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Happy Saturday!

Whee! We have some sunshine today after a week of gray skies and it feels so darned good! I have a pile of things to get done this weekend but I am going to make time to get outside for a walk while the sun is out!

There are sooooo many holiday offers right now, but a few really stand out for me because you can get a lot more mileage out of these for the long term.

My goal in 2021 is focusing on traffic generation...if done correctly, this leads to list building, and that leads to revenue....and ultimately, that IS why we do all of this, right?

So anything that adds to my knowledge base or adds to my 'toolbox' to make life easier and business processes more streamlined is on my radar for the coming months!

Find something you think is awesome and essential? Feel free to share!

And since several of you have already asked - I will be doing Bonus Covers for both Maureen's Elephant and Fruitful Creatives Safari coloring page bundles this week. I love the topics so these are on the schedule for the week!

News & Zooms:

PhotoShop Tips 'n' Tricks
I originally planned to do this as a bonus for the Adobe Black Friday membership, but I know that was a tough purchase for many this time of the year, Thursday, during our usual Kitchen Sink Mastermind call, I am going to share some of the quick tips and weird tricks that I have learned over the past few months to create 'original' planner artwork using purchased graphics. While I will be using PhotoShop, the techniques themselves will translate to pretty much any program you might be using.

Please bear in mind, I AM NOT A PHOTOSHOP PRO!! I have never taken a class and everything I do is self-taught, learned in the trenches ;-) This means that I may NOT be able to answer all of the "how do I..." questions, but I can give you some solid tips on creating graphics that look good and sell well!

Access details for the Zoom session are in your member area!


New today:

D'vorah just announced a 30% off sale on 4 of her top courses!!! The sale runs December 5th-15th - and you know what I think of D'vorah and her teaching style! She rocks it all the way around from the course content to her 'outside the box' creativity!

Here's the overview of the available courses:
For a limited time, you can get any or all of these programs at 30% off. In addition to the training, you'll get access to an interactive discussion forum. This will also qualify you to receive access to D'vorah's next bonus workshop - where you can get support with your projects and get your questions answered.
To get 30% off any or all of these courses...
Use coupon code: BOOST30
In alphabetical order, here are the courses:

Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0
Save 30% with code: BOOST30
In this comprehensive training program, you'll receive a step by step approach to setting up your own Digital Shop with ease!
An important part of creating content is being able to market it and sell it. In Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0, you'll learn how to set up an online Etsy shop to sell "knowledge-based" products such as (printable or digital) planners, journals, eBooks, workbooks, worksheets, inspirational quotes and also... online courses!
BONUS: Get a $10 credit for EVERY course you buy! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)
GET IT HERE: Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0

Create Content in Canva
Save 30% with code: BOOST30

Learn how to quickly and easily design graphics and printables!
  • Do you have the tools and systems in place to be able to easily create the products and marketing materials you need?
  • Have you been wanting to know how to easily create social media images?
  • Would you find it useful to have a simple solution for creating speaker one-sheets, printables, book content and more?
Then you'll want to know about this Canva training program. Plus... in addition to the training in the course... you get access to 17 hands-on demonstrations, where you'll see journals and planners created, for a wide variety of niches, right before your eyes!
BONUS: Get a $10 credit for EVERY course you buy! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)
GET IT HERE: Create Content in Canva

Creative Ways to Create Calendars
Save 30% with code: BOOST30
Tap into the Growing Trend that Will Endure the Test of Time!
In this course you'll discover a variety of ways ​to create calendars and planners, for both personal and commercial use. Plus... think about it... you can finally create that calendar / planner of your dreams!
​Learn how to create niche and generic calendars and planners for any audience you can imagine. You can even create hybrid products such as Calendar Journals.
There are so many possibilities. You can create printable calendars to download, digital calendars to view with a device, paperback calendars that you publish to Amazon and calendar based products that you sell on your website or Etsy shop.
BONUS: Get a $10 credit for EVERY course you buy! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)
GET IT HERE: Creative Ways to Create Calendars
Create Printable Products for Fun and Profit
Save 30% with code: BOOST30
Would you like to be able to create printable products but you're not sure where to begin or where to go from where you are?
  • Creating printable products can open up many doors of opportunity. You'll be able to create content to use, gift or sell. You'll be able to create content that you can publish to Amazon or Etsy and you'll be able to create content for online courses... and much more!
  • Does the idea of being able to design templates, that you can use over and over again in different colors and patterns intrigue you?
Then you're in the right place. Head over to find out more about this exciting course and the special bonuses.
BONUS: Get a $10 credit for EVERY course you buy! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)
GET IT HERE: Create Printable Products for Fun and Profit


Come Sparkle With Us!!
Holiday Sparkle Event

If you have not had time to check it out yet - register just ONCE and get a HUGE bundle of printables and goodies for the holidays - everything from Christmas coloring pages to Chanukah Note Cards! will be entered into a weekly drawing for one of three big Virtual Gift Baskets AND....get 50% off all downloadable products at 40+ participating shoppes! Stock up on printables and digitals (PLR and personal use) for 2021! PLUS up to 30% off many other gift items, including mugs, pillows, jewelry and more!

Check it out here: Holiday Sparkle Event

New today:

Ruthie has all new Coordinated Paper Packs out today and she has out done herself! These are great for planner backgrounds, covers, frames etc, and at a price you can afford to stock up on! With different designs in the same color scheme, it makes it very easy to use a different design for every section or month in a planner - this is a quick and easy way to customize your planners and journals, and there is enough variety here to keep you busy for months ;-)
BONUS: Buy any 4 (the bundle of 4 OR any 4 individual packs) and get a $10 credit!! Send your receipts to [email protected] (Credits never expire! Great way to stock up on past releases!)
Get them here: Coordinated Paper Packs


Marketing 365 - Lynette Chandler at ThriveAnywhere
This is a fabulous 'foundational' product that you can really get some mileage out of - HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! Divided into quarters, it walks the user through brainstroming for future marketing efforts and then anazlying what worked and what did not.
BONUS: Only one cover included so I will create 5 more covers for you! (Will be done Dec 8)
GET IT HERE: Marketing 365 (50% off promo code: 365MKTG through Tuesday, December 8, 2020)


• WP Toolkit's Ultimate Ad WordPress Plugin
One of my big goals for 2021 is monetizing my WordPress sites better because my traffic is steadily increasing, and I know I could be making more sales than I am. I wish I had had this plugin months ago! This plugin is by Matt Garett, one of my most trusted WordPress resources because he has been creating and supporting his plugins for YEARS!!

Here's what this one brings to your blog:
  • Theme Ads - You have 5 different widgets and lots of flexibility on where these go
  • Ad Bar - those spiffy little bars that grab your attention
  • Pop Up Messenger - those little popup boxes that mimic Facebook alerts
  • Pop Under - This is one of my faves from my past blogs, but the plugin I used to use is no longer supported - and I did not want to pay $97 for a single site license, which is what the most popular plugin that does this now costs!! This is a definite revenue creator for most websites!

Right now this is a little over $17.00, which is a steal! There are 4 (I think) OTOS, but all are DIFFERENT plugins, not just 'better and better' versions of this one, and yes, I have them all - I picked up Viper Cache when I got this one!

BONUS: A full walkthrough live demo ZOOM of setting this puppy up! I know many of you have WP blogs, but are not comfortable with things like this yet, so let's do this together. I will show you how to quickly set up current offers - but more importantly, how to set up evergreen offers for long-term hands-off revenue streams. Send your receipt to [email protected]

Get it here: Ultimate Ad Wordpress Plugin


Are Your A Member of
D'Vorah's Content Creation Club?

If so - check your member area for your bonus DREAM PLANNER if you bought through our Bonus link! If you did not download the November Planner, it will be available as well until Monday!!

If you have not signed up yet - check it out - it's one of the BEST bargains I have seen in ages, and D'vorah is the real deal. Her teaching style is awesome and she really brings a fresh perspective to things. I promise you will enjoy everything about this membership!

AND every month you remain a member - you will get a bonus mini-planner from me - perfect for lead magnets, giveaway events etc. I am alternating between printable and Digital - this month it is an all-new Dream Journal.

Get it here: D'Vorah's Content Creation Club



That was more than I intended to dump on you today!!!
Off to work on some new planner designs, decorate the house and
a few zillion other things that need to get done today!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay safe!!!
Mask up and Sparkle on!!!

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