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If you've been on my list for a few months, you will know that I married into a MAJOR football crazy family - seriously, every other sport is just a 'placeholder' until football season comes back around - and yesterday my 14 yr old high school freshman (one half of a twin set) jetted down the field for his first TD of the season! Now, the interesting thing about this is that Ben is the smallest kid on his team....but he was voted one of the 3 Team Captains, and is in on darned near every play. He never backs down and tackles kids literally twice his size. He is my hero because he never lets his size be an excuse for poor performance - he simply GETS IT DONE! And yeah, there is a lesson in there for us all - but I know that you and I are smart enough to figure it out without my spelling it out ;-). Just let me say that I am SO proud of him, even though it basically killed the ENTIRE day LOL. It was so worth it. Fall is not my fave season of the year because it means winter is not far away but then ya have moments like that and it is all good!

On another note - I have not had time to respond to everyone yet but I am truly overwhelmed by the responses to our Troll issue! Your kind words are so appreciated and make me even more determined to protect what we have built from this cyberbully. Interestingly, The Troll has misinterpreted the new protocols, and thinks that all she has to do is show her face on video and she will be admitted! NOPE!! Let there be no mistake - there will be a full approval process, and only those that I approve will be admitted, video or no video. I have already discussed this with my attorney and since I am paying for all of the services used, that means that I have the right to approve all participants. Oh and reject them, too ;-(

Interestingly, Jon Dykstra over at Fatstacks did a very timely article on BANNING, which, unfortunately, does not seem to be on his website yet, but hopefully will be soon. A quote from his newsletter:

First and foremost, life is too short to deal with snide remarks. Feedback is great (good and bad). Rudeness is unacceptable.

It's difficult to discern what is really going on with this woman, whether it is truly a mental health issue or just a person with a mean-streak a yard wide taking advantage of the anonymity of the web, but in either case, we don't need the drama or the distraction because WE HAVE BUSINESS TO DO!!!

>>>> Thursday Call Session:
I will be posting last week's replay shortly - details will be sent out to the Thursday group list, and not posted in the newsletter. If you are not on the list but were on the call, please contact me directly for access (sorry Troll, this does not include you). REMINDER: There will be no call this Thursday! This has nothing to do with the Troll, just have a family commitment ;-)


===>>> This was a nice surprise!! I do not recommend too many non-PLR products from WarriorPlus anymore, but today I have two that I recently purchased and love:

• "The No List Secret"

Although the sales video is done by Brendan Mace, the product videos were done by Ashely of Ashely Digital. (And no, I have no idea who that is, but he did a very good job on the video!). To be perfectly honest, this is not an earth-shattering new concept (Are there truly any left?) but it WAS a really, really good course on setting up an ad campaign with Google ads for GMAIL! This puts you right at the time of the GMail inbox and looks pretty much like another email ;-). I have not been doing much in the away of paid ads the past few months, other than Pinterest, but it's one of my main goals for Q4: paid ads = consistent traffic = steady revenue.

The videos were detailed, very easy to follow and I picked up some really good tips! I did pick up one of the OTOs but really, the front end is all you probably need, and I think it was a bit over $13 when I picked mine up on Friday.
===>>> Check it out here: The No List Secret
(BTW - there is a course mentioned in the video - Phoenix Cash - not on the "recommended by Mel list"! Save your money!)

WP SmartLinks

One of the things I talk about all the time is the importance for affiliate marketers and product creators to get your BUY BUTTONS out there! WP SmartLinks is the next generation of link cloaker and uses some of the most up to date technology to protect your links and gives you a live preview of how your link will look on social sites.
You can even add your own "Pixel" so you can now pixel sites you have no control over and boost your re-targeting campaigns. This is also by Matt Garrett, so you KNOW it will be supported for years to come.
+ 100% Social Media Friendly - Yes, SmartLinks Work In FaceBook And Twitter
+ Allows you to "Pixel" any site, even those affiliate sites you have no control over
+ Use your own Domain for SmartLink and all the link juice that comes with that
+ Built In Reporting
===>>> Check it out here: WP SmartLinks


D'vorah's Etsy course is on sale through the end of the month, so only a few more days to go! We will be doing our implementation series starting with Session 1 on October 7 WITH the lady herself joining us. I am really looking forward to this as we work together to get our stores ready for the end of Q4 and Q1, explore ways to drive traffic to our stores not just for the holidays but long-term as well! We have a good-sized group already so this will be fun!! This is an awesome chance to get your Etsy store in shape for the holidays! ===>>> Check it out now: Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0

That's it for today - but Matt Bacak has a new email course out tomorrow that I will be buying as soon as it drops - will let you know whether it is worth it or not!!
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