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Sorry for the second email - just wanted to clarify that ONLY the Kitchen Sink is cancelled - today's Round Table is stiil on!!

Hi, Everyone!!

Ooops! Sometimes life intervenes!! The hubby has a Dr appt that has been rescheduled for tomorrow, and I have to be the driver on this one, so I am afraid this week's Kitchen Sink MasterMind is a no-go!! Sorry!! But we will be back next week, and this is an important one as we finalize plans and dates for the upcoming Homepreneur Virtual Summit.

Just launched today - PLR bundle on Zoom over at WarriorPlus - I purchased this today, and a quick Copyscape check showed that it appears to have been completely copied from an in-depth article over at Medium, so do not buy! The article is not under the same name as the person that launched it at W+, I have reported to W+, so if anyone is considering it - let's wait to hear back from them!!

I hope you can join us this afternoon for Ruthie's last Round Table session, with special guests Lori Winslow and ALICE SEBA!! Needless to say - these are peeps that you can TRUST with your PLR purchases!!
  • Today - Repurposing Outside the Box - where the Round Table will take some of the products from the upcoming Low Content Bundle Sale and give you ideas on how you can use them - this is always a fun one!
All sessions take place at 2 p.m. EST and are free and open to the public

The Round Tables are all free and open to the public. Anyone can register to attend live.
The recordings will be sold as part of the Deluxe Bundle option, and attendees have the chance to pre-purchase them on the sign-up page.

Register Early and Save Your Spot!!

I have a great deal for you in this year's bundle too -
6 all-new Lead Magnets - AND a great bonus too!!!
This bundle is really a spectacular deal!!


Buy the bundle through my link and attend a series of three 90-minute (ha! - We NEVER go just 90 minutes!) sessions on working with Digital Planners - including changing the color of tabs to adding new content (including written PLR).

Everyone will walk away at the end of the series with a new Digital Planner/Workbook - specially designed with blank pages so you can EASILY add written content without touching the existing linking structure!!



New! DFY Growth Mindset Journal with Prompts from April
April has released a new Growth Mindset Journal with prompts this week. It includes a 31-page journal, 50 writing prompts, 5 blog posts, 3 editable covers, PLUS keyword research - this is truly a bundle that you can create oodles of new products with!
Use coupon code GROW to save $10 at checkout
===>>> Details here: Growth Mindset Journal with prompts


New from my favorite WordPress folks -
WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + 'Done For You'
Link Library

If you are a blogger - or plan to add more content to your WordPress site this year - YOU NEED THIS!! AND....you can use the links this generates in your e-books, emails, reports, and articles. This plugin does way too much to list it all here - so this is just a quick recap!! This also includes a 'link library' of 'Done For You Niche' Links covering the top internet marketing Niches!
  • Cloaks your long affiliate links to make them look like normal URLs turning http://www.productdomain.com/cgibin/affiliates/refer.cgi?r=1023&p=08 into www.yoursite.com/info/productname.html
  • Stops thieves dead in their tracks from stealing your affiliate commissions by not showing your affiliate number or clickbank name.
  • Tracks the keywords for each link clicked that visitors used on Google to come to your blog, giving you much-needed info on ranking your site high and letting you know which keywords are most effective at generating extra traffic.
  • Allows automated keyword-based linking to insert affiliate links for new products or services in your old blog posts, thereby saving days, possibly WEEKS of your time going through every single post you've ever made!
  • Adding links to Old Posts also allows you to monetize the WHOLE of your blog - not just the posts from when you install the plugin!
  • Even more control - Giving you the ability to update links if an affiliate URL changes or in the event that you want to promote a different product using an existing link
  • Empowers you with the ability to not only use links for your blog, but also your e-books, emails, reports, and articles.
BONUS: We will do a walk-through session to set this up - this is an amazing plugin that will help to increase your passive affiliate income with minimal effort ;-)

WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + 'Done For You'
Link Library


PLR - The Magic Of Starting Over

This is a topic that is 'near and dear' to my heart because at the age of 45, I moved from San Jose CA to Cincinnati, OH - where I knew NO ONE and started life over. From scratch. Best GIFT I ever gave myself. Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button!! The 'biz in a box' bundle includes: Premium Quality Ebook, Complete Check List, Mind Map, High Converting Sales Page & Thank You Page, Video Sales Letter, Exclusive Lead Magnet, Professional Landing Page and it's under $10.00 right now!

TIP: Add this content to a journal for a great new product!
PLR - The Magic Of Starting Over


Tutorial Tuesday!!
in case you missed it yesterday...

• From WebCEO: The Top 15 SEO Trends for 2021

• Intrigued by the new Clubhouse app? Learn how to find people, rooms, and clubs to follow as well as how to interact with others in rooms and clubs. Find out how to start a room, assign moderators, and how to invite people to Clubhouse App with Social Media Examiner's Clubhouse App: A Comprehensive Guide to Get Started on YouTube

Are you a font junkie? These are not freebies but there a couple here that may be worth the investment! From Elegant Themes 10 Fantasy Fonts to Make Your Designs Magical

• Did you know that Adobe offers all kinds of PhotoShop tutorials? From newbie to pro and everything in between? Check them all out here: Create Anything You Can Imagine With PhotoShop

This is a great (short) video on creating social media videos with just an iPhone and Adobe's Premier Rush app - great tips on editing to create an effective video that will keep the viewer's attention (even if you not an Adobe user): Quick Tips for Creating The Most Engaging Social Media Videos


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