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More Stretching Less Stressing
Hey, everybody!!

Chances are if you are reading this newsletter, I am not the only one cluttering up your inbox. Some days I offer great content, some days...meh...not so much...but I always try ;-)

But the bottom line is that you have a lot of people that are trying to get your attention every day, and it's easy to get caught up with the next 'Bright Shiny Object' because so many products make this whole internet marketing thingie sound SO easy!! I mean, if you are not making as much money as they must be YOUR fault right??

Um, It's not your fault. What 99.9% of the courses leave out is that there are a LOT of moving parts to this business, and a lot to learn. It's not something you are going to start on Friday and be making money on Monday, I don't care what the latest 'guru' says.

And if you are a part of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind, then you know this, because I preach this on a regular basis!

My goals for 2020 were huge and audacious - I hit most, exceeded a few and only slightly missed some. Okay in all honesty - the missed ones mostly had to do with house cleaning and laundry - LOL not things I lost much sleep over....or probably made much of an attempt at if we are being TOTALLY honest here....

The most interesting part - and to me the most surprising and FUN part - were the things I did pretty much 'spur of the moment': starting the Kitchen Sink 'Mastermind' (WHUT??? ME?? Do a mastermind?? Nope, no way, not ever!!! ROFLMAO!!), two giveaways, a bundle, a raffle, held multiple 'walk-through' groups - NONE of these things were on my bucket list for the year, yet I did them, enjoyed every minute of it of the chaos, met some WONDERFUL new peeps & friends, and learned so much from it all!

I was fortunate in that I was not a total novice when I decided to change careers and start my new venture - I had built many, many websites for my other business ventures and did have some background in ecommerce from the technical side, but the PLR space, in general, was a whole new world for me, so I dove in and sought out the leaders in the space, and studied all that I could about their business model.

One of the companies that stood out, both from the sheer volume of content produced to the systems that they teach is CoachGlue, an amazing company founded and run by two equally amazing women, Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold, and I admit - I am definitely in awe of the incredible amount of content they produce and sell every month.

So, I admit - it was a no-brainer for me when this course came up for sale this weekend - and depending where you are in your business right now - this might be a good fit for you too - but please consider ONLY if you can really use this training right now. I do not want it to be more digital dust on your hard drive!

On Making The Proverbial "6 Figures"....

This Weekend ONLY:
A Rare Sale on Coach Glue's Popular
"Six-Figure Success System" Training.

Now through Tuesday, Coach Glue is running a special promo on their signature "Six-Figure Success Systems" training.

Why learn from them? Simple - they release 50+ products annually and in the past few years, they have processed over 50,000 PAID transactions at CoachGlue - there are not many companies in the PLR space that can make that claim!

NOTE: This course is not PLR - this is an audio/video 'behind-the-scenes' course for personal use only that walks you through every aspect of their processes:
  • Module 1: Their DAILY Productivity Action Plan
  • Module 2: Their STEP-BY-STEP Planning Formula
  • Module 3: Their Specific Product Mastery PROCESS
  • Module 4: Their EXACT Promotion Strategies
BONUS: Yes, I really did purchase the course, and would love to do a 4-week walkthrough of the course, one module each week. We will compare the course processes to our own current processes, and see what we can tweak, change - or maybe even repair! - to bring our own business practices more in line with processes that will get us hitting those 6 Figure Goals!! Although I accomplished oodles in 2020 - this year I want to do more....and be more systematic about what I do so that I can have a LIFE too - yes, I am hoping that we can actually leave the house this year!

Get 50% off with coupon code: 100
Expires Tuesday, January 18th at midnight

You can check out the
Six Figure Success Training here.

Two great bundles are out this week:
From Ultimate Bundles:

Hopefully your home and office looks better than mine right now. Things are just generally a mess, and I admit it! I need help, but obviously, under the current circumstances, I am probably not going to hire someone to come in and do this...that means I need shortcuts to de-cluttering!! This bundle has something for every task:
• Organize every room in your house
• Sell stuff you don’t want for cash
• Declutter closets and cabinets
• Keep your home clean & tidy without frustration
• Get your family involved in housework (my cats??)
• Organize your digital life (OMG - I NEED THIS!)

The Good news? It's under $30 right now! The bad news? It goes bye-bye at midnight!!

===>>> Get it here: Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle

And From Infostack...
The Online Business Toolkit

And From Infostack...

The Online Business Toolkit

I think you can say that they have officially hit the "Big Time" with this bundle as they actually have a SHARK in this one! Yep, Kevin Harrington's "Perfect Pitch" is included in this bundle along with 18 other products, services and courses that will literally walk you through everything from starting a podcast, to launching a product or course. The retail value if purchased separately is more than $4300!

One of the things I really like about this one is that it includes trial subscriptions to several great services such as Course Commander (Get Growing - 3 months), Web Force, and Book Like A Boss.

I think this is one of the better bundles for general purpose business that has come out in quite some time (Check out
Multiply Your Business with Partnering by Ellen Finkelstein - excellent!)
===>>> Check it out here:

The Online Business Toolkit

•••••• This Week! ••••••

YES!! I Have a BONUS for this one!

Gabby released her new Chakra planner this week, and if you have been on this list anytime at all, you KNOW that I love all thing spiritual/metaphysical, so YES! I will have 5 covers ready for you next week - if you got the recent Astrological ones, you have an idea of the style these will be done in, and of course, color-coordinated to match the planner.
Main Offer
  • 5 Pre-Written Blog Posts
Topics Include:
  • The 7 Defining Characteristics to Know About the Chakras (751 words)
  • How to Activate Your Chakras (669 words)
  • How to Unblock Your Chakras (599 words)
  • What are the 7 Chakras? (962 words)
  • Ways to Heal Through the Chakras (572 words)
You Also Get:
  • 1 Cover Design in Canva & PowerPoint – Sizes include 8.5×11″ & 8×10″in Color & White
  • The Chakra Planner (40 interior pages) in 8.5×11″ and 8×10″ in PPTX, Canva, & Google Slides
  • 7 Chakra + 1 Person Meditating Watercolor Graphics in PNG in 300 DPI
  • 31 Designed Images Using the Chakra Symbols in Digital Papers in 12″x 12″ size as JPG
  • 4 Chakra Images – Vertical & Horizontal as PNG
  • Commercial Use Rights
    BONUS: 5 gorgeous original covers (ready end of next week)
    ====>>>> Get it here: Discover The Chakras
    Use promo code: CHAKRAS to get the special launch price -

From Lady Rayen: STUNNING new

If you were on Ruthie's CREATIVE REPURPOSING webinar Monday, I showed my VIDA store, Aqualia, and you had a chance to see my ocean/seahorse designs, so for my BONUS - I will create 5 original mermaid covers for your coloring books, and I promise you they will be perfect for this bundle ;-) (Will be ready early next week!)
===>>> Get it here: VINTAGE MERMAIDS
Use promo code: MERMAIDS to get all 30 pages for just $27!!


ENDS TONIGHT....From Tools of Motivation -
When it Matters!

This is a 4 day intro special of a very timely topic!
  • Self Help eBook: ~6000 word fully editable eBook in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats
  • Workbook: This workbook includes a system of exercises designed to help anyone put the info from the main eBook into action. 3 different eCovers included (with a flat PSD)
  • Audiobook
  • Lead Generation Report
  • 10 Part Autoresponder Sequence
  • Trainer’s Slide Deck
  • 10 Related Articles
  • 2 Mini-Reports
  • Articles Slide Decks
  • eBook Checklist
  • Quote Posters For Social Media, Infographic, 20 Pinterest Images, 20 Instagram Images, 30 Tweets, 20 Facebook Posts
BONUS: Buy through my link and you will get the Workbook converted into a hyperlinked Digital version!! This will take about 10 days but will make an awesome upsell for the bundle!
====>>>> Check it out here: When it Matters!

To collect your bonuses:
[email protected]

That's it for now - back to work on my submission for Ruthie's Bundle!!
Hugs to all!!
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