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Happy Snowy Sunday To All!!

This is just a quick email today, it's been a gray, dreary snowy day, but lots of work to do, so I am very content staying indoors where is it warm and cozy - nothing like a day of computers, cats and hot cocoa ;-)

One of the BIG projects that I am wrapping up this weekend is preparing for Ruthie's Printable Publishers Round Table. These free sessions are the pre-launch event for Ruthie's new Bundle, which I think is being released January 21.

If you missed the last event, these are awesome! Always a fun learning experience, and this year the one and only Alice Seba is even joining Ruthie for a session! Other guests include Lady Rayven, Jenn Brockman, Lori Winslow and moi', so I hope you can pop in and join us!

Dates for the Event: January 18 - 20, 2021
All sessions take place at 2 p.m. EST and are free and open to the public

The Round Tables are all free and open to the public. Anyone can register to attend live.
The recordings will be sold as part of the Deluxe Bundle option, and attendees have the chance to pre-purchase them on the sign-up page.

Register Early and Save Your Spot!!

I have a great deal for you in this year's bundle too - 6 all-new Lead Magnets - AND a great bonus too!!! This bundle is really a spectacular deal!!

BTW - the schedule for the Kindle Creation Challenge went out Friday AND today - let me know if you did not get it!!


Ending Tonight!!

Kindle Creation Challenge
Important note:

If you are the fence still on this one - it's now or never for this $50 discount!

One of the things that I have not mentioned too much - my BAD!! - is probably one of the most exciting aspects of D'vorah's course - and that is how to MARKET your Kindle once you create it! Amazon gets a lot of traffic - but there is also a LOT of competition, and you can get lost in the herd if you do not know what you are doing.

D'vorah has helped literally THOUSANDS of Authors launch and market their books during her career, and now she brings this vast wealth of knowledge and experience to Kindle!!

You do NOT need to be an 'author' or 'writer' to CREATE a Kindle book! D'vorah teaches multiple ways to create Kindle books that are unique and unusual, based on our knowledge, experience, blog posts, interviews, articles, FAQ lists, even audio and video recordings, that we've created or have the rights to. It also includes templates that will make formatting your Kindle book and your Author Page a BREEZE!!!

BONUS: We are putting together a 'Support & Feedback' group! We will be there to work together to offer feedback when you want it, support when you need it and a kick in the tush to get ya movin' if called for! First session will be on January 26th, and we will meet for at least 6-8 sessions over 8 weeks! D'vorah will also be joining us for a live Q&A session!!!

You can pick up the course HERE and save $50 with promo code: KINDLE50 -


Gabby's Chakra Planner -
Launch Special Ends Tonight

The launch price for Gabby's new Chakra planner ends tonight!!
BONUS: 5 gorgeous original covers (ready end of next week)
====>>>> Get it here: Discover The Chakras
Use promo code: CHAKRAS to get the special launch price -


A Rare Sale on Coach Glue's Popular
"Six-Figure Success System" Training.

Now through Tuesday, Coach Glue is running a special promo on their signature "Six-Figure Success Systems" training.

NOTE: This course is not PLR
- this is an audio/video 'behind-the-scenes' course for personal use only that walks you through every aspect of their processes:
  • Module 1: Their DAILY Productivity Action Plan
  • Module 2: Their STEP-BY-STEP Planning Formula
  • Module 3: Their Specific Product Mastery PROCESS
  • Module 4: Their EXACT Promotion Strategies
BONUS: Yes, I really did purchase the course, and would love to do a 4-week walkthrough of the course, one module each week. We will compare the course processes to our own current processes, and see what we can tweak, change - or maybe even repair! - to bring our own business practices more in line with processes that will get us hitting those 6 Figure Goals!! Although I accomplished oodles in 2020 - this year I want to do more....and be more systematic about what I do so that I can have a LIFE too - yes, I am hoping that we can actually leave the house this year!

Get 50% off with coupon code: 100

You can check out the
Six Figure Success Training here.

To collect your bonuses:
[email protected]

That's it for now - back to work on my goodies for Ruthie's Bundle!!
Hugs to all!!
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