Only One Freebie Today...But It's A Nice One!

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Hi, Everyone!

Wow! This week has FLOWN by! Tuesday, I took the afternoon off to head to the Cincinnati Zoo with the hubby as part of his birthday celebration. The weather was gorgeous and we saw more animals than I think I have ever seen there! This cougar literally walked right up to the glass viewing area - I was nose to nose with him! The Zoo has one of the top Big Cat breeding programs in the world and has played a large part in restoring many depleted populations.

First up, a big THANK YOU to D'vorah, of ShareYourBrillance.com. Wednesday was our first Etsy session for those of us that purchased D'vorah's Etsy course, and we were joined by the Dazzling Diva, D'vorah, herself! D'vorah never disappoints. She is so generous with her knowledge and time, and her courses are truly Best In Class!! BTW - the replay video will be posted on the new group page later today, and I will let everyone know when it is up. I am SO excited about this course, and looking forward to getting our stores up and promoted - and we have something really fun coming up that we will be announcing in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!!

Who would be interested?

I have had a couple of peeps ask if I would be up for another Digital Planner session - and this time including more on working with PowerPoint. I am definitely happy to do this, so if you are interested, just drop me a note and let me know. DISCLAIMER: I work on a mac, and PPT for Mac is NOT as full-featured as PC PPT. As with Keynote iCloud for PC - exporting to PDF is unpredictable and rarely maintains the linking structure, so just a heads up that not everything is exactly the same when you are using the 'adapted' versions of these programs. But if we have enough interest, I will definitely set this up ASAP.

Upcoming Zooms This Week:

The Thursday What-Are-We-Calling-It-This-Week Call
I made a big change in the process! NO NEED TO REGISTER FOR THE CALL!
Simply log into your member dashboard HERE. Once in the member area - the Zoom details are in the right widget area! If you do not have an account with us yet, just register to set one up HERE - it's FREE! We will be discussing the up upcoming Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway V2 event as well as the bundle (Registration for the Bundle opens tomorrow!) Will also be sharing the interesting, fun and tiny-bit-scary experience of being on the AppSumo MarketPlace and of course - whatever else pops up!
Please do not share the Zoom details with anyone!



From D'vorah at ShareYourBrilliance.com - two gorgeous new Cover and Coil sets - and you have to see the leopard one!! Drool-worthy (yes I am the little old lady at Kroger in the leopard deck shoes). You can use these on any of your Digital Planners ;-)
BONUS: $10 off coupon for any purchase of our products, current or future
===>>> Check them out here:
Digital Planner Cover Kit #7 - Textured Leaves Collection
Digital Planner Cover Kit #8 - Gold Leopard Collection
The 20% off Coupon Code is: COVERKIT and is valid through the end of October.
To Collect Your Bonuses: Please send your receipt to: [email protected]


From Lynette of ThriveAnywhere comes the new Gratitude Devotional Journal today. This beautiful journal is perfect for low content book publishers, people in ministry, or anyone who serves the Christian market. This is a beautiful design and includes the journal with daily devotional messages plus social media images as well.
BONUS: Choose any single design from our 2 Christian Planner Toolkits, Toolkit #6 or Toolkit #12. You don't even need to choose now - you will get a coupon so you can choose at any time (Good to round out your Etsy store as these have LOTS of useable templates!)
===>>> Check it out here: Gratitude Devotional Journal
Use promo code: DEVOTIONAL for 50% off at checkout (expires 10/13)
To Collect Your Bonuses: Please send your receipt to: [email protected]


Carmen Chan's Etsy Store Templates
Carmen participated in last month's Start Your Side Hustle Event and had one of the most popular gifts in the event, so I am thrilled to see her new Etsy Store Templates, which should be a HUGE timesaver for us folks planning to get our Etsy store beefed up for the holidays!
BONUS: Another new digital mini-planner you can sell! Limited edition - only available in this bonus
===>>> Check it out here:Carmen Chan's Etsy Store Templates
To Collect Your Bonuses: Please send your receipt to: [email protected]


• The Connect Spirit Connected Business Giveaway Starts Today!
This is a very different one for me, but one that I really resonate with: the Connected Spirit's "Connected Business Fall Gift Sharing Event". If you are involved with personal dev/self-improvement, spirituality, LOA, metaphysics or any related topics, this is a good one to expand your resources and your network! And you get my newest design for the Happiness & Gratitude workbook/journal too!


D'vorah is back with her new course on Creating Calendars
This is hands-on program with my VERY dear friend and colleague D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed.,and if you were in the Workbook training, you KNOW that D'vorah has a unique take on things, and always brings a very 'outside the box' view to everything - and this is what you need if you want to stand out from the competition!! And if you are in the upcoming Etsy series, this is a great way to add new products to your stores!
Save $30 with Coupon Code: PLANNER30
Creating Calendars with D'vorah!
BONUS: The Zoom calendar is full for October, so I will put together a pack of 25 backgrounds for your calendars - all new - should be ready end of next week! These will be all-new designs, and multiple styles for any taste!
===>>> Get it here:
When you take action now - you can
Save $30 with Coupon Code: PLANNER30
===>>> Get it here: Creating Calendars with D'vorah!
To Collect Your Bonuses: Please send your receipt to: [email protected]


To Collect Your Bonuses:

Please send your receipt to:
[email protected]

Back to work now and will see you all this afternoon!
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