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Hi, Everyone!

So much to share today, I hardly know where to just gonna dive right in:

We Will Be Announcing The
FIRST Winners for

The Holiday Sparkle's
First Virtual Gift Baskets


The Virtual Gift Baskets are stuffed with goodies - including a $50 Gift Certificate from us ;-)

You still have time to register here!!

NEXT..... I am planning on doing a "Design Hacks" session this Thursday - sharing some of the tips, tricks and hacks that I use to create my planner graphics. Although I will be working with Photoshop, many of the techniques can be used with almost any graphics software - it's really more about technique and style than the software. AND (drumroll, pullleeeze!!) - we are going to be joined by Jenny Lens, who really IS a Photoshop expert, and even has courses out!! Yikes!! How lucky are we?? Jenny reached out and volunteered to share tips and answer questions, because as I have stated previously - I am NOT an expert, I just know enough to make some pretty stuff, and I know I could do more if I knew more!!

So - a big thank you to Jenny for being so generous with her knowledge.....our people just totally rock!!

All of this will be on our Thursday Kitchen Sink Mastermind Zoom - 3:00 PM EST - log in details in the member area!


• In case you missed this one: If you are looking for good palettes here are some really lovely ones from Creative Fabrica:
Fairways and Chalkboards
Aura Marina Studio
Jenny Thip

• From Wordfence - BIG update with WordPress and PHP 8 that could have some major implications and issues, so this is a must-read for all: Wordfence LIVE
Note: Based on everything I have read in the last couple of days - I am waiting to update my WP installs as this is a major update.

• From MarketingProfs: Great report on Email Marketing Engagement 2020

• For us SEO Nerds - SE Journal brings us 10 Important 2021 SEO Trends You Need to Know and yes, you really do want to sign up for the popup tools ;-)

Two great ones from Sprout Social this week: Brand Voice: What It Is & Why It Matters and Effective Ways to Ask for and Get More Customer Reviews

And this one from Pretty Links - well, let's just say that most of us would find this pretty funny and out of touch with the realities of being a small business online: 6 Important People You Need On Your Affiliate Marketing Team
(I guess aMember = 6 team members?)

• Last but not least - one more from MarketingProfs today - So You've Got Your Topic Now Heres How You Create Content That Can Rank

Just In!!

This just in.... Carmen from Simply Couture has put together a SUPER BUNDLE of her entire year's worth of work!! The bundle is available through December - but for the next 3 days - use promo code EXTRA20 for an EXTRA 20% off!!

This includes ALL of Carmen's 2020 creations: Over 785 pages of Beautifully Designed PLR Templates and Printables across 30 different collections are offered in one-time bundle price
PLUS 3 new products coming this month in December 2020 for one bundle price with over 55% off.
BONUS: Buy through my link and send me your receipt - I will send you $50 credit towards any product - including future releases!
===>>> CHECK IT OUT HERE: Simply Couture's SUPER BUNDLE


===>>>> WP Toolkit's Ultimate Ad WordPress Plugin is still on launch pricing and I think it is one of the best tools available for monetizing your Wordpress site. This does SOOOO much more than just add Adsense ads to your website, I don't know where to begin - but pick this up and I will show you what you can do with this - live ;-)
BONUS: A full walkthrough live demo ZOOM of setting this puppy up! Send your receipt to [email protected]
===>>>Check it out here: Ultimate Ad WordPress Plugin


===>>> One of the best new products this week? Definitely Marketing 365 from Lynette Chandler at ThriveAnywhere

This is a fabulous 'foundational' product that you can really get some mileage out of - HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! Divided into quarters, it walks the user through brainstorming for future marketing efforts and then analyzing what worked and what did not. And why not turn this into a Digital as well? Not that tough to do!!
BONUS: Only one cover included so I will create 5 more covers for you! (Will be done Dec 8)
GET IT HERE: Marketing 365 (50% off promo code: 365MKTG through Tuesday, December 8, 2020)

Still on the fence?

D'vorah just announced a 30% off sale on 4 of her top courses!!! The sale runs December 5th-15th - and you know what I think of D'vorah and her teaching style! She rocks it all the way around from the course content to her 'outside the box' creativity!
BONUS: Get a $10 credit for EVERY course you buy! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)

Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0
Save 30% with code: BOOST30
GET IT HERE: Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0

Create Content in Canva
Save 30% with code: BOOST30
GET IT HERE: Create Content in Canva

Creative Ways to Create Calendars
GET IT HERE: Creative Ways to Create Calendars

Create Printable Products for Fun and Profit
Save 30% with code: BOOST30
GET IT HERE: Create Printable Products for Fun and Profit


Ruthie's new Coordinated Paper Packs are gorgeous and make a great starting point for your design work!!
BONUS: Buy any 4 (the bundle of 4 OR any 4 individual packs) and get a $10 credit!! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)
Get them here: Coordinated Paper Packs


And a big surprise tomorrow for everyone that bought Toolkit #15 ;-)

See you then!
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