Hi, Everyone!!

WHEW!! Yesterday was the classic launch day firestorm but thanks to Scott Case, the owner and coder extraordinaire from the Ultimate JV Giveaway, and members of the Thursday Kitchen Sink crowd (thank you!!), we were able to squash the bugs and things have been blissfully smooth today ;-)

Thankfully, after 20+ years in FinTech, I am pretty used to situations like this - I understand that no matter how much you can test before you launch, there are almost always things that pop up. The key is to expect it will happen and deal with it when it does. Panicking and getting angry never helps the issue - we are dealing with humans and technology, and the combination is always a risky one! LOL

However, techy issues aside, I cannot tell you what a wonderful group event this has turned into!! Event contributors Jan Small, Andrea Frey and Yolande' Dugmore have created beautiful graphics for the event and generously allowed me to share them with everyone for their promotional efforts, while Linda Donalds created a fantastic PDF checklist for keeping track of your downloads!! So, thank you, everyone, for making this an amazing event - again!!

These events do take a lot of work to pull together from the 'admin' side - but the REAL work is done by everyone that puts their heart and soul into creating the products that we are showcasing today - without those products, there would be no event! So thank you, EVERYONE!!!

If you have not had a chance to visit yet - please stop by and see what we have for you at the...


This time around our event has TWO components - the Giveaway with almost 100 gifts to choose from - and an INCREDIBLE Bundle of 45+ products (more being added tonight!) for only $27.00!!

The Bundle is worth more than $1,500 in value - my contribution alone includes a brand new 2021 Digital Planner + $75 in credits, a combined value of $115 - far more than you are going to pay for the entire Bundle!!

Plus - Connie Ragen Green's amazing Affiliate Marketing Micro Course, valued at $97, Carmen Chan's Online Shop Planner Templates, a $37 value, Val Selby's Creating Your Facebook Group for Braggable Engagement and just oodles of courses, graphics, products to use, products to sell and products to help build your business...all for the little bitty investment of $27.00!!

Check it out here:

Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway V2
Featuring the

If you want to promote the event -
you will find your Affiliate tools in the member area!!
50% commission on all sales and it is SELLING!!

And yes, we will be back on the regular newsletter schedule VERY soon - but I think when you see what an amazing event this is -
you will agree it was worth missing a few newsletters!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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