful Business Online Giveaway: Lots of free goodies here including a new journal from me!

My Year To Shine Giveaway - includes another planner, unique to this event!

• The Holiday Sparkle Event continues through January 1 - if you have not registered - we have some GREAT prizes including gift cards and 50% discounts at the participating shops! EVERYONE who enters gets a huge bundle of gifts PLUS the chance to win a VIRTUAL GIFT BASKET of goodies!

• And if you missed it earlier - here's the link to the purchase tracking spreadsheet - it comes in both Numbers and Excel for everyone!

• Last but hopefully not least - have you used your $35 Gift from us?? Use HOLIDAY at checkout to take $35 off any purchase - EXPIRES DEC 27!!

That's it for today - have fun, get rested up and let's get ready to ROCK 2021!!!
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