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Perfection? ROFLMAO!!

Hi, Everyone!

LOL - I have had so many technical glitches over the last 2 days that it is not even worth mentioning. Let's just say the gremlins have been having a field day and all I can do is laugh at this point - not worth getting stressed over it cuz it just ain't the end of the world, you know? In the grand scheme of things right now - the newsletter going out on it's own while I was heating my coffee, and then not arriving for an hour....then arriving twice with the wrong subject line? Dropbox files disappearing...all minor. Family is healthy, there is food on the table, and always a kitty on my desk, so all is good.

On a business note - reading through my emails over this past week, I noticed the type of headlines that I hate cropping up even more than usual: the doom and gloom, buy this crap or you will fail stuff.

Here's a sample of headlines from people that I will NEVER buy from:
"Let's Be Honest Melody, You'll Never Really Make Money Online Without A Coach!"
"Let's keep it real.. You'll never become a famous author without help"
"Aren't You Tired of Being A Failure?"
"I Bet You've Never Made A Penny Online!"

Now, yes, I understand that having a coach can be helpful, and I am constantly seeking to learn from others that are successful, both online and offline - but I hate the marketing approach that assumes the reader is a failure.

My reaction is more like "WOW!! You just called all of your readers failures - you must be doing something wrong, dude!!". LOL, sorry, maybe I just have a very contrarian mindset, but if all of your readers are failures - what does that say about YOU?? Seriously, think this line of reasoning through before calling your readers failures!

On a more inspiring note: This is a fabulous piece on the founder of that little site called Instagram - it's about failure and success and perseverance - and how sometimes the TINIEST little tweaks can mean the difference between failure and success - it's awesome and a quick read:
26-year-old coder built a 1 billion app in 2 years after following his girlfriend's advice


Justin Popovich, Tools for Motivation, has a perfect new product coming out tomorrow for the New Year: Dream Big!! and it is only $10!! It goes live at midnight PST Dec. 21, (sorry, I will grab it when I get up LOL). This is a tremendous bargain, with 10 articles, 10 audios, 2 reports and so much more! perfect for this time of the year - and great content to add to planners, journals and workbooks for New Year's sales!
BONUS: This is the perfect content to mix & match with a goal tracker workbook, so pick up the front end product and get a printable version, and pick up any OTO and get the digital version as well. Send your receipts to [email protected] (bonuses will be delivered after Christmas)
===>>>Get it here: Dream Big


J.R. Lang's
Heal From Within

This is the typical humongous PLR bundle for J.R., at a price that is too good to pass up! If you picked up Gabby's recent Workbook (see below) this is a PERFECT match!! This bundle contains 760 affirmations across 38 categories - I would a daily affirmation to Gabby's Workbook to create a totally new end product and with 760 of them - the chances of 2 people coming up with an identical product? Virtually zip-a-rooni!!
BONUS: I am creating a 30-day undated printable visualization/meditation journal that you can use as a giveaway/lead magnet. Purchase any one of the OTOs, and get a digital version as well (two different designs, so really two different lead magnets!) Send your receipts to [email protected] (bonuses will be delivered after Christmas)
===>>>Get it here: J.R. Lang's Heal From Within


Cindy Bidar's Tiny Course Empire

WOW!! Folks are snapping this up and the feedback is great! If you have ever wanted to create a course - especially the 'evergreen' kind of income that go along with it - this is a great course to get you over the hurdle of where to start! Cindy literally walks the walk as one of the most prolific course creators in the market today, making 6 figures annually (she recently disclosed that her average monthly income is $23k USD!!) Promo code EMPIRE saves 62% until 11:59 PM Eastern on Sunday, December 20, 2020
POSSIBLE BONUS?? It looks like we have enough interest to put together an "accountability group" with anyone that wants to get started on a course! I have not set the date yet, but I think mid-January and meet every other week until we hit our goal of a launchable course? Please send your receipts to [email protected]
===>>>Get it here: Cindy Bidar's Tiny Course Empire



From Gabby at A Cup of Zen:

A Done For You Workbook: The Universe Is on Your Side!

This is a topic I love! Gabby has 2 different options for you - the workbook only for $17 or the entire bundle which includes:
This Done-For-You Package Includes:
  • 5 Pre-Written Blog Posts
  • 1 Cover Design in Canva & PowerPoint – Sizes include 8.5×11″, 8×10″, 6×9″, and A4
  • The Universe is On Your Side Workbook (39 interior pages) in 8.5×11″, 8×10″, 6×9″, and A4 size in Canva & PowerPoint
  • 5 Watercolor Graphics in JPG and PNG in 300 DPI
  • 2 Male and Female Body Outlines in JPG and PNG
  • 5 Done-for-You Emails for a Challenge
  • Commercial Use Rights
BONUS: I LOVE this topic, and love creating covers for Gabby's work, so pick up the Workbook only version, and I will add 5 new covers, pickup the Bundle, and I will add 10 covers, and 10 matching title banners. Will be ready by next Wednesday.
===>>> Check it out here: A Done For You Workbook: The Universe Is on Your Side!



WOW!! This is MASSIVE!!

Fran at Happy Journals PLR just released a WHOPPER of a bundle!! You get 12 Sets Of Planner Templates. Each set of planner templates come in both full Colour and greyscale. All planners come in 6x9" and A4 sizes and you'll get ready to go PDF files as well as fully editable PowerPoint files.

Plus Covers And Fonts!
To top this all off, you'll also get 12 A4 covers, 12 6x9" KDP covers and 24 3D mockups in PNG & JPG. PLUS all font files are included!
  • Self-care Planner
  • Teacher's Planner
  • Vacation Planner
  • Work from Home Planner
  • Business Planner
  • Christmas Planner
  • Content Planner
  • Goal-Setting Planner
  • Health Planner
  • Learning Planner
  • Money Mindset Planner
  • Personal Development Planner
BONUS: The bundle only gives you one cover per planner, so I will create 24 - 2 for each planner - to give you some variety!! PLUS Title banners to go with each pair of covers. Covers will be color-matched to the planner sets. Send your receipt to [email protected] (Covers will be ready after Christmas)

Get $40 off during launch HERE

Don't Forget Your Giftie!!!

I want to thank everyone for all of your support this past year - it's been a tough one to navigate but we have still been able to come together and have fun and build our businesses at the same time - you cannot ask for more than that!
So for all of you - from today through December 26th -
use promo code HOLIDAY to take $35 off ANY purchase,
even the bundles!

Be sure to read the product descriptions, as the earlier dated planners are for 2020 NOT 2021 but they are filled with templates that can still be used - and at this price - you can spend a little time and update them yourself!

Enjoy your shopping and have fun! The planners are all on the home page at PLRoftheMonth.Club and you can find coloring books by checking the menu!

Have fun shopping!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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