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Hi, Everyone!

A heads-up - this is a pitch-free newsletter today ;-) - not one darn affiliate link in the newsletter - just a few things I found that I think you might find interesting.

I took a few minutes today to go through my cookie recipes today and wanted to share one with you that is really different, absolutely yummy and kind of like the grown-up's version of the Gingerbread man: Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies. A couple of items that may not be in the cupboard but these are worth the effort!

I am on a buying binge again, stocking up on traffic courses and software - have not had time to review yet, so nothing new to recommend, but will keep you posted! I made a MAJOR purchase today which may or may not be worth it but we will see in the coming months. I will share more in the coming weeks, but if it works, it will benefit all of us, because we will be able to pull in more traffic to our events, so fingers crossed that the purchase will be worth it!

This is also the time of the year when I start going through all of the memberships that I seem to accumulate during the year and deciding if they made the cut and are worth keeping for the next year. Sometimes I wind up keeping something that I don't use very often, but to cancel it and replace it occasionally is more than I am now paying for it, especially if it is something I purchased on AppSumo!


If you bought the Toolkit #15 Super Bundle - check your downloads - I added TWO brand new planners designs!!!

And for EVERYONE that purchased ANY planner from Toolkit #15 - I have added a 'grayscale' version with no backgrounds - super easy to edit and create new planners!!

I will add the new planners to the sales page by Monday, in case you want to dive in and finally get that bundle!!

Extensions for Divi - The Divi Marketplace

Did you know that you can find all kinds of really nifty plugins for Divi on the Elegant Themes website? They are having a 25% off sale right now, and I picked up the following (not affiliate links):

Divi Blog Extras

Divi Carousel

I also picked up Divi Overlays on Black Friday, but it is back up to regular price. TBHB, I had not visited the Marketplace in ages and was shocked to see how much it had grown! Lots of goodies in there if you are a Divi user!


Entrepreneur Insider

This is $5 a month and probably the best bargain online today! It includes access to webinars, weekly newsletters, AND a subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine online. You get access to all kinds of courses, webinars and so much more - great bargain!!

And here is an inspiring article for you - from Blogger Jeff Rose - he started his blog with $509 - and was just offered $10m for it!! Check it out here - Inspiring for all of us!

Last But Not Least....
......from The DesignTwins - Instagram Help is Here! A Round-Up Just For You!
This is one of the best overviews I have seen on Instagram - and it is VERY Newbie Friendly ;-)

That's it for today - have a wonderful evening!
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