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Hi Everyone!

Do NOT underestimate this 'Plain Jane' new planner! At 473 pages, and 40,607 words (!), I am not sure it truly qualifies as a 'zero-content' book - but this is a tool that I developed for myself and use every day. It keeps me on track and is the only way I can keep 3 separate businesses (in totally different industries) running successfully.

It's just been added as a bonus and it is in all of the download bundles - but after Monday, it will no longer be available for new purchases. We will remove it Monday, and then it will be sold on it's own! This is a daily, dated planner, with 2 additional pages for reviewing the past week and planning the next one.

This is NOT the same as scheduling planner: daily, the day starts with the user prompted to focus on the tasks needed to be accomplished that day to meet the week's goals. The day ends with a re-cap of whether the tasks were completed and if not, what needs to be done to get back on track. It's a true Workbook in that it asks questions and prompts the user to actually think and take action.

It's super flexible and can be used for almost any type of goal setting and tracking from business goals to weight loss. The questions are topic-neutral but action-provoking.

No matter which planner bundle you buy, you will get this new Journal Workbook as a bonus - and if you already purchased, just re-visit your download page and you will find it there.

In about 10 days, we will be launching both the basic version of Journal Workbook and a PDF FILLABLE version for desktop use, allowing your customers to use the Workbook on their computer without having to print it out. This version will be sold as an upsell to the basic version.


Yes, it is a massive undertaking...but the end result is soooo worth it. If you are selling a hard copy version via Amazon - you can easily offer this desktop version to your buyers via a download link in your book, too! It's also a great companion to your regular planners!

EXTRA BONUS ALERT: All Super Bundle Buyers will find the FILLABLE version of the Journal Workbook will be in your downloads area when we release it next week ;-)

That's now 15 planners with FULL PLR for less than $6.50 apiece - or take your pick of any one design you like for just $17! (The new Journal Workbook is not available separately yet - only as a bonus today!)

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We hope you enjoy!!
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