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It's way too peopley outside by DigitalistDesigns
Good Morning!

Scratch that - it was way too peopley INSIDE yesterday!!

Yesterday was one of those days....I think the Universe sent out the bat-signal to clients I had not heard from in ages and said 'HEY!! Call Mel - she can take care of 'xxx' for you ' (insert a variety of problems there).

As many of you know, I spent most of the last 30 years in the other side of the ecommerce world, making sure those payments went through for online merchants, and some recent changes in international Visa/Mastercard rules had several of my old clients scrambling, and so LET'S CALL MEL seemed to be the order of the day, and my schedule went out the window. I was jumping from Skype to Zoom to my phone all day!

And yes, I was able to refer them to the right resources to solve their problems, and everyone was happy by the end of the day but tasks on my to-do list for the day went very un-done.

When you are trying to transition from your old career/job to another (like trying to become a full-time content creator or affiliate marketer!), days like this happen, and you can either stress over it or 'go with the flow'. I chose to go with the flow - something that is a relatively new concept for me!

In the past, I would have totally stressed over it, and the newsletter would have gone out, even if it was at 3am, but at 66? I am kinder to myself, and remind my inner perfectionist that I accomplished a LOT yesterday - even if it wasn't exactly what I set out to do when the day started.

And I am still on this side of the ground, and these days - that alone is more than enough to make every day a good day ;-)

So - mantra for the day? Give yourself a break, bask in what you DID do, and know that tomorrow is only a few hours away, and a fresh start awaits you!

Our Tiny Courses group meets this afternoon at 3:00 PM - how is your course going?? Today we will review any work that is at that stage, and discuss the best format for each course.

Zoom details are on your group page, and I will be sending out a reminder email shortly!


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Have an amazing week, and don't forget to send in your ideas for the Summit!
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