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Gnomos en taza navidad
Hi, Everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve to all! Whether this is your holiday or not, I hope you have a lovely day/evening and better weather than we are getting today - a high of 30F (right now!) and then the temps are plummeting to the mid-teens. This is not my idea of fun, especially since we will indeed be outdoors for part of the day!

As you probably know, we have worked for weeks preparing for a totally safe and COVID compliant family dinner this evening and OOOPS!! Not happening, as one of our grandson's teammates tested positive a few days ago, so now everyone is under quarantine. Bob's youngest son is coming over - it's his birthday - and his oldest is going to come by and "throw a garbage bag of gifts in the driveway" LOL. We will gather around the Zoom later to open gifts - we are nothing if not a resilient bunch ;-)

Even though this is a holiday - I have gotten one question so many times over the last few days, that I wanted to address it!! I have had at least 20 emails asking "which course should I buy?"

And my answer is always the same - no matter what the topic - the BEST course for you to buy is...THE ONE YOU WILL ACTUALLY USE!!! We've all done it - you see something that looks really interesting, and you buy it 'for future use', and we never get back to it!!

The best course is not necessarily the cheapest or the most complete, it's not the one by Kristie or D'vorah or Holly or me (coming soon, I hope!) - it's the one that addresses a need you have RIGHT NOW, the one that fills in the missing gap in your knowledge at this moment in time. It's the one that gets you over that last little hump so you can make the leap to the next level with your business and your income.

For me, it's all about traffic and building my list, and that means that pretty much every course I have purchased in the last several months is something that will help me drive more visitors to my site, and build my list. Whether it's Pinterest, or PLR content or a new WP plugin - it's all with an eye on how it will affect my traffic generation efforts.

Yes, you might pay a little more if you don't buy that course now - but then again you might save some money if you were never going to use that course anyway, right?

And by now you are thinking "This is crazy talk for an affiliate marketer - you are supposed to be selling me stuff!!"

Well, yes, I DO want you to buy stuff through my links....but I want it to be the stuff that is RIGHT FOR YOU...not just more stuff ;-)

And if you missed it earlier -
here's the link to the purchase tracking spreadsheet -

it comes in both Numbers and Excel for everyone!


Ruthie's 12 Days of Patterns

I've also had a lot of questions on what to do with these bundles of patterns - seems like most people are just looking at them as coloring books only and that is really a very limited approach!!

Here are some ideas:
• Put a small version on each page of a planner (digital or printable) as a mini daily coloring break!
• Add a full-sized one to every day in a journal
• Colorize them and use Planner or Journal covers. The odds are in the zillions that someone else will come up with the same color schemes - so you have unique covers in minutes!
• Color the rectangle frames, and quotes and you have all new social media quotes
• Color the heart frames and create a coupon book for Valentine's Day to sell on Etsy

And the list of uses goes on and on!!

Grab them while you can here:

Ruthie's 12 Days of Patterns


D'Vorah's Pinterest For Creatives

EEK!! I thought this one had already ended, but the discount is good through December! If you have taken Kristie's course already, this really is very different, and focuses more on consistent evergreen traffic generation, that will build your business long-term rather than focusing on 'one-shot' affiliate sales. Done in D'vorah's usual fantastic, easy-to-follow teaching style, I REALLY enjoyed this one, and I know you will too.
BONUS: I LOVE doing Pin templates, so my Bonus will be a collection of 30 new Pin background templates for you to use in your pinning promotions!

===>>> Check it out here:
D'Vorah's Pinterest For Creatives
Coupon code: PINTEREST25 at checkout for 25% off!

AffiliBooster by Kurt Chrisler

Kurt's been around the IM space for a long time, and I have probably 90% of his products. This is one of the coolest things I have seen for WordPress in a long time - AffiliBooster allows you to add linking "Hot Spots" onto any image (like we used to with our HTML sites!). When a website visitor clicks on a hot spot within the image they are able to view more info about that product. You can send the visitor to an affiliate product, your own product, or anywhere else you would like. As an example, you could have an article (PLR) on journaling on your blog, and the image could be a desktop mockup featuring one of your journals or an affiliate to Amazon or (hint hint)..seriously take a look at this and see how cool this is!

===>>> Check it out here: AffiliBooster


LAST DAY>>>> Justin Popovich, Tools for Motivation, has a perfect new product coming out tomorrow for the New Year: Dream Big!! and it is only $10!! It goes live at midnight PST Dec. 21, (sorry, I will grab it when I get up LOL). This is a tremendous bargain, with 10 articles, 10 audios, 2 reports and so much more! perfect for this time of the year - and great content to add to planners, journals and workbooks for New Year's sales!

BONUS: This is the perfect content to mix & match with a goal tracker workbook, so pick up the front end product and get a printable version, and pick up any OTO and get the digital version as well. Send your receipts to [email protected] (bonuses will be delivered after Christmas)
===>>>Get it here: Dream Big


J.R. Lang's
Heal From Within

This is the typical humongous PLR bundle for J.R., at a price that is too good to pass up! If you picked up Gabby's recent Workbook (see below) this is a PERFECT match!! This bundle contains 760 affirmations across 38 categories - I would a daily affirmation to Gabby's Workbook to create a totally new end product and with 760 of them - the chances of 2 people coming up with an identical product? Virtually zip-a-rooni!!

BONUS: I am creating a 30-day undated printable visualization/meditation journal that you can use as a giveaway/lead magnet. Purchase any one of the OTOs, and get a digital version as well (two different designs, so really two different lead magnets!) Send your receipts to [email protected] (bonuses will be delivered after Christmas)
===>>>Get it here: J.R. Lang's Heal From Within


WOW!! This is MASSIVE!!

Fran at Happy Journals PLR just released a WHOPPER of a bundle!! You get 12 Sets Of Planner Templates. Each set of planner templates come in both full Colour and greyscale. All planners come in 6x9" and A4 sizes and you'll get ready to go PDF files as well as fully editable PowerPoint files.

Plus Covers And Fonts!
To top this all off, you'll also get 12 A4 covers, 12 6x9" KDP covers and 24 3D mockups in PNG & JPG. PLUS all font files are included!
  • Self-care Planner
  • Teacher's Planner
  • Vacation Planner
  • Work from Home Planner
  • Business Planner
  • Christmas Planner
  • Content Planner
  • Goal-Setting Planner
  • Health Planner
  • Learning Planner
  • Money Mindset Planner
  • Personal Development Planner
BONUS: The bundle only gives you one cover per planner, so I will create 24 - 2 for each planner - to give you some variety!! PLUS Title banners to go with each pair of covers. Covers will be color-matched to the planner sets. Send your receipt to [email protected] (Covers will be ready after Christmas)

Get $40 off during launch HERE

Have a wonderful holiday - stay warm and stay safe!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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