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Happy New Year
Hi, Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful NewYear's Eve! We actually stayed awake til Midnight (YEA!!) and had a bit of champagne to see the New Year in. Bob did curbside pick-up from our favorite 'taco cafe' in downtown Cincy, Bakersfield. We used to eat there a couple of times a month, but we have not been to the restaurant since March. We have watched this small local start-up blossom to 5 brands, and locations in 4 states, so we try to support them as much as possible. One of the founders was manning the hostess station and was so happy to see Bob come in, and that we had chosen them for our NYE dinner! It's one of the things I love about Cincy - we have all of the 'big city' amenities, from pro sports (well sorta, but that is another story...) to Broadway theater - but the people make it feel like a small town. Great combination - in a non-pandemic year....

Instead of a sale this year - I decided to give everyone a $35 off coupon, which expires tomorrow, but a lot of people have been asking if I was planning on doing a sale, and the answer is yes...after all of the end-of-year sales end, and everyone has had a chance to take stock and see what you might still actually need! The only product that will not be on sale is the most recent 2021 Digital planner that we just released in December, because that would not be fair to everyone that just purchased it!

But starting this WEDNESDAY, January 6, through FRIDAY, January 8 - everything else on our website will be 65% off! There are a couple of planners that are dated 2020 - but it is quite easy to remove the dates entirely, or upgrade to 2021 - and frankly at this price - it is worth the bit of extra work.

AND.....the FIRST affiliate to make 10 sales will receive the entire 2020 bundle for free PLUS 75% on all sales throughout the event.

The first affiliate to hit 20 sales will receive the entire 2020 bundle PLUS all of our future releases for 2021 PLUS 75% on all sales throughout the event!!

So - sign up as an Affiliate today!!

Details and links will be available in your Affiliate Center Sunday!!


Kitchen Sink Mastermind News!!

I purchased our new Kitchen Sink COMMUNITY software today!!!
More on that Sunday but we are getting ready to make a BIG change for the group - with more ways to network, communicate, learn and EARN in 2021!!!


Bonus Updates:

• Gabby's Universe
bonus is done and you will find it in your member area at A Cup of Zen

• The bonuses for J.R. Lang's heal From Within and Justin's Dream Big are done, and I will be uploaded to the member accounts over the next 2 days ;-). This has to be done manually and individually, so takes a bit of time!

• Fran's Bonus - All done and uploaded to your member area on FRAN'S site - The Happy Journals Club. If you missed the launch price - Fran is re-opening the special in January - I do not have the date yet, but I will keep you posted, and yes, you will get the same bonus of 25 original covers, and they did come out quite nice, and a HUGE variety!! And of course - full rights, and you can use on anything you want!

• EXTENDED!!! If you have not used your $35 Gift from us yet....Use HOLIDAY at checkout to take $35 off any purchase - EXTENDED THROUGH JANUARY 1!


I will have the calendar up for the January Zooms Monday - including the "accountability" sessions for the Tiny Courses Group, and of course - I am dying to see how everyone is doing with the reviews of the WarriorPlus Bundles we purchased!

Ultimate Ads Walkthrough
By popular request - the Ultimate Ads Walkthrough has been re-scheduled for 3:00 PM, Wednesday, January 6!! And yes, there will be a replay!!

Kitchen Sink Mastermind
We resume 3:00 PM, Thursday, January 7!!! And many of you that are new to the newsletter, reached out to ask just what the heck is the Kitchen Sink Mastermind.....well, check out the newsletter tomorrow as I am going to recap what this amazing group did together this year and what we have planned for 2021 ;-)

In the meantime, here are some deals that I think are worth a peek....



Call to Action Hacks By Erica Stone

I never miss anything by Erica - but this has to be one of the lowest-priced offers she has launched in ages - and one of the BEST! Looking to increase clicks on your buy buttons -Erica is here with help and lots of free tools!
  • The exact steps you need to follow in WordPress Gutenberg to create four different call-to-action hacks that can be used with any niche or website – no HTML or coding skills needed
  • How you can use seasonal and special event links in posts that get traffic but aren’t yet monetized
  • How to turn a single image into a repeating video that moves and looks like a part of your website background
  • How to combine two moving images to get your visitors to pause to read a special message and take the action you want them to take
  • Which small but important bit of custom CSS you should add to your WordPress site that will enhance the way your WordPress buttons look in your posts
  • How to create these four call-to-action hacks using all free tools
It's a steal at under $12 right now!|



This one is amazing!
New! 2021 Astrology Calendars from Marlene
This is a new set of 2021 Astrology Calendars available this week. This package includes:
36 KDP Ready Astrology Monthly Calendar Pages With Notes
72 Astrology Coloring Pages
4 Editable Cover Templates
12 Yearly Printable Calendars in Vibrant Colors
12 Yearly Printable Calendars in Pastel Colors
24 Monthly Colorful Printable Calendars (2 for each sign)
24 Monthly Printable Calendars in Pastel Colors (2 for each sign)
BONUS: I will add 5 original covers - just send your receipt to [email protected] (ready next week)
Get it here for only $17!!


Great Deal - Only $9.97!!

Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass

I am about half-way through this course, and it is very interesting as there are 8 different 'teachers', each with different techniques and processes. Ay this price - A STEAL!! I also picked up the first OTO - HINT: click NO on the first one to get $10 off on the downsell ;-)
Check it out here: Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass


VRL1: Explode Your List Building With Viral PDFs
From Dennis Becker and Barb Ling - a Viral PDFs Case Study (and yes, there are several upsells - but the case study is worth it!)

All of WP TOOLKIT's Plugins -
30% off Sale!!

As you know by now, I am a big fan of Matt Garett's WordPress plugins, and have pretty much everything he creates - he is one of the few software peeps that I recommend without hesitation!

Wp Toolkit - Blog Niche Tools
Coupon Code: XMAS2020WBNT

Blog Link Magic
Coupon Code: XMAS2020WBLM

WP Toolkit: Traffic Guard
Coupon Code: XMAS2020WPTG

Video Magic
Coupon Code: XMAS2020WPVM

Coupon Code: XMAS2020WPOP

Viper Cache
Coupon Code: XMAS2020WPVC



Tools For Motivation -
100 Self Help PLR Video Deal...

This is an INCREDIBLE DEAL!! If this is your niche - this is enough content to get you through the entire first quarter!! Use the articles to create ebooks to sell or lead magnets to build your list!
  • 100 Videos in .MP4 format
  • 100 Text Extractions (articles) of the videos in .DOCX format
  • 100 Slide Decks from the videos in .PPTX format
  • 100 Audio Extractions of the videos in .MP3 format
BONUS TIME!! I will convert 5 of the Powerpoint Slide decks to DIGITAL hyperlinked versions - WITH COVERS! These will be delivered by January 15 as this will take a bit of time! Send your receipt to [email protected]

===>>> Check it out here:

100 Self Help PLR Video Deal...


J.R. Lang is having a BIG Year End sale!!

From now through January 1 - take 50% of all products with promo code Bye2020 - and given the size of her bundles - this is a HUGE opportunity to stock up on content to last for months!
===>>> Check it out here: The Bye2020 50% Off Sale!


Allesandro Zamboni's

Christmas Deals

This seems to be the year for AMAZING Christmas deals - I don't think I have ever seen this many multi-product deals at prices this low before! This is not just a great way to add to your knowledge base, but it's also a super way to try out products from people that you might not have bought from before!

Allesandro is very well known in the KDP/Low Content niche, so if you are new to this niche - this is an awesome opportunity to get $16 of his top-selling tutorials for just over $1.00 a piece!

===>>> Check it out here: Allesandro Zamboni's Christmas Deals


Free Goodies for you!!

• LAST DAY!!!! The Holiday Sparkle Event continues through January 1 - if you have not registered - we have some GREAT prizes including gift cards and 50% discounts at the participating shops! EVERYONE who enters gets a huge bundle of gifts PLUS the chance to win a VIRTUAL GIFT BASKET of goodies!

• From Justin at Tools for Motivation - check back every day as Justin's "Evolving Gift Page" will feature new items every day

Build Your Successful Business Online Giveaway: Lots of free goodies here including a new journal from me!

My Year To Shine Giveaway - includes another planner, unique to this event!

• And if you missed it earlier - here's the link to the purchase tracking spreadsheet - it comes in both Numbers and Excel for everyone!

Have a wonderful evening - I am taking Saturday off (maybe) but back in Sunday!!
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