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Hi, Everyone!!

If you read this newsletter on a regular basis, then you probably have seen the Kitchen Sink Mastermind mentioned frequently - and there is a good chance that you have attended a session or two or 33 ;-)

It's our (usually) Thursday afternoon Zoom chat where we discuss everything under the sun, from WordPress issues to fighting with our autoresponders, with an occasional discussion of pet jelly fish and kitty cats.

And, on the side, we produced two giveaway events, each with more than 2,000 optins, a paid bundle, and an Etsy holiday/raffle event. We built lists, made affiliate sales, launched a bunch of products, and jumped into our first paid bundles!!

Yeah, we had fun but also did some serious business, too. I am so proud of our group and what we did in just a few short months - it was really pretty amazing!

So now it's time for the next step - our Virtual Summit! As we have discussed in our Zooms prior to the holidays, our focus is Homepreneurs for this event, because that is what we are or want to be! The working title is "The Homepreneur Solution" - subject to lots of discussion and a final vote by the group, of course. The date is tentatively set for March 16th-18th, 3 one hour sessions per day, starting at 12 noon EST, with one hour between sessions. Each day will feature 2 sessions with one guest in an interview-style format and one Round Table discussion.

The event will be promoted with a virtual 'swag bag' giveaway for the week preceding the event and monetized with a bundle of products from the presenters and our group, and probably an upsell that will include replays of the sessions. I am still making decisions on the software for the event but I am looking at a dedicated event software and an additional aMember license so that anyone that registers for the swag will be registered as your customer for the event and bundle as well. Once again, we are trying to get away from the customer having to register a gazillion times for the freebies and the bundle, but still build your lists and your bank account!

This will be the main topic this Thursday - but drop me a note in the meantime if you have any ideas, would like to be a presenter or have a recommendation for software!! Just hit reply!


Heading into the FINAL DAYS....

Are you one of those peeps that wait til the VERY LAST MINUTE....hoping that the bonuses will get better before ya take the plunge??

Okay so let's do this and get you OFF THE FREAKING FENCE!!


Buy the bundle through my link and attend a series of three 90-minute sessions on working with Digital Planners - everything from changing the color of tabs to adding new content (including written PLR) and creating new hyperlinks to the new content. PLUS - at the end of the sessions - A new Digital Planner/Workbook - specially designed with blank pages so you can EASILY add written content without touching the existing linking structure!! Turn your planners into digital courses and workbooks - stress-free!

Everything above PLUS.....$50 credit for anything at and yes!! It can be used on new bundles - and the next one will be out in 2 weeks
(It's huge too - the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing and Blogging Planner/Tracker)
JUST ADDITIONAL $25 CREDIT (Good after February 15, 2021)
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The Printable Publishers Bundle


From Cindy Bidar:
The Daily Money Makers Toolkit
Cindy is one of those rare people that know how to systematize every aspect of her business operation. One of my pet peeves with so many of the courses I have taken over the years is that they tend to downplay the complexity of running an online business. While it is NOT brain surgery - it is still not simple nor is it for the 'faint of heart'. The truth is that there ARE a 'lot of moving parts' whether you are an affiliate marketer, a blogger, a content creator - or all three! - every day you seem to be faced with a zillion tasks that need to done now...or sooner!!

Cindy's new course offers plenty of ideas for projects and tasks that bring in money now, or that help to build a foundation for hands-free income down the road. If you feel like you are spending most of your day on non-revenue producing activities - this is a gold mine!

The Daily Money Makers Toolkit

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until 11:59 PM Eastern on Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Did you miss this one the first time??
Yes - D'vorah's 'Creative Ways to Create Calendars' is on a flash sale through the end of the day January 31st. If you think calendars are only sold in January - this course is an eye-opener!! D'vorah has a unique knack for thinking outside the box and her teaching talents are the best! Start thinking about school year planners, 18-month calendars that start in June - UNDATED calendars because people decide to get organized at ANY time of the year - the list goes on and on!
BONUS: You will find your bonus when you login to your member area at - 25 original backgrounds for your calendars (full commercial rights, as always).
====>>>>Check it out here: Creative Ways to Create Calendars
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New from my favorite WordPress folks -

WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + 'Done For You'
Link Library

If you are a blogger - or plan to add more content to your WordPress site this year - YOU NEED THIS!! can use the links this generates in your e-books, emails, reports, and articles. This plugin does way too much to list it all here - so this is just a quick recap!! This also includes a 'link library' of 'Done For You Niche' Links covering the top internet marketing Niches! NEW IDEA!!! I am doing this in February: Creating an evergreen directory of favorite programs/vendors by category/type - this is perfect to keep links updated across multiple categories easily ;-)
  • Cloaks your long affiliate links to make them look like normal URLs turning into
  • Stops thieves dead in their tracks from stealing your affiliate commissions by not showing your affiliate number or Clickbank name.
  • Tracks the keywords for each link clicked that visitors used on Google to come to your blog, giving you much-needed info on ranking your site high and letting you know which keywords are most effective at generating extra traffic.
  • Allows automated keyword-based linking to insert affiliate links for new products or services in your old blog posts, thereby saving days, possibly WEEKS of your time going through every single post you've ever made!
  • Adding links to Old Posts also allows you to monetize the WHOLE of your blog - not just the posts from when you install the plugin!
  • Even more control - Giving you the ability to update links if an affiliate URL changes or in the event that you want to promote a different product using an existing link
  • Empowers you with the ability to not only use links for your blog, but also your e-books, emails, reports, and articles.
BONUS: We will do a walk-through session to set this up - this is an amazing plugin that will help to increase your passive affiliate income with minimal effort ;-)

WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + 'Done For You'
Link Library


To collect your bonuses:
[email protected]

Have an amazing week, and don't forget to send in your ideas for the Summit!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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