We Must Be Famous!! We Have A Stalker!!
Hey, Everyone!

First up - we had a fantastic event wrapup call yesterday for the Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway Event! Technically we ended last night but due to the clock issues in the software, I left it open a few hours more. But the bottom line? We had a crazy successful event that none of us could have ever dreamed of! And a special kudos to everyone involved because this was truly a group effort! And we have big plans coming up - more about that on Monday!

And of course, a BIG thank you to my co-hostesses, Ruthie Bowers and Chrissy Salus, for your help and expertise all the way!

Now about that subject line today - you know the one about Trolls? No joke, we are being stalked and harassed by a Troll, aka a 71-year-old Cyber Bully!! And by we, I mean myself and others in the PLR niche. I mentioned this on our Thursday call a couple of weeks ago, and since then the situation has gotten worse. Much worse.

This person has been sending incredibly insulting, mean-spirited emails, demanding free products, survey results, even subscriber details from one of our group members! When her initial emails went unanswered, she became more insulting and more demanding. And then the threats started....

We have removed her from email lists, blocked her from websites, I even set up a dropbox so that she could access anything she has legal rights to (all bonuses, no paid products), before I blocked her IP address in AMember.

But still, this continues. In the wee hours of the morning, an email arrived to her latest 'target', letting us know that she was on our call yesterday and that she WILL be in the October event, whether we want her there or not. These are actual, unedited comments from this latest email (typos left intact!):

Nice group today. All new side hustle women trying to learn from those who know nothing about a successful business. Wake up and stop listening to people.
I want to tell you I’m using multiple emails addresses to be one your lists and others. I know you unsubscribed me from two email addresses and you won’t figure out the others.
I have so much I want to say to you about how dumb you are, you’re freebies suck, sample pack so lame and worthless.
PS: your a worthless piece of shit. You are going to fail. I’m watching you do it every day and night.
PSS: your covers are ignorant and it shows you have no class.
While she thinks she is clever - we know the ID she used for the call, and although I WILL be implementing new protocols for the Zoom chats - I will not shut them down, and no, she will not be in any event that I hold.

Moving forward - everyone must pre-register for the calls, and everyone MUST have video on for at least their first call with us. We will remove anyone that has video turned off unless we know you!!

For the upcoming event: If I do not personally know you - then you must have a website, with verifiable ownership, and appear on video in a pre-event Zoom session. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We know that she has done this to others and may even be harassing someone reading this newsletter. If this is happening to you - please reach out and let us know!

We have such a wonderful Thursday group - I will not let this person harm what we have built together! I intend to keep our Thursday sessions a safe and supportive environment for all of us.

We will not be bullied, we will not be shut down. None of us have done anything to this woman, and we have no idea why she has decided to do this, but I will not let her destroy what we have built and the good that we have done.

I am sorry that I had to write this email tonight, but these changes will be put in place this coming week, and I wanted everyone to know WHY.

I will be back tomorrow with freebies and fun stuff that SHOULD have been in today's newsletter - but I felt this was important enough to justify its own edition. I did not want to downplay the importance by promoting the latest launch or event.

Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to putting together our next (TROLL-FREE!!) event ;-)
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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