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Today's Giftie: Colorist Heaven #3

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Well, this was an interesting day as I had to cancel today's sessions at the last minute! I have updated the calendar with the new dates and times for everything. The updated Bonus Digital Planner Workshop Zoom details can be downloaded from your member area at and I will be sending out updated Zoom details for the CoachGlue 6 Figure Success System later today. Our first session will be tomorrow and yes, there will be a replay ;-)

Speaking of replays - I did finally get the WarriorPlus Walkthrough uploaded to YouTube (private channel) and the details are on the Kitchen Sink Mastermind page, which is accessible from your member area. The last call is also finally uploaded, and the link will be added shortly. There is a new plugin coming out tomorrow which simplifies using Amazon's S3 CloudFront, so fingers crossed it might be a better solution than using Dropbox and YouTube!

Either that or we start cutting our Zooms down to 60 minutes, and that so not likely to happen LOL!!

And now it is time for the new Giftie!!!

Gift #3.....
Colorist Heaven Volume 3!!

100 original artworks -
from simple to complex ‘Traditional’ Mandalas,
to beautiful image-created ‘Circle Prints’,
these amazing new designs include
floral, garden, tropical and Southwest themed designs.

At checkout to get 100% off the price!|


You will ONLY have access to download it for 24 hours,
so don't miss a single newsletter this week!


Coming March 16 - 18!!
Our first
Virtual Summit -

The Homepreneur Solution!!

During the final half of 2020, our Kitchen Sink Mastermind coordinated several very successful Virtual Events, including two giveaways, a paid bundle, and an Etsy shop promo. The events attracted more than 5,000 participants and all in all, we grew our lists, learned OODLES!! and discovered that we CAN do this!

Now we are ramping up our game to the next level and putting on a Virtual Summit! The working title is "The Homepreneur Solution" - but as with all that we do in the Kitchen SInk Group - we still have to vote on the final name!

This will be a 3-day FREE event - 9 sessions total - consisting of two 1-hour interview-style sessions and one 90-minute Round Table discussion every day, between the hours of 12 noon and 5:00 PM EST each of the 3 days.

The topic is focused on being a 'Homepreneur' - a status that is a very new situation for thousands of people right now! This is a hot topic right now that is both broad and deep!
The event will be monetized with a Paid Bundle, comprised of products and courses from the Presenters as well as other selected Contributors, as well as Replays. We will promote the event the week before with a "Virtual Swag Bag"!

If you would like to be a presenter - solo or Roundtable -
head over here to start the process!!

Don't want to be on camera?
We will open up signups for the Swag Bag and the Paid Bundle next week!


Get Organized NOW With The FREE
Declutter Challenge!!

Did you know that we have a celebrity in our midst?? Yes, our very own Eileen Roth, one of the 'founding' members of our Kitchen Sink Mastermind, is the author of "Organizing for Dummies" - yes, that really IS a part of the famous 'Dummies' Series!! Eileeen is the 'real deal' and has been featured on/in the Today Show, Oprah, Self, Real Simple, Woman's Day, Men's Health, Chicago Tribune, LA Times and more!!

She is having a Declutter Challenge to clear the clutter and move things out of your house. The first part of getting organized is to purge. There's no sense in organizing what you don't need to. Her motto for the challenge is: “Remove it!”

So if getting organized is on your to-do list for 2021 - now is the time to take the leap and get FREE help from a PRO!!!

The Declutter Challenge begins Monday, Feb. 1st
Directions to join will be emailed Sunday night, Jan 31st.

Register HERE to get started and get rid of the clutter!!


That's it for today - have a wonderful evening and an amazing week!
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