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Hi, Everyone!

And the week just keeps getting 'funner and funner' (yes, Grammarly, I KNOW that is not a word, so put the pop-up away).

Going back to last week, I commented on how slow my precious iMac was running, it's only about 9 months old, 32GBs of mem, etc - normally more than sufficient for my needs. Yesterday at about noon, it started slowing down to a crawl, that beach ball from hell that us mac users know and hate was omnipresent all afternoon - and by 2:30, when I was getting ready for our Zoom session...I could not even boot Zoom...yikes. Scary to put it mildly. So I started testing and the general consensus was that I blew the memory card as everything else seemed fine, I just did not have enough memory to do much of anything other than boot the iMac itself!

So I grabbed my iPad, and ordered new cars from my best friend Amazon Prime, which were scheduled to arrive this am by noon. But when I went to pull the old ones out....I discovered what looked like a dead bug, now basically a miniature 'dust bunny', in the chip holder....I cleaned everything out, put the old chips back in.....rebooted...and the machine is running like it's old self again.

So, yep, I was done in by a dust bunny.

Sigh, I really need to clean house more often.....LOL. Nope.

However....that was the GOOD part of the day - the bad part is that after all the work that my hubby has gone to decorating the garage for the "CO-VID Christmas Family DInner" of the twins, 14, has been exposed as one of his basketball teammates has tested positive. So dinner is off, and the gift opening will be via Skype. We are going to meet in the middle to exchange gifts, and since we have tons of food that we already paid for, we will also send food home with them too. Not quite what anyone had planned but the best present possible will be that the exposure is nothing more serious than that!

Fingers crossed!!

And on to business & TUTORIALS!!


D'Vorah's Pinterest For Creatives

EEK!! I thought this one had already ended, but the discount is good through December! If you have taken Kristie's course already, this really is very different, and focuses more on consistent evergreen traffic generation, that will build your business long-term rather than focusing on 'one-shot' affiliate sales. Done in D'vorah's usual fantastic, easy-to-follow teaching style, I REALLY enjoyed this one, and I know you will too.
BONUS: I LOVE doing Pin templates, so my Bonus will be a collection of 30 new Pin background templates for you to use in your pinning promotions!

===>>> Check it out here:
D'Vorah's Pinterest For Creatives
Coupon code: PINTEREST25 at checkout for 25% off!

AffiliBooster by Kurt Chrisler

Kurt's been around the IM space for a long time, and I have probably 90% of his products. This is one of the coolest things I have seen for WordPress in a long time - AffiliBooster allows you to add linking "Hot Spots" onto any image (like we used to with our HTML sites!). When a website visitor clicks on a hot spot within the image they are able to view more info about that product. You can send the visitor to an affiliate product, your own product, or anywhere else you would like. As an example, you could have an article (PLR) on journaling on your blog, and the image could be a desktop mockup featuring one of your journals or an affiliate to Amazon or (hint hint)..seriously take a look at this and see how cool this is!

===>>> Check it out here: AffiliBooster


Justin Popovich, Tools for Motivation, has a perfect new product coming out tomorrow for the New Year: Dream Big!! and it is only $10!! It goes live at midnight PST Dec. 21, (sorry, I will grab it when I get up LOL). This is a tremendous bargain, with 10 articles, 10 audios, 2 reports and so much more! perfect for this time of the year - and great content to add to planners, journals and workbooks for New Year's sales!
BONUS: This is the perfect content to mix & match with a goal tracker workbook, so pick up the front end product and get a printable version, and pick up any OTO and get the digital version as well. Send your receipts to [email protected] (bonuses will be delivered after Christmas)
===>>>Get it here: Dream Big


J.R. Lang's
Heal From Within

This is the typical humongous PLR bundle for J.R., at a price that is too good to pass up! If you picked up Gabby's recent Workbook (see below) this is a PERFECT match!! This bundle contains 760 affirmations across 38 categories - I would a daily affirmation to Gabby's Workbook to create a totally new end product and with 760 of them - the chances of 2 people coming up with an identical product? Virtually zip-a-rooni!!
BONUS: I am creating a 30-day undated printable visualization/meditation journal that you can use as a giveaway/lead magnet. Purchase any one of the OTOs, and get a digital version as well (two different designs, so really two different lead magnets!) Send your receipts to [email protected] (bonuses will be delivered after Christmas)
===>>>Get it here: J.R. Lang's Heal From Within


Tuesday Tutorials

This is a mixed bag of goodies today so here goes....

• From Planoly - a new Social posting service I am trying out: A Complete Guide to Going Live on Instagram (Be sure to check out this really cool free service, LINKIT)

• SEJournal brings us "3 Things You Need to Know About SEO in 2021" and yes, somethings are achangin'!

• has a great free checklist and a huge list of ideas for VIRTUAL EVENTS - so let's get ready for 2021 with this one!!

• RafflePress brings us "15 Expert Tactics to Get More Blog Comments"

OOH!! OOH!! This one looks really good and it is FREE (my fave price): Neil Patel's new course " how to go from 0 to 200,000 Facebook followers" - This is lesson #1 and the full course will be posted over the next two weeks, so perfect for the holidays.

How to grow your email list for free in 2021 from those very experienced peeps at ConvertKit!

• And this is NOT a tutorial -
I just feel in love with some of these bathrooms and wanted to share: 10 Dreamy Bathrooms You Will Be Smitten With(My big secret: I am a home decor/architectural junkie!)

WOW!! This is MASSIVE!!

Fran at Happy Journals PLR just released a WHOPPER of a bundle!! You get 12 Sets Of Planner Templates. Each set of planner templates come in both full Colour and greyscale. All planners come in 6x9" and A4 sizes and you'll get ready to go PDF files as well as fully editable PowerPoint files.

Plus Covers And Fonts!
To top this all off, you'll also get 12 A4 covers, 12 6x9" KDP covers and 24 3D mockups in PNG & JPG. PLUS all font files are included!
  • Self-care Planner
  • Teacher's Planner
  • Vacation Planner
  • Work from Home Planner
  • Business Planner
  • Christmas Planner
  • Content Planner
  • Goal-Setting Planner
  • Health Planner
  • Learning Planner
  • Money Mindset Planner
  • Personal Development Planner
BONUS: The bundle only gives you one cover per planner, so I will create 24 - 2 for each planner - to give you some variety!! PLUS Title banners to go with each pair of covers. Covers will be color-matched to the planner sets. Send your receipt to [email protected] (Covers will be ready after Christmas)

Get $40 off during launch HERE

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