Hi, Everyone!
Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting here typing away and there was a loud ZAP!! The power flickered briefly but never went out totally....so I assumed all was well. I was working on the new 2021 planners, and figured if the power was on, all was good ;-)

Oooops.....wrong, moose breath! A short time later, I started to upload the documents to Dropbox and soon discovered I had a serious problem! A quick call to the cable provider confirmed that a local building project managed to mangle a bunch of cables, including the one that brings my lifeline, I mean my internet, to my abode. I was assured that a rapid repair timeline would be available shortly. Did not happen - we were without internet until after 9pm last night. We had to reschedule the BC Stack Blogging for Dollars session, but we already had one scheduled for next Friday on the calendar, so just extending those sessions by one week.

The toughest part was not accessing many of the online services I use, but I did survive ;-). Yes, there is life without the web - but it ain't my first choice LOL!

Cleaning out the hard drive yesterday - here's a pack of 10 memes about writing, both in PNG and PSD format AND a pack of 7 Kindle/book covers. The covers are in PSD so you can edit all text. Images are all from Pixabay, so free to use as you please!

The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway
Update: Sept 19, 2020

Yes!! You asked and we answered!
Too many gifts to download in one week,
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The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway

now you still have time to get more goodies!


Sharyn at Content Sparks has a rare blog content and email bundle coming up, 50 DFY Blog Posts & Emails: Bundle 2 and I am all over this one! Each pack is $14 or all 5 for $47, and each has 5 blog posts and 5 emails. Here are the topics

    • Leveraging Partnerships
    • Sales Objections
    • Pricing Your Offers
    • Product Launches
    • Get More Clients
    BONUS: Let's do a Zoom session on how to use and repurpose this kind of content quickly and easily: from blog post to newsletter to video to lead magnets, reports and more. At LEAST 90 min - you know how our Zooms usually go ;-)
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    The Six-Figure Evergreen Launch Funnel System
    I have a love/hate relationship with funnels: I hate creating them but I cannot deny their effectiveness - especially when it comes to driving traffic to your entire portfolio of products and providing you with that wonderful long-term revenue stream known as EVERGREEN!! Fortunately, Cindy Bidar has taken the pain out of the process, and makes it easy-peasy to make sales every single day by combining your current launches with older ones for a system that can be life-style making ;-)
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    Adorable Fall Stickers!
    It's fall and we all need some adorable fall stickers, right?? Check out this huge bundle from Itscustommade.com. You get both printable and digital versions, and commercial use rights too! PLUS get 25% off anything in the store with promo code MELODYWIGDAHL


    Have you checked out the gorgeous offerings from Carmen at Simply Couture Designs yet? Zip on over there and use MELODY25 to get 25% off any purchase through Friday Sept 25. Her Girl Boss Planner graphics are in-house originals - and did you know you can buy them as CLIP ART?? And I LOVE Carmen's home page!!


    Angels Coloring Pages: Huw's latest bundle is gorgeous and should appeal to both kids and adults - especially with the holidays coming up
    BONUS: These are a fantastic match for our faith-based planners! Choose one design from either Toolkit #12 or Toolkit #6 for EACH offer you pick up - pick up the whole bundle of 4 offers and you get to pick any 6 faith-based planner designs!
    ===>>> Check it out here: Angels Coloring Pages


    Becky at PLRBeach is launching a new Small Business Planner. This is unique because she is offering this one in both a ready-made 8.5 x 11 PDF and individual InDesign files (31 unique templates) that can also be edited in Affinity Publisher.
    Use coupon code LIKEABOSS after 9am EST Monday to save $10 now through September 25th

    That's all for today! Hope you have a wonderful and problem-free weekend!
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