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Good afternoon/evening/next day, depending on where you are!!

Yes, that is a sneak peek at the new Lead Magnet Bundle that I just completed for Ruthie's upcoming Bundle, launching January 21 - and YES!! Buy through my link and I have a great binus too!

There are 3 Digital Lead Magnets, and 3 Printable Lead Magnets, and come with full commercial use rights, as always, so you can use these to build your list (AWESOME FOR THAT!!) or sell them as your own. Although these are called Lead Magnets - these are fully fleshed out products, so not skimpy by any means - and all new for Ruthie's bundle. These have never been included anywhere before this one!!

The Printables:
Blog Post Scheduler & Tracker
PLR/Graphics Purchase Log & Use Tracker
Services & Software Purchase & Use Tracker (focuses on those recurring bills we all have!)

The Digitals:
The Affiliate Marketers Promotion Calendar & Tracker
My Project Manager
My Furry Children (Cat and Dog health tracker/journal/pic album)

Something for almost everyone!

We had a good chat over at Ruthie's Printable Publishers Round Table. These free sessions are the pre-launch event for Ruthie's new Bundle, which is being released January 21 at 9:00 AM EST.

The best part of these types of sessions is getting to hear opinions, ideas, and feedback from so many different people with different backgrounds and perspectives! Sometimes a simple comment or idea can open up a whole new opportunity to you or give wings to that half-created idea that has been bouncing around your head for weeks...or longer ;-)

The bottom line is that interaction with other creative/business people is always important for 99% of us - but right now, even more so because our isolation is far more than simply working from home.

Trips to the grocery store, the mall, movies, your favorite craft store are seriously curtailed if not absolutely gone! My hubby used to marvel at how I could spend 2 hrs at Hobby Lobby, come home all excited about my next project - and only spend $10 at the store!

I used to go for the EYE CANDY....the inspiration of seeing different colors, materials, textures....I went for the ideas - buying stuff was always secondary. I love to creatively re-finish yard-sale furniture finds (you should see my zebra-striped china cabinet!), but there was not a yard sale in sight last summer.

Events like these are so important to me now, the chance to interact and be inspired by others. We are lucky that we are in a niche where people are so generous with their help, their insight and their time.

Join us tomorrow for:
  • Tuesday, January 19 - How Written PLR and Printables can work together - this one is near and dear to my heart, as I have been using this technique to create digital and 'interactive' PDF workbooks recently. It's a great way to create totally unique products from PLR with a much higher perceived value - and great for courses!
  • Wednesday, January 20 - Repurposing Outside the Box - where the Round Table will take some of the products from the upcoming Low Content Bundle Sale and give you ideas on how you can use them - this is always a fun one!
All sessions take place at 2 p.m. EST and are free and open to the public

The Round Tables are all free and open to the public. Anyone can register to attend live.
The recordings will be sold as part of the Deluxe Bundle option, and attendees have the chance to pre-purchase them on the sign-up page.

Register Early and Save Your Spot!!

I have a great deal for you in this year's bundle too - 6 all-new Lead Magnets - AND a great bonus too!!! This bundle is really a spectacular deal!!


Gone Tonight!

A Rare Sale on Coach Glue's Popular
"Six-Figure Success System" Training.

Now through Tuesday, Coach Glue is running a special promo on their signature "Six-Figure Success Systems" training.

NOTE: This course is not PLR
- this is an audio/video 'behind-the-scenes' course for personal use only that walks you through every aspect of their processes:
  • Module 1: Their DAILY Productivity Action Plan
  • Module 2: Their STEP-BY-STEP Planning Formula
  • Module 3: Their Specific Product Mastery PROCESS
  • Module 4: Their EXACT Promotion Strategies
BONUS: Yes, I really did purchase the course, and would love to do a 4-week walkthrough of the course, one module each week. We will compare the course processes to our own current processes, and see what we can tweak, change - or maybe even repair! - to bring our own business practices more in line with processes that will get us hitting those 6 Figure Goals!! Although I accomplished oodles in 2020 - this year I want to do more....and be more systematic about what I do so that I can have a LIFE too - yes, I am hoping that we can actually leave the house this year!

Get 50% off with coupon code: 100

You can check out the
Six Figure Success Training here.


New Today!!

New! DFY Growth Mindset Journal with Prompts from April
April has released a new Growth Mindset Journal with prompts this week. It includes a 31-page journal, 50 writing prompts, 5 blog posts, 3 editable covers, PLUS keyword research - this is truly a bundle that you can create oodles of new products with!
Use coupon code GROW to save $10 at checkout
===>>> Details here: Growth Mindset Journal with prompts


To collect your bonuses:
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Some GREAT new products launching Tuesday - PLUS tutorials
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