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Hi, Everyone!

It's Sunday, it's just over freezing - and I spent the morning decorating the garage for Christmas. Yes, I know that most people decorate their garage for the holidays - but we are decorating the INSIDE of the garage because we are hosting the family dinner in our garage with the doors open. Rented heaters. A Christmas tree. Tons of lights. A table for each household (4), staggered and spaced well apart AND...since Ohio law mandates that all guests must be SERVED a plated meal instead of our usual buffet dinner - we will be serving BOXED MEALS. This is normally one of the biggest family events of the year as it is not only Christmas but also Bob's youngest son's birthday, so every one normally goes 'all out'. LOL, this is so far off from what the usual event is that it will actually be fun! We are going for the ridiculous instead of the elegant, silly versus serious, but most of all: SAFE!! I even have Elf booties for the main food table - I never even knew these existed before now! But, darn it IS cold out there.....

As I mentioned yesterday, my goal in 2021 is traffic, paid, whatever - but most of my purchases in the next quarter will be on traffic generation - tools, courses, whatever. I intend to get more active on Pinterest and Etsy, but also am finding that the test campaigns that I have done over the past few weeks on Bing have also been surprisingly profitable. Definitely more so than anything that I have tried on Facebook, which still just does not seem to gel for me! If you have had any great success - I would LOVE to hear from you!!

===>>>> Many of you have asked about how I plan to use WP Toolkit's Ultimate Ad WordPress Plugin and that is a great question! Too often, people look at something like this and only think of using it for affiliate programs or Adsense, which will take traffic away from your site, but I plan to use it mostly for driving traffic to my OWN offers on my site AND to content, both reviews and posts, much like I use the widget positions right now. I will use the exit intent for freebies to get that optin from the departing visitor. and the Ad Bar for new launches and affiliate products that I promote. HOWEVER - I will do a review of the launch on my site, and send the visitor there first, not directly to the affiliate sales page. More on the reasons behind this later - but this relates to making Google happy....

So there are a LOT of ways to use this plugin and increase revenue opportunities on your sites, not just the obvious ones of Adsense, etc. It also can help your pages rank better organically by adding to the internal linking structure of your site, something The Big G likes a lot.
===>>>Check it out here: Ultimate Ad WordPress Plugin
BONUS: A full walkthrough live demo ZOOM of setting this puppy up! Send your receipt to [email protected]

New Today...

Maureen's Adorable Elephant Coloring Pages are here!
These are so cute, and includes a huge bundle of mandalas & backgrounds along with the elephant coloring pages - there is really a LOT here already - bt no 'ready-to-go' covers so....
BONUS: 10 covers, with 10 coordinated Title banners - just drop in the elephant of choice and add a title to your new coloring book and you are ready to go! These will be ready the end of this week ;-)
===>>> Get it here: Elephant Coloring Pages

Things I LOVE!!!

D'vorah just announced a 30% off sale on 4 of her top courses!!! The sale runs December 5th-15th - and you know what I think of D'vorah and her teaching style! She rocks it all the way around from the course content to her 'outside the box' creativity!
BONUS: Get a $10 credit for EVERY course you buy! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)

Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0
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Create Content in Canva
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Creative Ways to Create Calendars
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Create Printable Products for Fun and Profit
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Ruthie's new Coordinated Paper Packs are gorgeous and make a great starting point for your design work!!
BONUS: Buy any 4 (the bundle of 4 OR any 4 individual packs) and get a $10 credit!! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)
Get them here: Coordinated Paper Packs


Marketing 365 - Lynette Chandler at ThriveAnywhere
This is a fabulous 'foundational' product that you can really get some mileage out of - HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! Divided into quarters, it walks the user through brainstorming for future marketing efforts and then analyzing what worked and what did not.
BONUS: Only one cover included so I will create 5 more covers for you! (Will be done Dec 8)
GET IT HERE: Marketing 365 (50% off promo code: 365MKTG through Tuesday, December 8, 2020)


So, back to decorating or not....not!! I think a cup of hot chocolate is calling my name.....have a wonderful day and stay warm!
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