Turkey Face
Hi Everyone!

Well, the Black Friday sales are in full swing, and I am getting emails from people that I have never heard from before, so my inbox is buried and I am sure yours is the same!

I opted to take the easy path for dinner since there is much else to be done, and we picked up BucaDiBeppo's TDay meal. We've had Thanksgiving there before, and it was delicious and the to-go meal was just as good. We will be zooming with all later today, but we all agreed that this was the smart thing to do right now. We have a lot to be thankful for this year as we have all managed to stay safe and healthy, and we are trying hard to continue in the same vein! We miss everyone, but we know it is the right thing to do this year.

Rather than a Black Friday sale, I have a bunch of goodies for you today!!

15 Holiday Coloring Pages

30 Holiday Mandala Coloring Pages

30 Pages of Holiday Stationery

Some of you may have some of these, but if you are new to the list since last year at this time, you probably have not seen these before - Hope you enjoy them - and yes, you do have full commercial rights to all!

Many of you have asked which deals I like, and there ARE a few that are good, and that I do recommend IF YOU NEED THEM - I don't recommend buying something just because it looks like a great deal and you 'might need it someday'. Seriously, we all have too many of those on our credit cards!!
But there are a few things that I use every day and I can heartily recommend:

• Adobe Suite:
Adobe only holds one sale a year, and it is the Black Friday sale - it runs from now through Nov 27th - and you can get 25% off your monthly subscription of the full Adobe CREATIVE CLOUD SUITE. Photoshop and Adobe PDF are both ALWAYS open on my computer. I use them all of the time as a content creator. Yes, there IS a learning curve to Photoshop, but I have never taken a course, and everything you see on my site is done in Photoshop. So, I am upping the Bonus to help everyone out!

BONUS: My cheat sheet that I am putting together of all of my favorite keyboard shortcuts PLUS a Zoom session to walk you through some of the design tricks that I have learned. Please bear in mind I am NOT a PhotoShop guru, but I can show you a ton of easy ways to make new original graphics out of all of that stuff you have downloaded from Creative Fabrica, how to load and use brushes & stamps, resources for free and paid brushes, and lots more! As I said, I am NOT an expert, I have learned from doing, and HOURS of YouTube vids - but I am happy to share what I know to help you get the most out of your purchase! This is the software that I use to create a full-time income!

AppSumo Deals:
You've heard me say it many a time - I have a love/hate relationship with MailPoet, but I just picked up two lifetime codes, so I am going to be using them for a while yet. The pluses are a BIG plus for me - integrated into aMember, and it's a WORDPRESS PLUGIN. They've also added new optin forms for subscribers, and their drag 'n' drop newsletter designer is super easy to use. The downside is that they do NOT have an autoresponder built-in, but I am using Birdsend's lowest price level for this, and then just move the list over after the event is done. The stacked codes will save me more than $1500 in the coming year ;-) - that is what I consider to be a great Black Friday deal!
Check it out here: MailPoet

I picked this one up today because I have heard so much good about this one and the deal ROCKS: $49 for the LIFETIME deal that would normally be $86.00 per month. Schedule posts and videos to 30 social accounts, all major platforms, and recycle older content as well.
Check it out here: Publer


Planner courses:
Yes, there are several good ones out there but many are super expensive! The Secret Owl Society has some very good courses that cover everything from coil making to planner creation (using Keynote) and are reasonably priced, but today they are deeply discounted too! One major caveat: Michelle does not teach using MasterSlides, which is fine for small planners - but you do not want to be updating several hundred slides one by one....BUT her courses teach a great deal of the finer points of working with Keynote and creating a basic planner, as well as stickers, coils and all kinds of other goodies!
Check it out here: Secret Owl Society


• "Coach To Profit" Bundle - The name of the Bundle, Coach To Profit, is a bit deceptive however because it contains a lot of great products that not specific just to coaching:- these are some of my top picks that are very relevant to building your low-content/printable business:

Lise Cartwright's Profit With Printables Masterclass ($147.00)
Everything you need to know to create your own profitable digital product business in 30 days or less!

How to Create an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation ($95.00)
This is not focused on Digital Planners - but teaches you the finer points of actually working with PowerPoint - a necessity if you plan on creating workbooks and planners!! If you are struggling with learning how to edit your PowerPont planner templates - you need this!!

Ronnie Nijmeh (PLR.me): Done-for-You Brandable Coaching Resources ($75) Ronnie needs no intro - some of the best Personal Development PLR in the market - just this one covers the cost of the bundle!

The Ultimate Coaching Content Starter Kit ($319.00 6 Month Access)
Get instant access to done-for-you, ready-to-publish, private label rights content for your coaching business. PLUS: BONUS WORDPRESS WEBSITE TEMPLATE FOR COACHES (valued at $97)

6 months of Crowdy.ia ($246 'Off the Ground' plan)
The complete system for collecting and displaying customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings

SocialBee (3-month subscription to PRO plan - $237.00)
SocialBee’s All-in-One Social Media Management Tools and Concierge Services help you with Content Creation, Posting, and Recycling. Automatically post on all major networks; organize your content in categories for the best content mix; effortlessly repost your evergreen content for maximum impact.

And - you also get a Digital Workbook from me, too!!
Check it out here: Coach To Profit

In other news.....

Yes, the new Horizontal Digital Planners are DONE!! For the last week, the big hold-up has been creating the flipbook videos for the sales page! Seems that there have been some issues with the recent HTML5 update and this is what the flipbooks are built on. FINALLY, was able to get them done in the wee hours of the am (seriously, 2:30am this morning), and the sales page is done.
But I am really excited about this release - it is a complete re-design and a whole new system using PNG templates rather than tables, so you do not need to be a PowerPoint Guru to make basic changes ;-) This is 99% 'Drag 'n' Drop" which I think will make the Digital planners a reality for everyone.

The sales page will be live Friday am, and you can use coupon code TURKEY10 for $10 off each individual design and TURKEYTOES for $47 off the Super Bundle.

The sales page will be live tomorrow at 10:00 am EST, so watch for the newsletter - also adding a bundle of 30 additional watercolor backgrounds for the first 3 days of the sale ;-)

This is my focus for the next 3 days!!! Will have the Virtual Gift Baskets sorted out by Sunday am, and everyone in the event will get the PDF listing for proofing Sunday!!

That's it for now - see ya tomorrow!
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