July 6
Hey, Everyone!

Well, it's definitely feeling like fall in the air today! And the kitties all think so too, all curled up in their beds...which happen to be conveniently placed on our desks, so they are within petting distance, and can still see out the windows. LOL yes, our desks are crowded but it's worth it!

We have a small herd of deer - 5 does and 3 fawns, still sporting their spots - that have been stopping by for lunch every day as we have an abundant crop of acorns this year, but yesterday, we had a special treat - 3 young bucks sauntered through the yard, stopping to pose for us just outside the office window. Absolutely gorgeous, and I love that they feel safe enough here to browse and eat at the lovely salad bar we planted for them years ago - formerly known as my hosta bed. LOL. They were here first!

>>>> Thursday Call Session:
Last Thursday's replay was sent out to the verified group members - if you were on the call and did not receive the email last night, please drop me an email. Sorry Troll, this does not include you! REMINDER: There will be no call this Thursday! This has nothing to do with the Troll, just have a family commitment ;-)

Interesting note: Did you know that signing up for an online event or website under a fake name to gain access after you have been banned or blocked is considered computer FRAUD??? Very different legal ramifications than harassment - definitely more than a slap on the wrist. YEA!! ;-)


Before you ask......
yes, I AM in April's upcoming CCC event,
and I WILL have a good bonus for it,
so be sure to check it out before you make
your buy decision!!



D'vorah's Etsy course is on sale through the end of the month, so only a few more days to go! We will be doing our implementation series starting with Session 1 on October 7 WITH the lady herself joining us. I am really looking forward to this as we work together to get our stores ready for the end of Q4 and Q1, explore ways to drive traffic to our stores not just for the holidays but long-term as well! We have a good-sized group already so this will be fun!! This is an awesome chance to get your Etsy store in shape for the holidays! ===>>> Check it out now: Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0

I did some unusual shopping over the weekend! I rarely buy any of the "Make Zillions of Dollars Online" courses anymore 'cuz I am already making a zillion dollars. LOL yeah right! JUST KIDDING!! But the truth is that they are rarely anything new or original, but I found some goodies over the weekend!

The Shuffler by Bryan Winters

Disclaimer!! I have NOT had the time to review this one - just picked it up this am because it is something really different! Now, if this was from someone other than Bryan, I would not have been intrigued but Bryan is an expert at generating traffic for things like this, and he is one of the top vendors on multiple platforms, so he is doing something right! He says he is getting 200+ optins per day - and I believe him, based on his history. I picked up the FE and the traffic OTO (I think it was OTO 1- it's the OTO puts you into their traffic rotator). This is primarily for affiliate marketers but needless to say!!
===>>> Check it out here: The Shuffler by Bryan Winters

Matt Bacak's Secret Email System

This just launched this am - I am a long time fan of Matt and snatched it up right away! The front end purchase is $5.60 as of right now, and I did get the first OTO which is a massive PLUS the monthly Mastermind. Yes, I bought the whole funnel which is really rare for me! HINT: say no to the first offer on the OTOs ;-)
BONUS: I would LOVE to do a bonus training along with this one - but what does everyone need now? Help setting up longer evergreen sequences? Creating your own quick-to-use sequence templates? This is my goal for this quarter because evergreen email funnels add consistency to your bottom line - but is that what YOU need? If this product appeals to you - let me know what you would like to see as a bonus and the most popular one wins!
===>>> Check it out here: Secret Email System

• "The No List Secret"

Although the sales video is done by Brendan Mace, the product videos were done by Ashely of Ashely Digital. (And no, I have no idea who that is, but he did a very good job on the video!). To be perfectly honest, this is not an earth-shattering new concept (Are there truly any left?) but it WAS a really, really good course on setting up an ad campaign with Google ads for GMAIL! This puts you right at the time of the GMail inbox and looks pretty much like another email ;-). I have not been doing much in the away of paid ads the past few months, other than Pinterest, but it's one of my main goals for Q4: paid ads = consistent traffic = steady revenue.

The videos were detailed, very easy to follow and I picked up some really good tips! I did pick up one of the OTOs but really, the front end is all you probably need, and I think it was a bit over $13 when I picked mine up on Friday.
===>>> Check it out here: The No List Secret
(BTW - there is a course mentioned in the video - Phoenix Cash - not on the "recommended by Mel list"! Save your money!)

WP SmartLinks

One of the things I talk about all the time is the importance for affiliate marketers and product creators to get your BUY BUTTONS out there! WP SmartLinks is the next generation of link cloaker and uses some of the most up to date technology to protect your links and gives you a live preview of how your link will look on social sites.
You can even add your own "Pixel" so you can now pixel sites you have no control over and boost your re-targeting campaigns. This is also by Matt Garrett, so you KNOW it will be supported for years to come.
+ 100% Social Media Friendly - Yes, SmartLinks Work In FaceBook And Twitter
+ Allows you to "Pixel" any site, even those affiliate sites you have no control over
+ Use your own Domain for SmartLink and all the link juice that comes with that
+ Built In Reporting
===>>> Check it out here: WP SmartLinks

That is all for today - I have some great things for Tutorial Tuesday this week so don't miss it!
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