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Hi, Everyone!!

If you missed this afternoon's Zoom - you missed a fun one! First of all, I want to thank Cara and Larry for sharing their jellyfish with us!! Gorgeous and amazing - you never know what will show up on our Zooms!

And yes, we did some biz as well! We finalized the details for our group Etsy promo - now officially known as the "Holiday Sparkle Event" - full details tomorrow! This is going to be a fun group promotion of everyone's Etsy store through the month of December and it is open to everyone (except the Troll, of course. We are putting together a 'Sweepstakes" using Rafflepress, with prizes for everyone that registers AND a 50% off sale in our Etsy shops through December.

We still have room for you if you have not signed up yet:
The event will start December 1, and yes that IS the day after SYSH V2 ends...Get the full details and get signed up HERE.

I have had an Etsy store for a while - and I get a couple of sales a month - but I KNOW that if I can do that with a basically dead store, I can do a lot more if I actually pay some attention to it!!

Etsy can be a fabulous source for ongoing (almost) passive income if you set it up and OPTIMIZE it correctly!! And this is one of my major goals for 2021 because I know that Pinterest and Etsy can work hand in hand to build a tremendous business, and are both traffic and revenue sources that I cannot afford to ignore!

Whether you are new to Etsy, or want to take your store to the next level - here's the products I recommend to help get you started and get you to the next level:

• Taking the First Steps...
Dvorah's recent course, Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0, is a complete step by step guide to getting your store opened and your first products uploaded. Her teaching syle is precise and methodical - it's as close as you will get to a live instructor without having to leave home!. This is the perfect newbie guide - but also great for those of us beyond the TOTAL newbie stage that still have not gotten our store fully loaded and selling. ;-)

===>>> Check it out here: Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0

• Store open but need to get those sales coming in? Then check this one out: Hannah Bibby's new course, "The 30 Day Etsy Upgrade Plan", picks up where D'vorah left off! Hannah is in the TOP 1% of sellers on ETSY, having sold more than 25,000 digital products since opening her store in 2014!! Her course is all about getting your store NOTICED and MAKING sales. She does not walk you through the store set-up, but rather teaches you how to make money with your Etsy business.
  • 80+ pages of Etsy Shop building tips + tricks
  • A behind the scenes look at how Hannah manages her Etsy Shop
  • How to find the magic hidden in your Stats
  • A monthly upgrade planner
  • Steps to improve your workflow and organize yourself
  • Jam-packed advice on conversion rates, keywords, Etsy Ads, your Shopfront, goal setting, product listings, customer service and so much more.
===>>> Check it out here: The 30 Day Etsy Upgrade Plan

• For ANY Level Etsy Store Owner:
Craft Inspector
and the OTO, Craft Niche Analyzer. And yes, I bought them both! I have to grade this as one of my best purchases of 2020!!

Between the two products - you will be able to drill down and uncover every bit of competitive info you need to optimize your selling efforts - no more manual digging as this software does it all for you! From keywords to tags, to shopping cart and store data - this one does it all. I spent 2 hours playing with it last night and it reallllllly does the job!

And a special note - this is downloadable software, that you OWN - and you can install it on 10 computers, PC or Mac - so you can outsource the research to your VA!!!

You really need to visit the sales page to see what this puppy does, but here's just a LITTLE bit of what it can do for you:

• Powerful 4-in-1 Etsy Research Software for Uncovering Top Performing Shops & Products in Just Minutes!

• Built-in keyword generator that extracts real-time autosuggest long-tail keywords

•27 data points extracted for any product found on Etsy with the Product search tool

• Narrow down search results by category, shop location, ship to country, price range
Include advertisements in your search results to spy on your competition\

• Search by keyword or category - instantly search products from over 1,100 categories on Etsy

• Built-in shop search tool. Search all shops on Etsy for any given keyword getting 12 data points for each shop

• Instantly find top-performing shops in any niche in just seconds!

The OTO is amazing - CRAFT NICHE ANALYZER - it pulls data from 14 different craft marketplaces for you: Etsy, ArtFire, Bonanza, Folksy, Amazon, eBay, RedBubble, Society6, Zibbet, Spreadshirt, Uncommon Goods, Handmade Artists Shop, Cafe Press and Zazzle! Get the real data on average In-Baskets per product, average pricing, reviews and so much more: 26 DIFFERENT METRICS ARE AVAILABLE!!

Check it out here: David Guindon's Craft Inspector

P.S. There are a TON of great bonuses too - including the Amy Harrop course on marketing with Infographics!


• I almost missed this one - on sale throughout November - D'vorah's new course is Create Content in Canva
I think D'vorah is one of the best teachers in our space right now - her style is clear, well-paced and so easy to follow along! Her latest course will get you up to speed on creating graphics and printable in Canva in no time!
Check it out here: Create Content in Canva - 20% off with Coupon Code: CANVA20 - Coupon Valid for the month of November


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Have a wonderful day!! Stay warm, stay safe and stay inspired!!
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