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Hi, Everyone!!

Well, today is a perfectly lovely day...to crawl back into bed and snuggle under the covers! Seriously, it's gray, cold, windy, and just generally nasty, so I guess this means that summer is officially over LOL!! But we have had some gorgeous days lately and did get to visit some of our fave local restaurants while it was still nice enough to eat outdoors. Now that the weather has changed for the worse, we will continue to support them as much as possible with curbside pick-up and delivery. Some of these are local neighborhood eateries and their ingenuity and creativity through all of this has been inspiring!

One of the local groups that owns several restaurants downtown, has started a special of the week, announced every Monday, available for pick-up or delivery, fully prepared and ready to pop in the oven for dinner, complete with instructions designed to give you a good chuckle. It is sold out every week - we tried 4 weeks in a row before we were finally able to get a slot - and were shocked when the order arrived to discover that they had included a split of champagne since we were new customers!! Food was amazing, the cooking directions were fun, and it made us forget that we are still stuck at home. Are we going to try them again? You betcha - we are customers for life!!!

So what can YOU do to create your own 'customer for life' scenario??

My Plans for 2021
As 2021 nears, I am looking at various options to create more revenue stability, and to broaden my product offering to include courses, and monthly memberships. I have tons of ideas (of course!) but the mechanics of setting these things up can be daunting! Yeah, I know I just did the whole event thing by myself - but memberships are both a fantastic way to build a stable FOUNDATIONAL INCOME for you, but they a commitment and there are LOTS of decisions to make before you jump in.

The best and most affordable guide is on sale this weekend: Cindy Bidar's Member Sites Made Easy toolkit. It answers all the questions about setting up and managing a membership site, including how to choose the best platform, what to include in a membership, promotion ideas and more. And if you missed her newsletter last week - she is averaging $23k a month right now in income. She is my hero!!
Get it here: Member Sites Made Easy toolkit
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Come Join Our December Etsy Store Promo!!

So because none of us have anything else to do - or we are just simply crazy - the Thursday group has ALSO decided to throw an Etsy Promo for December!! YEA! Learn more about it HERE - it's going to be a lot of fun and help everyone drive a little more traffic to their stores! Everyone is welcome, so come join in the fun! The event will start December 1, and yes that IS the day after SYSH V2 ends...Get the full details and get signed up HERE

Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway V2

If you have not had time to check this one out, why not? This time around our event has TWO components - the Giveaway with almost 100 fantastic gifts to choose from - and an INCREDIBLE Bundle of 46 products for only $27.00!!

The Bundle is worth more than $1,500 in value - my contribution alone includes a brand new 2021 Digital Planner + $75 in credits, a combined value of $115 - far more than you are going to pay for the entire Bundle!!

And the best part about the Bundle? One PDF to download that includes direct links to all of your purchases - no need to register for each one separately! So you can take your time perusing the FREE gifts, and not stress over registering for the BUndle as well!!

Get it all for the little bitty investment of $27.00!!

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Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway V2
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Have a wonderful weekend - see ya tomorrow!
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