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Ok - I TOLD you I was excited...totally left the link out for April's CCC Bundle! Sigh....
Details below - and here is the link:
April's CCC Bundle


We did sort of announce this on the Zoom chat last Thursday...but otherwise...I have been very quiet about this...I guess because I could not believe it would really happen...but it DID!!! My new 2021 Digital Planners are in the new APPSUMO COMMUNITY MARKETPLACE!!

Here is the backstory: several weeks ago, just at the beginning of our Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway, I received an email about AppSumo's new Community Marketplace. I started the application but it is HUGE and they needed all kinds of things that I really did not have on hand or have the time to deal with because the Giveaway was live, and that was the priority.

I decided not to finish the application.....but last week I received an email from AppSumo asking if I was going to complete the submission process because they liked my product, the new 2021 Digital Planners. But they needed everything done like RIGHT THEN!! because they were filling up the slots for the Q4 Marketplace. OMG, I went into total frenzy mode and spent almost 12 hours straight writing copy, creating images, thinking up bullet points...and then collapsed as soon as I hit the send button. And then I pretty much forgot about it because, well, I was sure I would not get approved, right?

And then TWO DAYS LATER....I received an email that said I was approved, then they sent me a contract...and MORE work to do...and then it was all turned over to the integration team (LOL theirs, not mine!), and I was still convinced this was not going to happen..and then, late last night!!! MAGIC HAPPENED!! Yes, I am really live on AppSumo!!

===>>> Check it out here: Mel's On AppSumo

This is different from the "Main Page" deals, in that we have more control over pricing, product etc, but also not as much promotion fromAppSumo but still...I AM ON APPSUMO!!! Ok, yes, you may have noticed I am a little excited. Just a tad. OKAY!!! I am over the moon, stunned, thrilled to death ;-)

But here is the reason why: yes, it's a big deal for a small company like us, but it's a BIGGER deal for our PLR/LC industry as a whole! Lynette Chandler, ThriveAnywhere, broke the ice with her Lead Magnet bundle a couple of months ago. (You can check out her deal here ThriveAnywhere Lead Magnets and I know that she has a new product coming out that you can also use the credits for), and that opened the door for us. But for the PLR industry as a whole - this is an amazing credibility boost for us!


So this was all VERY 'last minute' and the concept with AppSumo, as I am sure you know, is a SPECTACULAR over the top deal, which this is - but I want to make sure that everyone that already bought the 'big bundle' gets an equally good deal, so here goes:

Although the AppSumo deal is technically for any three digital planners in THIS bundle - you will receive a coupon that is good for $47 and can be used 3 times, for THIS or ANY FUTURE Digital Planner for the ridiculous price of $37. Yes, that is 3 Digital Planners for the usual launch price of ONE!! And I am already working on the next series, so you can save a bunch on future releases by buying this deal today!

If you were waiting til the end of this launch special to get these planners - or you already bought and want to lock in the best price I will EVER sell the digitals at - trust me they will never be this low again! - then pick up this special now!

===>>> Check it out here: Mel's On AppSumo

Yep, there is more: you will get a 25% off coupon for any future purchases AND I will be holding twice-monthly Zoom sessions for the next two months (4 sessions) on how to create and work with Digital Planners and Digital Workbooks!!!

How can you say no??

===>>> Check it out here: Mel's On AppSumo

And last but not least - AppSumo is 'taco-driven' (that's reviews, in case you are not an AppSumo regular) so if you buy and leave a good review, it would be greatly appreciated! It takes FIVE 4 or 5 taco reviews to get into the main marketplace, so your help is greatly appreciated!!


And YES!! April's Fall CCC Bundle is live!

April always puts together a great bundle and this one is no exception! My contribution is a new design of our 2021 Dated Digital Planner that will remain exclusive to this bundle, and will not be sold elsewhere! For $39.95 - you are getting a bundle worth more than $2k, and I already have some of the courses included, and they are excellent. Two products to pay special attention to are Connie Ragen Green's 3 DAY EBIZ (she is so good!) and Kelly McCausey's AFFILIATE BEGINNER'S CHALLENGE. Both are excellent!
===>>> Get It HERE: April's Fall CCC Bundle
BONUS: If you were part of the Digital Workbook training we did with D'Vorah last month, then you KNOW how exciting this whole concept is! I have decided to offer a totally new Digital Workbook for Bloggers as the bonus for this offer! I just mapped it out last night. This will be a 90-day undated workbook/planner/tracker for setting up your blog, brainstorming content, scheduling your blog posts, and more - all in digital format, with hyperlinked tabs and index. Say goodbye to spreadsheets ;-). This is going to take a bit of time, so probably a week to 10 days to get it done!
===>>> Get It HERE: April's Fall CCC Bundle



D'vorah's Etsy course sale ends today We will be doing our implementation series starting with Session 1 on October 7 WITH the lady herself joining us. I am really looking forward to this as we work together to get our stores ready for the end of Q4 and Q1, explore ways to drive traffic to our stores not just for the holidays but long-term as well! We have a good-sized group already so this will be fun!! This is an awesome chance to get your Etsy store in shape for the holidays! ===>>> Check it out now: Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0

Matt Bacak's Secret Email System

This just launched this am - I am a long time fan of Matt and snatched it up right away! The front end purchase is $5.60 as of right now, and I did get the first OTO which is a massive PLUS the monthly Mastermind. Yes, I bought the whole funnel which is really rare for me! HINT: say no to the first offer on the OTOs ;-)
BONUS: OK - looks like what everyone wants is more LEAD MAGNETS to offer as a freebie in your email sequence (makes sense!!). So buy the front end, and get a PRINTABLE Lead Magnet Planner - new design! - and buy ANY OTO, and you will also get 2 Digital Mini-Planners, all new designs! So buy the FE and ONE OTO and get 3 all-new Lead Magnets! (These will be kept exclusive to this bonus and will NOT be offered for sale or in any future event) Bonus will be available Saturday!
===>>> Check it out here: Secret Email System


To Collect Your Bonuses:

Please send your receipt to:
[email protected]

Until tomorrow - have an amazing day!!
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